pink panties

Have you been a good boy, hummmmm….?
Mommy brought a present just for you….

I know your favorite color is pink, here, open your gift!

Try them on for me baby boy….
As you pull off your jeans, I see your small penis growing, ooooo….very nice!
Slip the panties on, don’t be shy honey, mommy likes pink on you….

You look very sexy, very naughty….

They fit you perfectly, your nice small ballsack hides nicely, you look so pretty for mommy….
Don’t touch….
Relax and enjoy the nice feeling, the lacy silk holding your cock in place…..

Give mommy a nice soft kiss, your sweet lips, let me lick them….very nice baby…

I want you to wear them under your slacks when you go into the office today, and when you have to go pee pee….you may pull it out and stroke it…just a little bit! Only if you make sure you sit down when you pee.

You be a good boy now, get dressed and make a lot of money so you can spoil mommy, take me shopping…and as long as you hold it and do not cum at work…..

mommy will buy you the matching bra next time, okay baby boy?

Kiss mommy…..nice… off you go!

Remember, mommy loves you….in pink!