Bored and drinking wine

Bored and drinking wine, kids at parents and hubby working late just another Friday night home alone again even the neighbors doing his regular poker night thing. I grabbed my cell and started messing around when I realized I ended up in some horny housewives chat room.

What the heck I am a horny housewife so I jumped in the chat room added a few naughty words feeling a little horny all while drinking my wine and glancing out towards my neighbors window at the guys playing cards.  I got a few private messages and then a dare from some guy in the chat room. I was wearing a white knee length dress which had 6 buttons up the front with a white bra white thong on. I was dared to undo a few buttons on my dress, I was feeling horny so what the hell, I looked out the window and the guys were still playing poker and I just started unbuttoning them 1 by 1. This made me hornier and the chat room got sexier. One of the guys asked if I would do face time that he had something to show me. I hesitated at first but then thought, why not.  Waiting patiently the cell phone window opened and there he was wanking on his dick and I getting really wet watching him stroke his big hard cock for me. Then he dared me to undo the rest of the buttons on my dress. I explained it was a bit risky with my neighbors window and all but I did what he asked. I looked out over to my neighbors and one of the guys was missing, my dress was undone and I decided to go in the kitchen to see if could see where he had gone. It was dark out but there he was as I caught a glimpse of the hot ash as he puffed on his smoke, I kept watching and it seemed he was peeping on me so I turned and walked back in the living room with dress open showing my bra and thong. He must of seen, I carried on chatting with my dress open and the thought of being watched was turning me on even more. I continued chatting while brushing my fingers on my bra making my nipple hard. I wanted to know if the neighbors friend was still watching so I went up stairs. I looked out the window and I couldn’t seem to see him. Then right there by the fence I saw him, it looked as if his pants were unzipped but I couldn’t see clearly until he moved in to a bit of light and there he was jacking his cock, I watched enthralled by his actions realizing I was sliding my fingers up and down my own wetness. I now wanted to give him a real good show so I went back down stairs right near the window I removed my dress and continued chatting on the phone while walking and stopping at the window to give a proper look if he was still wanking. I went back up stairs when I saw him walking across the yard pulling his jeans up. I then saw them all standing in the window watching me as I fingered myself right there and then I removed my bra and thong reached over to the drawer and grabbed for my vibrator and fucked myself so hard and fast I started screaming out moans til I came.

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