my daddy n me!

  Daddy are you there??


I date older men. Often daddy lil girl relationships. I love being spoiled, called baby, and being taken care of. I call my lovers “Daddy.”My last daddy role played during sex. I was his 12 year old baby girl and he was my daddy who didn’t get attention from mommy.  We role-played that daddy would take my friends and I out for ice-cream and let me have them over for slumber parties so  that we can all play together. I am so lucky to have a good daddy like him!


Daddy would let me sit on his lap and bounce me up and down. Once when I was on my period. We role-played that he popped my Cherry. Daddy took my virginity at 12 because he knew I was ready. My job is to please daddy and be a well behaved little girl. Daddy got me pregnant and we kept it a secret from mommy. Do you want to be my daddy?


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