Drinking and Chatting Online

Drinking and Chatting Online.

Kids at parents, hubby working, another Friday night home alone drinking even the neighbor was doing his regular poker night. I found myself drinking and chatting online.

What the heck I jumped in the chat room added a few naughty words feeling a little horny all while drinking my wine and glancing out towards my neighbors window at the guys playing cards. I got a few private messages and then a dare from some guy in the chat room.

Here I am wearing a white knee length dress which had 6 buttons up the front with a white bra white thong on. Someone dared me to undo a few buttons. What the hell, I looked out the window and the guys were still playing poker and so I did it. One of the guys asked if I would do face time that he had something to show me. Waiting patiently the cell window opened and there he was jacking his dick which made me really wet watching him stroke his hard cock.

He dared me to undo the rest of the buttons on my dress.  I looked over at my neighbors and one of the guys was missing, my dress was undone so I walked in the kitchen to see if could find him. It was dark out but there a glimpse of the hot ash as he puffed on his smoke. I watched him and he watched me.

Wondered if the neighbors friend was still watching so I went up stairs. I looked out the window and I couldn’t see him. There by the fence as he moved in to a bit of light and there he was jacking his cock.

Now wanted to give him a real good show so I went back down stairs right near the window I removed my dress and continued chatting on the phone while walking and stopping at the window to give a proper look if he was still wanking.

Back up stairs I went when I saw him pulling his jeans up. All the guys were in the window watching now. I reached for the drawer with my vibrator and fucked myself so hard and fast til I came.



STUDY SHOWS THAT BLOW JOBS KEEP DOCTORS AWAY.  At University of New York College did a study that implies that semen contains chemicals that lift your mood, increase affection, helps with sleep and also contain at least three anti-depressants. Read below and read for yourself what all the great things sperm does for your body.

  1.  Semen contains cortisol known to increase affection.
  2.   Estrone and oxytocin which also elevates mood.
  3.   It also contains thyrotropin (anti-depressant).
  4.   Melatonin (a sleep aid), and even serotonin (anti-depressant).
Come to find out women who did not use condoms during sex were even less depressed.
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my brother

When my younger brother reached the age of thirteen. I was sure he knew how to jerk off because he’d drilled holes in the bathroom door to watch me. I plugged the holes with soap at first but the thought of him getting turned on by my naked body was also a turn on for me. The toilet seat faced the door, I knew he watched me sitting there, so I’d spread my legs wide and sit there for a bit imagining him jerking off.

I surprised him one day when I opened the door sooner than he expected. His cock was in his pants but hard and long. Longer than my boy friend’s and he was a lot older.

I decided it was a perfect time to confronted him.

“I know you’ve been peeking at me through the door,” I said, ” and I’m going to tell mother.”

He was more scared than I thought he’d be, so I said I’d think about it if he’d let me watch him touch himself. He didn’t know what I meant so I told him how guys pretend to do it to a girl by pushing it in and out of their hand.

He took out his dick but it was soft by this time. I showed him what to do and he tried without getting hard. He was still scared I guess.

I was so hot by this time and I wanted to see him do it in the worst way. If this was his first I wanted to be there to see it.

Of course I knew how to make it hard again.

I lifted my skirt and pulled the crotch of my panties to one side. His dick got hard in a second. I held his wrist and told him to hold on to his dick. I moved his arm back and forth a few times. That was enough. He came for the very first time right between us. He was scared at first but when he realized how good it felt he started to do it all by himself.

I had him hold off for a while and when he didn’t even get soft, I took a chance and suggested we do it to each other. I was afraid to wait and let him feel guilty and I knew he was still hot.

I told him to reach up my skirt and feel inside my panties. He fumbled a lot but he finally slipped one finger in my crack. It wasn’t the fingering off like I do to myself but his random searching and poking made me hotter than I’d ever been. I tried to hold off but I came a lot sooner than I wanted.

We do it a lot even now. We’re both older and married and it’s easy to get together because we live near each other. We sometimes tease each other for a long time before it’s over.