need cum in me

I enrolled at a community college and took some general courses. Being a fairly pretty girl, I met a boy, and the obvious happened.

He was my first. We had sex pretty often, always with protection, but I always craved more.

I was almost resentful. He was perfectly contented to have that piece of rubber between us as we made love.

That’s when I began venturing away from my boyfriend. I felt confident that I was a good love maker, and I wanted the same. I dressed sexier, and batted my eyelashes as I pleased.

Ashley was nineteen, a beautiful, tall, lean young man with blonde hair and heavenly blue eyes. He was a happy-go-lucky boy who carried a sweet smile and a blush in his cheeks with him wherever he went.

Though he was only two years younger than me, the thought of a slightly younger man excited me. He also didn’t know much about sex at all, so I was free to tell him what I wanted.

When we had sex for the first time I told him I was having my period in a couple days, so the chances of getting pregnant were almost nonexistent.

He was trusting. He mounted me as I put my backside in the air.

I loved the feel of a hard man entering me, filling me, without anything between us. Ashley was so warm.

He managed to reach depths that Ryan never could. His long-fingered left hand was on my left hip, controlling my movement and helping him thrust.

I heard myself muttering feelings I didn’t know were inside me. I fell in love with him as he put both his hands over mine, to be sure I wouldn’t move, and came with a powerful grunt.

I came reasonably hard myself, but I felt instantly let down. I had had what I wanted: a beautiful young man cumming in me without protection, and yet I was unsatisfied.

I watched Ashley as he drifted into a light sleep mere inches from my body. He looked at me with love, and his delicate eyelashes closed as he exhaled, letting out some sleepy noises.prego

He was an angel. I put my hand on his bare abs, feeling his breath.

I didn’t want to go out and find someone else. I just wanted Ashley to be all I needed.

In my own dream I saw impossible visions. I saw tiny organisms flooding in through the door and into the room, cornering me on my bed. Then, they fought each other to crawl inside of me. As terrified as I was, I felt myself being rocked and shaken to sexual bliss. I orgasmed violently as they attacked my womb, impregnating me. I could still hear Ashley sleeping in a distant part of my mind.

I woke up then, putting my hand on my lonely belly, wishing for things that were just wrong. I didn’t really want to raise anyone or have a kid, I just wanted that connection with Ashley, and to have someone growing inside me.

I was half-weary as I mounted the young blonde man. He had that same sweet smile etched on his face. My hands slid up his torso as I pressed my sex against his groin.

His sky blue eyes opened as he became hard. I put my hands on his hard shoulders, determined in my pursuit.

“I love you,” he told me.

“I love you, too.”

I then proceeded to slide down on his cock, coating him with my slippery slickness. I wanted my fluids to rain down his thighs and puddle on the mattress, as far off as that seems.

His hands were relaxed as they gripped my lower back, trying to keep me in place, to keep a nice slow fuck, but I had other ideas. I pushed down hard, wiping the smile off his angelic face and replacing it with a strained expression. I started riding his cock up and down, making the best of his eight inches.

He came then, not as hard as before, but I felt it very nicely. I didn’t cum but I knew I’d have my chance.

Ashley didn’t look quite satisfied either. I got down and put my lips on his sensitive manhood, stirring up new ideas in his innocent mind. I then took him in my mouth, feeling a slight twitching on his part.

He knew he was at my mercy. He whimpered a little as my tongue moved up and down his shaft, urging him to become fully hard.

When he was back to his complete size and hardness, I gave his rod one last passionate french kiss and then took my head off of him.

Ashley said, “No, let me make love to your mouth.”

“No,” I replied, without a hint of flirtation in my voice.

I then laid on my back, with shaky Ashley nervously rubbing his cock.

He moved between my legs, kissing my mouth, tasting his own cock in it. I felt his soft hair and skin, so grateful that things might go my way.

I raked my nails down his back, feeling a tear stroll down my cheek. I wondered if it was love or just too much sex.

He slid in easily since I was so wet from before. He made semi-long thrusts, not wanting to get too far away from me. I wanted to kiss him deeply through ever moment of it.

His body was art. Each lean limb on his frame propelled him forward, not affecting his youthful energy at all. I wrapped my arms around him, slowly becoming lost in the emotions I fight so deep inside of me.

I knew he would impregnate me from this. As all the pain and happiness from my life flashed before my eyes and I held the man I loved, I told him, “Yes, give me your seed. Cum so deep inside of me, Ashley. Hold me, just please, hold me.”

And so he rested on top of me, burying his thick cock in as deep as it would go, nesting it. His chest came down, crushing my breasts to accommodate him. He gasped “I love you” about a hundred times as he prepared for his most powerful and loving cum inside a woman.

We both cried a little, neither of us sure of why. I felt his cock erupt hot sperm and it flooded inside me. I leaned my head back, feeling my innermost muscles spasming, overwhelming Ashley a little.

We held each other as he grew soft and slid out of me. We woke up many hours later, with his soft cock resting on my thigh.

This dreamboat of a boy, who carried the joy of the universe in his eyes, had just impregnated me. He didn’t know what he was getting into, and neither did I.

I only became hornier as the months passed. My large belly, weakened thighs, and swollen breasts hadn’t really slowed me down.

Sex had actually become easier. I would just lay down and relax while Ashley performed beautifully.

But something changed at around six and a half months. My pussy had grown very demanding, to the point where that was all I could think about.

Ashley would exhaust himself trying to please me, and I really didn’t want him to think I was a slut, but I had no choice.

He was a little worried about the baby, but I knew it’d be okay. I just had to get more cum in me somehow.

As Ashley drained himself to go to school, work, and fuck me, I quit school.

I had instead decided I needed to worry about priority number one: getting male cum inside me.

A man I had met at a bar, a drunk named Phil, had assured me all the cum I could handle.

Twice a day he’d come over to fill me up good and eat.

He was kinky too. He liked to smack my pregnant ass while he brutally took me from behind. It was hot. I didn’t feel love for him the way I did for Ashley, but it was sex.

Another thing he liked to do was molest my now lactating breasts and drink from me. I loved it.

Slowly, he’d put his lips on my nipple, urging the milk to come out. He’d gently rub his hand on my pussy, making a velvety lather appear on his hand.

As I relaxed, he’d attempt to shove his big fist inside of me, and chew and suck hard on my breasts, letting my pregnant tits nourish his body.

As much as I loved the rough sex, I was beginning to feel a tidbit abused. I longed to have Ashley whenever I wanted, to feel his loving, long strokes penetrate me.

I felt immense guilt whenever I saw him. He was faithful, gorgeous, and hard-working. He had sacrificed his adolescence and easy life for the family I demanded we create.

His fit body would fall into a deep state of unconsciousness whenever his head hit the pillow.

And through it all, he remained madly in love with me, buying me little presents, taking me to the doctor, and giving me foot massages.

We had decided to have sex that night. He eased my clothes off my large body, being as gentle as possible.

As we slowly and easily made love, I noticed an odd difference in Ashley. As sweet and loving as he was being, I didn’t see Heaven in his eyes. In fact, as impossible as it seemed, he was actually intimidating me.

I tried to relax and enjoy myself but it just wasn’t happening.

Ashley leaned in and kissed my ear and then said, “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Nothing.” I gave him a weak smile.

“No, something is wrong,” he licked my ear passionately.

“No, no,” I reassured him.

“Maybe a little guilt?”

I swallowed hard, “I’m suddenly not feeling so good-”

“Too worn out from your other boyfriend?” He bit my earlobe and I screamed. “It’s okay honey, I’ll make you all better.”

I tried to get him off of me in vain. I was caught like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Shit, I thought. What was he going to do now? I just couldn’t lose the man I love.

“If I were you, I would be a very good girl now.”

“Please, please Ashley I will be, just get off of me now?”

“Baby, baby, baby girl,” he began nuzzling my neck as I lied frozen stiff, “I just want you to know that I love you, and I won’t accept that. Now I hear your boyfriend likes to spank your pregnant ass?”

“No honey, please no.”

He pulled my weighted body down and bent me over the bed.

I couldn’t help but cry. He had degraded me somehow. I was humiliated. “No please, I’ll never do it again.”

When he was finished, I sprawled out on the floor and sobbed at his feet. How could I have been such a fool? Only a good for nothing slutty bitch would do the type of things I’d done.

“Please hold me Ashley, I’m sorry.”

“You know I want to Love, but I can’t let you do that to us again.” He then helped me onto the bed and put me face down.

I felt his long fingers trailing along my asshole, making me beyond nervous.

I had no warning as his cock filled my tight virgin ass, already sore from the punishment. “Ashley! Oh god no,” I pouted.

How could my loving, sweet, innocent little Ashley be doing this to me? It was too much for me to take; the emotional pain along with the physical brutality, I’d struggle if only I wasn’t so turned on.

“Take it all you damn cunt!” His hands pulled at my hair, scaring me slightly more.

My fingers squeezed restlessly at the mattress. I was so angry at myself. At least I wouldn’t have to face him with such guilt anymore.

Now Ashley did have a good sized cock, but I can’t begin to tell you how huge it felt in my ass, all that with my weight on my pregnant belly.

When the anal beating was over, he turned me over and started kissing my tears away. “Don’t ever make me do that to you again.”

“I promise. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

He then put my nipple in his mouth and forced me to nurse him. My exhausted body fed him and loved him just like he did for me.

Do you need a feeding? Call Me!