tying her up

When I was a teenager I was asked to stay at my Aunt’s place while she went away on holidays to keep her unusually tall eighteen year old daughter company. As she was strikingly beautiful she was always being propositioned by the young men in the area so I promised my Aunt I would keep her away from as many boys as possible. Her mother even gave me permission to tie her up each night so she couldn’t sneak out the back door once I had gone to sleep.

For entertainment instead, on first night I took her to see the film ‘Carry on Nurse’.

After the film had finished, we had returned home to the house for a cup of tea before retiring to bed.

“Teddy would you be embarrassed if I asked you to – er – tie me up and gag me in a special way tonight?” she asked.

“Oh and hows that Judy? I replied.

“Well, I’d love to feel what it’s like lying tucked up in a bed in my underwear, all tied up tight and gagged like that nurse was in the film,” the six foot beautiful girl looked me straight in the eye over her cup of tea and I could see her 40DD pointed breasts were standing out quite a bit more than usual in their firm white satin bra cones plainly visible under her thin blouse.

“Yes that ‘Carry on Nurse’ was a great film wasn’t it? By the look of you I would say you liked that tie up scene a lot, eh, Judith?” I asked noticing how her pale cheeks were more flushed than usual, “I bet that actress had a lot of fun being tied up and gagged. I wonder how many hours she spent tied up and gagged while she and her boyfriend rehearsed that scene in bed at home?”

“I hope she liked it a lot. I was fascinated by it actually as a matter of fact,” she blushed slightly more, automatically crossing her wrists behind her back and wriggling them together as though they were tied together,”I must confess I’ve always liked the idea of being tied up in my underwear but I don’t think the gag that nurse wore wouldn’t have been very effective!”

“Oh how do you mean Judy?” I asked. Luckily I was wearing a strong elastic athletic support under my trousers as I could feel my erection hardening considerably.

“Well, in real life her boyfriend would have probably packed a wad of cloth inside her mouth full or a large rubber ball keeping her jaws wedged wide open with that bandage only useful only in keeping it in place, “she explained,”and she probably would have worn just a suspender belt or girdle instead of that slip.”

“I have an idea, I see you are already wearing black seamed nylon stockings and high heels so, if you took off your dress you would look just like the nurse did in her white underwear?” I suggested, “I bet you would look as pretty as she was like once you are all tied up in bed in your underwear with your wrists all tied up tightly behind your back with rope and a proper gag filling up your mouth?”

“Ooo that sounds nice! Do you think so? Rubber balls do make the best gags – as long as they are big enough to properly fill my mouth so I can’t talk. Oh, I haven’t got a white slip like the nurse wore but – I know, my bra is white and all my other underwear in pink but I could wear one of Mommy’s old white suspender belts as long as you don’t mind me not wearing any panties to bed? And I could substitute one of her old white rubber bathing caps instead of a nurses cap,” she showed me an old white rubber cap with a thick chin strap. “I love rubber next to my skin and I like to wear high heels when I’m tied up.”

A few minutes later as I was getting into bed, I heard the sound of spiked heels clicking on the floor. Judith my young six feet tall cousin was standing in a pair of her mothers old shiny black six inch spiked heels holding out a bundle of white sash cord. She wore just her large gleaming white pointy coned satin bra over her large full breasts and her waist was nipped in by an old short length shiny white rubber open bottomed Playtex girdle with four wide, long elastic suspender straps holding up her glossy black seamed nylon stockings halfway up her incredible upper legs. A white rubber bathing cap was tightly stretched over her head so that she looked bald in quite an attractive, odd sort of way. Her almost hairless cunt was nicely framed just under the lower rim of the rubber girdle and by the wide stocking suspenders trailing down the front of each leg.

To complement the picture, a two inch diameter shiny red rubber ball attached to a normal head gag harness dangled under her chin on a leather strap like a necklace.

“All her suspender belts are in the wash. This is the only white thing I could find to go around my waist. D-do you think this would make a good enough gag for my mouth? You wouldn’t need to put the surgical bandage over it ‘cos the leather straps will hold it in place,” Judith smoothed her rubber clad hips and snapped the one and a half inch wide white elastic garter tabs against her white thighs then nervously fingered the two inch diameter red rubber ball under her chin.

“Sure Judy, but it looks pretty big to me so you’d better sleep with me in my bedroom so I can keep an eye on you in case you choke on that gag?”

“I didn’t mean that you should keep me gagged all night!” she blushed walking towards me so I could, “just tied up hand and foot.”

“Well I’m not going to tie you up then!’ I replied jokingly,”unless you let me keep you gagged all night long!”

The tall girl thought for a moment then her cheeks blushed more and she said, “Oh all right then. Seeing Mommy is away I suppose I better sleep beside you in your bed if you are going to keep me gagged all night long,” I was surprised when she tentatively came forward and dumped the bundle of ropes on my bed, climbed up and stretched out face down with her wrists crossed behind her back, “but, seeing we are cousins, you must tie me up very tightly, please, particularly my legs and knees and all so you can’t do anything naughty to me! I’m sorry that I haven’t got a bandage gag like in the movie but this old rubber ball gag that belonged to Mommy is pretty effective as of a gag! She used to make me wear it to bed when I swore. We aren’t supposed to be kissing or anything so I think it would be a good idea to let me sleep gagged all night anyway.”

“I bet that nurse in the film practiced a lot being tied up at home before she acted in front of the cameras” I said as I looped the rope around her crossed wrists, “It makes me quite excited just thinking about her lying there night after night being repeatedly bound and gagged and kissed all over in her underwear by her boyfriend!”

“Oooo! Yes that makes me all excited too! I wonder if he always left her nylons and high heels on while he tied her up all night long? I hope you don’t think I’m a bit strange but it gives me a funny feeling between my legs just thinking about being gagged wearing stockings and high heels!” Judy giggled, testing her tied wrists as I held the red rubber gag ball in front of her lips, “perhaps I need a lot more practice being tied up for the night for when I get married? I know we are not supposed to but I really don’t mind if you kiss just my lips around the gag ball after you have gagged me and tied me up? We could be ‘kissing cousins’!”

“Sure, I love kissing cousins after I have tied them up!’ I smiled, “open your mouth wide for your gag and say ahhh please, Judy?”

“Oh yes, I love the way you say that! I hope you don’t mind but I really love being kept gagged when I’m tied up tightly in just my bra and this rubber girdle and nylons. I’d like it if you tied me up every night wearing this from now on – you can make the ropes just as tight as you like on my wrists and legs – aahhh – mmmfffglg!”

“I’m glad that you like the ropes nice and tight. I suppose, if I really tried, I could get used to tying you up every night from now on, Judith!” I smiled as slipped off all my clothes except for my white elastic support. I pressed up against her back feeling her wide taut bra back strap against my chest and ran my fingers down the front of her body to feel her large hard nipples under the stiff white pointy satin bra cones with one hand while with the other hand I poked under the lower rim of her rubber girdle to feel that her clit was already quite moist before tying and cinching her elbows to her sides.

She breathed hard as I tightly bound and cinched her upper thighs, above and below her smooth well rounded knees and trim ankles parallel together with some more of the rope than held her in my arms so her sharply pointed bra cones dug into my chest, my bulging athletic support rubbing between her upper legs.

Judith stood a few inches taller than me in her six inch spiked heels and as I strained my neck up to kiss her red gag parted lips I thought it wouldn’t only be her lips that I would be kissing that night and every night for the next two weeks until her mother returned!