Dirty & Curvy

raven003I’ve been spending too much time alone lately. When I have nothing to occupy my mind I tend to spend a lot of that free time fantasying The cliche plumber, pizza boy or handyman fantasies don’t cut it for me anymore.

I’m much dirtier than that. When I fantasize I think of all kinds of ways to be dirty and nasty. The dirtier the better. When I’m masturbating I try to hold off from cuming as long as possible. My nastiest fantasies are starting not to be as exciting as they used to be. So I want to take it to the next level. I’m excited about doing it for the first time. I don’t know what to expect, are you going to call me a disgusting perve or are going to do what I’m hoping for by masturbating to my stories?  Just the thought of sharing them with you has me wet with anticipation. I like to imagine this is my way of being with you. That we are masturbating together to a shared fantasy. Are you as dirty as I am? If you think you can be dirtier I’d like to hear about it.



9th Day of X-mas

On the Ninth Day of X-mas My Phone sex Lover gave to me….

Nine Strippers Stripping….




Eighth Whores of Milking….



Seven Sluts a Squirting….



Six Assholes Gaping….



Five Cock Rings….


Four French Maids….


Three Cream pies….


Two Bald Pussies….

2nd dayxmas2nd day xmas2

And a Blow Job that blew me away!

2nd day xmas

Celebrating the 12 days of X-mas with 5 FREE minutes with any 10 minute call.*

*Must mention special when calling in!

what we really want for x-mas

Is for Men to:

1. Slow down and take your time during sex.

2. Use baby wipes after doing number two.

3. Throw away all your underwear and socks with holes in them.

4. Always have chocolate in the house.

5. Give me a full-body massage; with a happy ending.

6. Hire a maid.

7. Trim your junk and shave your balls.

8. Fuck me like Don Draper fucks a mistress.

9. Learn to cook.

10. Buy more jeans that make your butt look hot.

11. Get into shape and stay in shape.

12. Put the damn toilet seat down!

Anal Play Fantasy Cums True for one of you!

I got a story for you. A REAL story, not something I though of but something that happened to me for real.

I was feeling really horny Friday morning after playing with one of your girlz the night before, so I went on the internet looking for ad’s from woman. I found this one ad from a woman who said she specialized in giving enemas and anal play. So I responded and we set up a time for me to go visit later that day.

When I got there, she opened the door wearing only a thong, a bra and knee high boots.

She told me she was gonna give me a couple of enemas, prior to using toys one me. My cock was twitching just from her talking about it. She used water but added peppermint scented liquid which would give a cool tingly feeling and actually smell good coming out. Let me tell you Miranda it was my 1st enema experience and it was fucking hot. It was uncomfortable half way thru the first bag and she comforted me and made sure I took the whole bag. She let me go use the bathroom and when I came back she had another bag ready to go, but used a bigger nozzle, again she made me take the whole bag, the last few mins were incredibly uncomfortable and my legs were twitching from the discomfort, but she insisted I take it all and I did. She let me go to the bathroom again and when I came out she had a 3rd bag ready I told her no and she promised that if I said I couldn’t take the whole thing she would stop it…..she used an even bigger nozzle (she did this so it would help open me up for the toys). After just a couple mins I told her that I didn’t think I could take it, she came over kissed me and told me that if I did I would be rewarded, she took out one of those back massage wands and started to massage my balls and dick while the enema kept filling me….I told her that I could not take it anymore and she did stop the water flow after about half of the bag was empty.

When I was done in the bathroom I came out and she had a couple of toys on display, a strap on, a vibrating dildo and a large didldo prob 10″ or so. She started with a 8.5″ that was about 3″ thick and within a few mins the entire thing was buried in my ass….she was like “holy crap, you’re not a beginner, looks like we’re going for a big boy toy” she goes into a draw and pulled out an enormous black dildo (I had told her over the phone that I had a black fantasy). It was 18″ long and I know this cuz she had the package and it said “18” super dong” it had to be 4-5″ thick…she started slow and it took about 10 mins just for her to get the head in when it finally popped in, it felt amazing and was almost like a relief. she was gentle but slowly kept sliding it in and whispered in my ear that I was gonna be a good boy and take it all for her and if I did I’d be rewarded…I can’t lie to you, it felt amazing, the more the slid in the more I wanted, she got to half in with no problem…when she got to about 12″ I felt like I was at the max and couldn’t take anymore….so she took a pillow and put it under my belly (I was on my stomach) she said this would make it a little more comfortable with the pillow. she used lots of lube, and slowly slid more in, I could feel deep in me, I was in shock over what was happening, after she slid more in she said I had about 15″ and only 3″ to go….I didn’t believe I had that much in, until she took out a tape measure and measured only what was out and showed me…and then took my hand and let me feel what was outside of me and it was only a few inches, she gave one last push and got more in…the only thing that was exposed now was the other end of the head, I had taken about 16-17″ ….she left it there and walked into another room….came back and said you took it and I will shortly reward you, I wanted to cum so bad but she said not yet….she told me that I would have the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever experienced shortly….with the dildo in my ass

still, she kissed me and gently played with my dick and balls….about 20 mins had passed and her door bell rang, she said that my reward had arrived, she left and came back with another chick….and said here is your reward the chick wastes no time getting naked, huge tits (could def tell they were fake, but they were HUGE).  Miranda, she took her underwear off and she had a cock…it was a shemale, (I had told the one who gave me an enema, my shemale fantasy) never thinking she would set it up. In all honesty I was nervous and wasn’t sure I could go thru with it, but she was hot, she said she was from Colombia, she def looked Latin…so there wasn’t much I could do…she began fucking me with that big dildo that was in my ass…but every time she slid it in and out she’d slowly pull it out until it was completely out.


The one that gave me the enema had me turn over on my back and started sucking my dick while the shemale started to jerk off….after a few mins the one that gave me the enema took slid her panties off and sat on my face while facing the shemale and told me to eat her pussy until she came, as I was tonguing her, I felt her grab my ankles and lift my legs up and told me to take a deep breath as I did, the shemale started to put her dick inside of me, she pushed until the head popped in…I couldn’t begin to tell you what was going thru my mind…but it felt pretty good, it was so different than any toy I’ve ever had, she just kept sliding it in until I felt her balls against mine, and started fucking me, she would slide her cock almost all the way out slowly and push it back in fast….the chic who was sitting on my face was so dripping wet that my face was covered in it….suddenly I felt vibration on the shaft of my dick, it was the massage wand again….

so I had a dripping wet pussy on my face, a real cock in my ass and this massage thing on my dick, within a couple mins my cock exploded with cum, the shemale fucked me for a few more mins until she came all over my dick and balls and the chic sitting on my face was a squirted, she completely drowned me with her juices….I was completely exhausted that I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later…the shemale was gone and the other chic next to, said that she couldn’t wait to do it again….she let me use her shower, I got dressed and went home.

This is the honest truth my real life experience! That I had to share.

Pin UPS!

Pin Up Girls have been around for a reeeeeally long time (since around the 1890s to be precise)!

The term Pin Ups or Cheescake (cute!) as they are sometimes referred to (the male version this is a

Beefcake -sounds raunchy! A bit of meat! Yummi!) comes basically from the idea that these women are inaccessible models which are to pinned up. Simple!

The glamour models would be present in magazines, posters, calendars with the intention of being stuck up on the wall (a.k.a pinned up), or, during war times stuck up on the lockers of the lonely soldiers. These sex symbols were what people thought of as THE perfect woman (or man)! And oh I so agree with that one!

120 years on and our lovely, delicious Cheesecakes are still heavily sought after. Why wouldn’t they be? It’s not like anyone gets bored of their timeless and classic beauty and outrageous sex appeal.

Being a Pin Up is an art. And all these women seem to have mastered it.

Let’s check out these beauty queens…

back door pleasures

My boyfriend’s butt is beautiful. It’s pretty. It’s plump. It fits in the palm of my hand. I can’t keep my hands off it, and simply touching it turns me on. I’ve spanked it, kissed it, rubbed it, grabbed it, bit it — and now I want to stick a strap-on dildo in it. I want to spread his legs and do him in the most dirty of ways.  Would you let me do it to you?