Fraudulent use or Chargebacks:

If you attempt to do a chargeback without first letting us resolve the issue (all issues CAN be resolved), your information will be reported to our fraud group and you will no longer be allowed to do calls with any of our providers and affiliate providers. In addition, we report all fraud cases to a national database of fraudulent credit card activity, to your credit card company, to the local and long distance phone company wire fraud departments, and to the applicable law enforcement agencies. These reports include phone records, dates, times, and other details of the call/charge. If your card was stolen and used without your permission, that is noted in our fraudulent reports as well.

Please note that our phone system records the phone number of the line placing the call. If that number coincides with the cardholder’s phone number, then a local police report is also filed. Parents and spouses — be forewarned that local law enforcement agencies will investigate and prosecute credit card fraud and identity theft even if it is within the family.

Let it be known that we actively pursue and prosecute fraudulent credit card use and identity theft!

Just ask someone listed below!

Mike Zabrin, Chicago, IL
Shawn Lehman, Macon, GA
Noble Alajuail, Bell Fountain, Ohio
Clifford Hunt, Saga, Ontario, CAN
Tim Alexander, Jackson, TN
Jamie Rough, Little Rock, AR
Vance Rogers, Springfield, MA
Tim Bongiovanni, VA
Anthony Antonini, Las Vegas, NV
Brett Rosenthal, New Rochelle, NY
Michael Shatila(ziad), Plantation, Fl
Robert J. Tracey, Oakland, CA
Kevin Shepard, Arlington, TX
Sean Evans, Jordan , NY
Dennis May, Wentzelle, Mo
Lawrence Nierenberg, Brooklyn, NY
Thomas Foos, Fayetteville, NC
Richard Sample, Elmira, NY
Brett Bedarr, Port Naches, TX
Richard Jaworski, Monument, CO
Salvatore Forestiere, Brooklyn, NY
Daryl B. Lawton, Dudley, MA
Earl Gwin, Cleveland, GA
David Coffey, Bristol, TN
Nicanor Ganzalez, Bronx, NY
Greg Wozniak, Redford,MI
Daniel Robert, Sparta, TN
Jack Bennett, Jackson Gap, AL
Dan Lerner, Buffalo, NY
Wesley Wadkins, Forrson, GA
Aaron Smith, Canton, Oh
Bill Lewis, Canyon City, OR
Ray Smith, Bedford, TX
Mark Ortman, Newark, NJ
Alfred Gomez, New Bedford, MA
Jeremy Howell, Charlotte, NC
Richard Goldberg, Scottsdale, AZ
Cliff Hunt Saga, Ontario
Kenneth Mendez, Bronx,NY
William Sutton, Ozone Park, NY
Chris Wilson, Oceanside, CA
Robert Smith Auburn, TX
Brian Rotler, Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Harry Harrison, Manhasset, NY
Steven Frischling, Amherst, MA
Ken Ferguson, China Grove, NC
Devon Nesmith, Germantown, MD
John Miller, Elba, MI
Ceil Walker, TN
James Martin, Syracuse, NY
Tom Lowe, Pinefield, IL
Randy Reese, Georgetown, TX
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