demean a female

There is no better way to demean a girl, make her slip into a ‘little’ mindset, than an order to suck on her thumb. It takes away her ability to speak, has her indulging in an oral fixation, and treats her like a little girl all at the same time.

Getting her to do that, while something sexual is going on, however, is where the really powerful stuff lies. Picture it, for a moment, if you will.

Her back is arched, the soft silk of the blindfold over her eyes feeling almost coarse as she shifts, her hair making the slip of material adjust over her eyes. Her nipples were points, angry nubs accusing the heavens as her chest thrust out.

He was between her legs, that tongue doing its job with more gusto than she had perhaps anticipated. He’d grown to know her too well, know which part reacted how, what did what and exactly what reaction he’d get when he did it. His big hands, strong fingers, dug into her hips, kept her grounded.

She wanted to moan, to scream out her pleasure and frustration as he alternated between indulging and teasing her. She wanted to cuss and swear, let forth a torrent of expletives and filthy phrases. She wanted to call out his name, the name that only she used.

The thumb in her mouth stopped that, but only that. It started the blush on her cheeks, the way she squeezed her eyes shut in case she caught sight of her hand quite so close to her face, had to actually think about it there. It made her cheeks hollow, because she couldn’t help but suck. Couldn’t help but swirl her tongue around her thumbnail.

Not that she could help much right now. At his mercy didn’t even cover it.