belly button dick

Are you a fucking joke or what? For starters, your girly voice does absolutely NOTHING for me. When I heard it this morning, my poor, sweet, little pussy begged me to stay in bed and hide under the covers where she would at least be kept warm. Your whiny voice makes my kitten and I shiver under the covers…

Not only was I laying pleasantly in my warm bed, dreaming of devouring a huge cock, I just happened to be in the mood for chocolate. So when you told me that you were a brother, I got so excited. Yay! Dreams can cum true 🙂 I felt the day starting off right.

I instantly typed “big black cock” into my image search so I could imagine having yours in my mouth. My mouth started salivating immediately when I saw the pictures. Then you told me how small it was…great. I get to talk to the rare and elusive species of the black man with a tiny cock. And not only is it almost invisible, you tell me that you’ll probably blow your little load before I can even stroke to three.

Fuck me, I should’ve stayed asleep instead of answering your call. What a waste of time.

Then, to top it all off, you ask me to look up disgusting pictures of old, over-tanned, leathery women on the internet and enjoy them with you. What. A. Joke. Thanks for ruining what could have been a very satisfying way to start the day. When you tell me that you’re sitting there “stroking your cock”, all I can picture is a little boy playing with his oddly shaped little belly button that sticks out. Are you sure you don’t have a little clitty down there? You should be so lucky to have one. Then you’d have an excuse as to why you’re such a sissy…

How dare you ask me to moan for your pathetic ass. Sissy Chrissy…..

Tired and annoyed ~