Pregnant Fetish

The sensuality of a fertile woman is a natural animal instinct that attracts men. Maiesiophiliacs are pregnancy fetishists; they find different aspects of pregnancy highly erotic and seek out women who are carrying or in some cases appear to be with child. There are many facets to maiesiophilia; some prefer the entire pregnant package, and others are more attracted to emotional changes, while others find that the physical changes lure them.

Alana Love is a pregnant sex worker at the Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel in Reno Nevada. She decided to become an employee at the ranch after she became pregnant and is a popular pick amongst its customers. On an episode on The Tyra Banks Show, a clip from Bunny Ranch line-up shows a patron who flew to Nevada in the hopes of spending some time with Love before she goes on maternity leave. Love is such a popular pick at the Bunny Ranch that Hustler asked her to grace their pages to be a pregnant pin-up.alana-love-bunny-ranch-1

We live in a society that treasures breasts not for their intended purposes but for their sex appeal. Plump large breasts are an obsession for many and a seemingly positive aspect of changes that occur during pregnancy; however, it may only be something positive for breast obsessed. Often, breasts are tender and swollen to the touch during this time as the ducts are beginning to fill with milk. While a pair of lactating breasts is not what many yearn for, others find a lactating breast a succulent feast. Lactophilia is a type of maiesiophilia that occurs after a woman gives birth and begins an adult nursing relationship (ANR) with her partner. A woman does not have to give birth to breastfeed; there are medications and methods to induce and continue lactating and fulfilling the fetish. Couples involved in adult breastfeeding typically have to commit to a feeding schedule, as would a mother feeding an infant and a missed feeding usually requires the breasts to be pumped. For some, ANR is similar to a dominant/slave relationship where the bond that develops is the most exciting and comforting part of the fetish. They develop a mutual dependency and need one another for fulfillment. The feeder may enjoy that she provides satisfaction for someone’s need for nurturing and controls the breast.
The positive attention one gets while being pregnant can also help in making it enjoyable and make a woman more likely to do it again without the stipulation of having to raise a child. However, surrogates are not the only ones who are serial birth givers. Women like Nadya Suleman, the Octomom, had six children before giving birth to her octuplets. On an episode of Dr. Phil, when asked if she enjoyed pregnancy, she claimed to hate it though she felt having six children were not enough. Despite Suleman’s claims, the attention the pregnancy and birth of her octuplets has brought her is probably more than she can ever imagine and if a fetish for being pregnant and giving birth is not what she realizes she has, this serial mom just has the common fetish in the world— attention seeking.

Appreciation and arousal for the pregnant body is not only left to fetishists. It is no longer taboo in Hollywood to hide your baby bump. Now, celebrities glamorize pregnancy and flaunt their baby bumps for cameras and magazines. In 1991, Demi Moore posed naked for the cover of Vanity Fair while seven months pregnant and over the years other celebrities followed. Nicole Richie adorned a bikini on the beach showing off her pregnancy.