Secretly watching wife with other men. My wife is an excitable woman, quick to anger, quick to get over it, quick to get hot, quick to get hotter. She often dresses without panties and is quick to flash tits or cunt.

We had a dinner for three guys who I was to ask to make an investment. I told my wife that it would help if she had them in a good mood. She said if she did that i would get jealous, but I assured her that I wouldn’t.
After dinner we moved into the study to talk business, so my wife excused herself and went upstairs, but reappeared shortly in different clothes wearing a dress that fit like a 2nd skin and was so transparent that it was obvious she wore no underwear.  Conversation halted and silence filled the room until one guy asked “no panties?” she said pulling up her dress “see for yourself”.
The guys stared at her and one guy said you look quite fuck-able she replied with I am!

She then laid down on the couch, spread her legs and asked “who’s first?.” Within about 45 minutes two of the guys had taken their turn fucking her and had fondled her tits and fingered her ass while she looked as innocent as an angel and as pleased as could be. Mike who had not joined in, now announced that he would now have his turn, but in her ass.  He pulled out his dick which was fairly large, he told my wife to turn over and with just a little trouble managed to get his cock all the way inside her ass.

Ended the night by finishing the business deal all while I sat there with my cum filled pants watching my wife enjoy herself never the way she had with me.  My secret is that she is a cheating wife and I am her cuckold husband.

Swingers Club Visit

When I first set out to swingers club, the last thing I expected was to find myself nodding when a slim, curly-haired brunette asks if she may take off my panties. It’s a windy Friday night and I’m in a cozy, apartment-style swing club in Midtown Manhattan, my short, cherry-red dress folded down to my waist—all in the name of research, of course. The bartender, a curvy blonde, leans over to kiss me.

My favorite black bra is on the floor. Still, I’m out-clothed only by the three men seated in chairs lined up against the walls of the tiny room, barely large enough to fit us all. Just an hour earlier, it was the smoking room, outfitted with an ashtray collecting cigarette butts next to a small television playing an ABC “20/20” special on sexual offenders. The men, all uniformly dressed in slacks and button-downs, are quiet and make no attempts to join the three of us. It’s only when we’re interrupted by the swing club owner—“five minutes to closing,” he warns—that I notice a fourth man in the room, optimistically wearing only a condom on his penis, now half-heartedly erect.

Anywhere from 30 to 250 people, both singles and couples, can be found at swing clubs on any given night. I’m here on “Women Who Love C**k Night,” the one night a week that the club allows single, uncoupled men to attend.

One must be either penis-friendly or very assertive on such nights. Prior to finding myself entangled with these two women in front of a group of onlookers, I had spent most of my swinging evening as a broken record, repeating “thank you, no,” and “I’m just watching tonight” on a loop.

“Let me go down on you,” a tall, dark-haired single man in his 40s had pressed. “You won’t regret it.” I politely declined his advances, and his persistence annoyed me. I felt like a juicy rotisserie chicken in stilettos, spinning in a butcher-shop window: If I leaned too far into the playroom (a cozy bedroom equipped with two beds and a small cushioned viewing bench), strange male hands attached themselves to my body. Squeezed between two men in the foyer, just outside the small room where a couple sensually undressed each other, I felt a large hand on the small of my back. A different hand, belonging to the generous cunnilingus benefactor, rubbed my shoulders. I began to understand why most clubs only have one night a week, if any at all, that permit single men.

I started excusing myself to refill my drink, ducking through the crowd of men in various states of undress, to chat up the bartender. Our conversation got more flirtatious each time I returned. I wasn’t even aware I knew how to flirt with women—I’ve never had so much as a drunken girl-on-girl make-out session for the viewing pleasure of beer-guzzling frat guys. When I made my final journey to the bar, she was gone, and I followed the slack-jawed stares of the men in the room like breadcrumbs along the underground sex railroad. They lead me to the smoking room, where my new friend had made a new, now naked, friend of her own. When they spied me peeking from the doorway, they motioned me over to join them, waving me into the room like they were inviting me for tea. And just like that, I went from zero to threesome.

Forty minutes later, after gathering my undergarments and dictating my phone number to the brunette—she stores it under “NYC Swingers” in her contacts list—I make my way home.

I have yet to swing again, but if I do, I can probably get a group discount. Most of my friends have requested that I take them on a field trip to a swing club … just to watch, of course. Though, I’ll probably have to find a new partner once I’m there—I’m still waiting for the brunette to call.

Hot Wife Story


Picture of me catching my wife in the act.

Ann and I were both 23 and had been married for 1 year. We had been dating and having great sex since we were 18. She is 5’6″, 115, blonde, blue. I’m 6″1″, 165. We have a VERY active sex life and have been talking about having another guy join us for a threesome, and she seems to get turned on by the idea. I might add she knows I’m Bi and that I’ve had sex with guys.

Now I have to tell you that Ann gets very turned on by seeing a guy in white briefs. When we are home alone she insist that I just wear and walk around in my white Jockey briefs. If she sees an advertisement of a guy in briefs, or just the waistband of another guys briefs above his waistband, she’s either grabbing at my cock or shoving her hand into her pants to finger her clit.

Well this summer we hired the neighborhood guy Josh, a few doors down to help paint the outdoor trim of our house. He was home from college for the summer and was glad to get the money. Josh was out side our kitchen window on a ladder and all you could see was his body from the neck down, hairless chest, cut off jeans and the waist band of his briefs with the word JOCKEY and the inverted Y all around . I called Ann in, showed her the sight and asked if she wanted to do the 3 way today? She smiled at me, shoved her hand into the fly of my Jockeys and said “Fuck Yes, He is hot”. (Josh is the all American boy type, blond , blue 6′, 170, etc). I put on some shorts, went outside and told Josh to come on in and cool off and have a beer. He loved the idea and came right in. Ann went to get us our drinks and I came right out and told Josh that we were looking for a 3 way, and wanted him to be the one. His eyes bulged and so did the cock in his shorts.

Ann came back with our beers, and to both of our surprise, was stripped, pussy ass naked (WOW). She sat back on the chair and we both sat on the sofa. We sipped our drinks and Ann told us to strip down to our Jockey briefs, which we quickly did. She called Josh over and as he stood in front of her she started licking his cock and balls through his briefs. He got immediately hard as I already was. She called me over and told me to peel off Josh’s briefs and suck his cock to get it nice and wet to slide into her cunt. I tucked the waistband of his Jockeys under his hairless balls, licked them, then took his cock (identical to mine 8″ uncut) peeled back the skin and sucked him in. Ann then laid back and said “I need to get FUCKED”. After Josh and I took off our briefs, I dove down and ate her very wet pussy as Josh shoved his thick cock in her mouth. After a few minutes, I grabbed his smoooth balls, pulled him out of Ann’a mouth and said “Go for it dude, pound this slut with your big thick cock”. He wasted no time and had her legs over his shoulders, slid back his long foreskin and shoved it right into her juicy cunt. They then began to fuck like crazy, I went up to their heads and they both took turns sucking my cock and balls. Seeing his young smooth ass pumping up and down between Ann’s legs and both of them moaning I lost it and stroked off a hugh load of spooge over both of their lips and faces. Seconds after that they both groaned and I knew Ann was cumming by the way her body trembles and Josh’s ass cheeks tightened and he yelled out “Oh Fuck” and I knew he was dumping his cum deep into my wifes pussy.

After a short rest and another drink we all went at it again. with MANY variations (we discovered Josh is also Bi) so he and I had some fun as Ann watched and paticipated, and he asked if we would mind if he invited his 18yr old brother to join in with us in another session, to which we both said “Bring him on”. After that Ann said she wanted to see me suck off Josh, witch I readily agreed to and sucked another load of spooge from this stud.