Admire Me…Asshole

Call me conceited, a narcissist, whatever you want…I’m fucking hot, and I know it. Sometimes, the one thing that turns me on the most is catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, or laying in bed and running my fingers along my firm thighs and tight stomach, wishing you were here to satisfy and enjoy my sweet, wet pussy.

So when I laid my eyes upon this conservative looking man, I was excited to have an eager and appreciative partner to make me feel like the Goddess that I am.

It was good at first. His cock was nice and thick, and he didn’t hesitate to devour my delicious pussy and make me cum before he even entered me. But give me a break little boy, I can make myself cum harder than that with any one of my many toys. What I have YOU here for is to worship this perfect body that you have been lucky enough to touch, let alone fuck.

So when I climbed on top of him, I expected him to stare at my perfect tits as they bounced in rhythm with my pussy on his cock. I love being watched, it makes me drip with excitement. I wanted him to grab my waist and watch me throw my head back as he fucked me like the a real man.

Instead, he closed his eyes and turned his head to the side while he fucked me like a jackrabbit…bad idea, bad idea.

assholeI slapped his face so hard back in my direction, I thought he was gonna cry like the little bitch that he was. He looked at me with utter surprise as he realized he had done something terribly wrong.

“Don’t like what you see?!?!” I demanded.

“N-n-nooo, you’re fff-ffucking hot, I swear!” he stuttered. I climbed off of him and told him not to move. Grabbing my “bag of fun”, his eyes suddenly became aware of everything around him.

“What are you gonna do?” he whimpered. I smirked an evil smirk, and told him that he should’ve been paying attention the first time around. I handcuffed him to the bedposts like a crucified Jesus, then blindfolded him so he would have no choice but to guess what was cumming next.
After almost a half hour of sheer torture, I thought the poor bitch had had about enough. I had prodded, clamped, choked, slapped, sucked, and bit almost every bit of flesh on that poor soul while he waited in anticipation for every move I would make next. I tortured him between pleasure and pain, never letting on as to what was about to come next. I made him tell me about every exquisite piece of my body that I let him enjoy. Hearing him describe my perfection made my inner thighs become dripping wet with my cum. When I was ready, I sat on his face, forcing him to make me cum down his throat repeatedly until I felt satisfied. Finally, I rode his cock and let him explode all over my tight little tummy, removing his blindfold so he could appreciate the beautiful sight of his cum dripping over my bellybutton.

“Oh my God, so fucking hot!” he exclaimed. I eventually removed his handcuffs, watching him rub his wrists that had become sore from all the writhing. As soon as he felt relaxed, I slapped him HARD across the face, making his lip swell and bleed.

“Next time, you’ll look at the woman who gives your fucking bitch ass the time of day, understand?”

He shook his head yes, almost in disbelief. This was a lesson that this  man would remember for a lifetime…appreciate and admire your woman, or pay the price…asshole.