Miss Wolfe’s brother

I had to clear this story with Miss Wolfe, I didn’t want her to read it and think what the fuck.  Miss Wolfe and myself drove like mad over to the Alabama to her new house.  We stayed a day there with her family then drove to Georgia.  It is a nice house in the countryside.  While there I was getting pretty horny to say the least.  We spent the day out by her pool and her brother was out there swimming.  Up in Boston he played hockey and I never really noticed how good his body was.  I was admiring his form through my sunglasses.

I really started to flirt with him around dinner.  I was smiling and rubbed his leg a couple times under the table.  After dinner, we sat around and chatted with Miss Wolfe’s family.  Miss Wolfe and I went out to get ice cream at this local place and came back.  When we walked in the house, her brother was watching a movie.  we sat down to join him.  Miss Wolfe sat down on the chair next to the couch and I sat down on the couch next to him.  This gave me a chance to be touchy.  There was a noticeable bulge growing in his pants, that’s when I knew I could get him if I wanted.

It was later that night, Miss Wolfe and I were sleeping or trying to sleep in my case.  I was too horny to sleep.  I got up out of the bed in an attempt not to wake her up.  I made my way to her brothers room.  He was in there sleeping also.  I went up to the side of his bed and whispered his name.  He groaned a bit and didn’t wake up.  I had t

o be a little more hands on to wake him up.  I leaned in closer to him and took my hand on the outside of his sheet and rub his cock.

He started to stir and I whispered to him that I was horny and wanted him.

His eyes went wide open instantly at hearing this.  My hand was massaging his cock through the sheet.  His cock was rock hard when he pulled me into the bed.  He kissed me so passionately that I was dazed for a moment.  He reached over to his side table to grab a condom.

I didn’t realize he was naked under the sheets.  I took the opportunity to remove my shirt and shorts.  He finished putting on his condom and then I got on the bed and straddled him.

I felt his cock start to slide into me. I put my hands over his shoulders which caused my tits to hang above his head.  He started to play with my tits and nipples as I was riding his cock.  This is going to sound whorish but it felt so good, it was about 2 days since I fucked and I really needed a dick in me.i was on top riding his dick for a couple minutes.  He then grabbed my waist and put me on my back.  He put his pillow beneath my ass, grabbed my legs and pulled them open spread eagle (very porn like thing).  He pounded his cock into me hard and fast.  My tits were bouncing and I could feel his balls hitting up against me.

I told him I wanted him to cum on me.  As he was close to finishing, he pulled out of me and removed his rubber.  I went to help him jerk his cock but he didn’t want it.  He pushed me back onto the bed and pumped his cock furiously.  A large load burst out of the head of his cock and hit my  tits and neck, almost got to my face.  He pumped out the last bit as they hit my stomach.  I took my hands and rubbed it in my chest then licked my hands to taste him.  We laid down on his bed for a bit before we went back at it.  In total, we fucked three times in a little over an hour.  It was fucking fantastic.

Man With 2 Penises

When you come to a fork in the road, you might be looking at this man naked.

A man with two functioning penises took questions on on Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” and it was unlike any other Q&A you’re likely to read.

The man, who calls himself “DoubleDickDude” (DDD), was born with diphallia, a rare congenital condition that causes him to have two sex organs.

Both penises are in the 6-inch range, but DDD says one can get as large as 7 inches if he’s really aroused.As might be expected, DDD attracted thousands of inquiries from curious men and women about his pitchfork penis. His real name, age and home town remain a mystery, but he is believed to live somewhere in the United States.

There was plenty of other, more titillating information than DDD’s basic biographical data.

For instance, DDD said he is bisexual and currently in a relationship with both a man and a woman.

He said partners were a couple before they started dating him.

“She is straight, and he is bisexual,” he wrote. “After four months of them both knowing me, they found out about my cocks. It clicked and we’ve been together since.”

DDD claims he has managed to put both appendages inside a woman at once.

“It went very nicely. She complained later though… But she kept coming back for more at least for three months,” he said.

Although DDD is happy with what God gave him — twice — he’s had some past issues as a result of being double-pronged.

“I had one issue in my teens. The ‘Y’ intersection where my urethra splits into two had some tension issues and was ballooning until the pressure was enough to force the urine up and out,” he said. “So they did some minor surgery and used catheters to stretch and open up the ‘Y’ some. No problems since.”

However, when he goes commando, which he said “is almost always, except in winter,” the two organs take their own sides.

“The seam can be a pain sometimes because the skin between them is a little delicate and sensitive,” he explained.

He said exposing his junk to a new partner has had its challenges, and that men and women have reacted very differently.

“Some have been like, THAT’S FAKE! Some have freaked out, like, called me names”. “Most are pretty curious… but for the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. Dudes NEVER change their mind, they always want it even if they’re freaked out a little.”


excuse me…

Excuse me, miss – could you hand me that book over there? No, the one further down… all the way down – yes, bend over like that. Bottom shelf, please. No, not that one… further to the left.

What? No, I’m not feeling your bum, just steadying you. It’s hard to keep your balance bent over like that wearing heels and all.

Why, the inside of your thigh is very smooth. Do you mind terribly if I put my hand a bit further up your skirt, miss?

Steady… yes, just hold on to that shelf. Doesn’t this feel nice? It seems like I’ve found a rather wet spot up here. Let me just pull these panties to the side… Let me see if it helps if I just slide my thumb inside… like this. And now I can just cup your pussy with my fingers, and keep my thumb in there nice and snug. Miss, you’ve got to keep quiet… this is a library after all. Come now. Straighten up. Look – see how wet my fingers are? Now what are we going to do about this?

National No Bra Day!

July 9th is National No Bra Day!


Boobies are Fantastic… We all think so. And what better way to express the way we feel than to support a full day of boobie freedom??

Women are magnificent creatures, and so are their breasts. Let us spend the day unleashing boobies from their boobie zoos.

Ladies, free your breasts for 24 hours by removing those dreadful (but at times oh-so-helpful) bras. Our perkiness should not be hidden. It is time that the world see what we we…re blessed with. Your breasts might be colossal, adorable, miniature, full, jiggly, fancy, sensitive, glistening, bouncy, smooth, tender, still blossoming, rosy, plump, fun, silky, Jello-like, fierce, jolly, nice, naughty, cuddly… But the most used adjectives to describe your breasts on July 9th should be joyous, wild, and spectacular.

Gentlemen, you can participate too! Your job will be to support us ladies by rocking something pink. It can be a pink tie, pink boxers, pink socks, pink Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon, I ♥ Boobies Bracelet…. If it is pink, it supports us. (Your support means quite a lot to us…)

**If wearing a bra on this day is absolutely necessary, you can definitely show your support by wearing something pink.**

P.S. Wearing a white t-shirt on this day is not only acceptable, but encouraged!


what woman find sexy

10 Things Women Find Irresistible in a Man

1. A man in a perfectly tailored suit, with an elegant but masculine watch, polished leather shoes, and a hint of cologne.

2. A man fixing something in the house.

3. A man playing a physical sport, and winning (wii doesn’t count).

4. A man helping us move our shit, especially into his house.

5. A man cooking, anything; even just standing in the kitchen is good.

6. A man smiling at you with that ‘I love you’ look in his eye that has nothing to do with sex.

7. A man gently and awkwardly trying to brush your hair.

8. A man freshly showered, towel around his waist, six-pack glistening.

9. A man proudly introducing you to his best friend.

10. A man holding a baby, roses, sports equipment, tools or a diamond ring.

Let’s talk about it!

postion per dick size

Size matters, sort of.

Truth? Women talk about your penis size with their girlfriends. They will discuss its length, girth, hardness, and any weird quirks it may have. They will also use well-worn female-generated monikers to describe it: pencil dick, chubby stubby, horse cock. Women discuss and compare your cock with friends because they are rating its quality the way they are rating your attractiveness, intelligence, and savoir-faire in the bedroom. Your penis is a big part of the whole package women look at to determine if you’re a good fit for them. So yes, what you’re packing matters.

But the perfect package may not be what you expect. For most women, the perfect penis is the average penis. The average penis is about 6” in length and 4.5” in girth (erect), which is the ideal size for about 90% of women, being that there is a much smaller range in vagina size than in penis size.

However, a range of about an inch below and above 6 inches doesn’t make much difference because a woman’s vagina is actually quite accommodating and can expand and adjust when aroused (or pushing out a baby). Also, what’s ultimately getting a woman off during sex is clitoral stimulation and maybe g-spot stimulation, which is located only about two inches inside the vagina.

For example, if a woman’s been having sex with a man with a large penis, and then has sex with an average penis, it may not feel big enough at first. But if she stays with the average penis for a couple weeks, her vagina will tighten up and the average cock will begin to feel nice and full inside her. And if she is going up in size, it may take a couple of weeks for her to be able to take the whole cock, but she will soon adjust.

Things get a little tricky with the outliers. Cocks that are extra-large may just be too much for most women. And cocks that are extra-small may never quite be enough. Which is why I’m sharing the following sex positions per penis size. Depending on your size, there are ways you can compensate and position yourself during sex for ideal penetration. These are just guidelines to get you started, as it’s always best to ask your woman what she prefers.

Time to break out a ruler.
Well, first break out the lotion, because you’ll need to measure yourself fully erect.

Small= 4” to 5” in length.

A small penis is great for women who enjoy oral sex and anal sex.

Medium (Average)= 5” to 6” in length

An average penis is the ideal size for most women.

Large= 6” to 7” to length.

A large penis is great for women who have had children or like the penis to hit their cervix during sex.

Extra-Large= 7” and above.

An extra-large penis is great for women who get off on a little pain during sex.

Sex Positions per Penis Size:


Knees To Chest-

Downward Doggie-


Doggie Style-






Reverse Cowgirl-


presents, candy and cookies too!

This is the best Christmas porn ever! I really don’t even know where to begin. You can have your presents. You can have your candy and your cookies too. Isn’t this one thing that you would like to have more than anything else. Some people might wish for world peace for the holidays. Others might wish for an end to hunger. I think it is best just to keep it simple. Wouldn’t you really want to fuck a girl like this for the holidays. What’s the next best thing? Calling one of our little slut’s and help you fist pump your cock until your in a world of pure bliss!!

truth & tips on anal

The anus, richly endowed with nerve endings and interconnected with the main pelvic muscles, is the closest erogenous neighbor of the genitals and contracts rhythmically during orgasm. Thirty-five years ago, Kinsey stated that the anal region had erotic significance for about half of the population. In a survey of 100,000 Playboy readers, 47 percent of the men and 61 percent of the women admitted to having tried anal intercourse. Yet the anal taboo inhibits most people from thinking, talking and learning about the sexual use of the anus. Listed here are the ten things most men and women still do not know about anal sex.
1. Anal intercourse is the least practiced form of anal sex.
There are many ways to enjoy the anus erotically. The most common

techniques include touching the anal opening while masturbating or stimulating a partner’s anus during intercourse or oral sex.Some people enjoy the sensation of a finger – their own or a lover’s – insinuated into their anal opening and gently rotated. Others may prefer the insertion of a dildo or vibrator beyond the anal opening and short anal canal into the larger rectum. Many men, including heterosexuals, prefer this form of penetration. Oral-anal lovemaking is popularly known as rimming. The very idea disgusts some people. Others enjoy performing it or allowing themselves to be probed in this special way. 2. Anal stimulation, including intercourse, is not painful if done properly. The belief that anal stimulation, especially intercourse, has to hurt is a persistent and dangerous myth. Just as pain anywhere in the body indicates that something is wrong, so is the same true of the anal area. With its high concentration of nerve endings, the anus can produce extreme agony when it is mistreated. Yet it can be a source of great pleasure. When a finger, object or penis is introduced into the anus, the anal muscles go into spasm, as if fighting off an invasion. Pain will result if the partners do not wait for these muscles to relax. Under sufficient stress they will eventually collapse and the pain subside, unless further damage is done. But, any ‘pleasure’ afforded from this kind of activity derives mostly from the absence of discomfort. Maximum anal pleasure requires the elimination of all pain or physical trauma from the anal experience. Self-protection on the part of the passive partner involves being ready to say “no” until he or she is ready to proceed. Readiness is a combination of physical relaxation, usually helped along by plenty of leisurely anal touching, and desire. Occasionally the anal muscles are relaxes, but the passive partner is still not in the mood. Stimulation should mount only in proportion to the degree of receptivity. 3. Anal sex can be enjoyed even if it has been consistently uncomfortable in the past. Sufficient desire alone does not necessarily guarantee pleasurable anal sex. Nor is an uncomfortable previous experience always the reason for a lack of interest in or desire for anal sex.Chronic anal tension is the most common cause of anal discomfort during sex. Hemorrhoids and constipation are usually a sign of this condition. Tension can be relieved by touching the anus and becoming more familiar with it. An ideal time to explore the anal opening is while taking a shower or bath. Deep breathing also affects the anal muscles. Tensing the anus and the letting go in another way of learning to relax it. Anyone who enjoys masturbation might want to experiment with some form of anal stimulation, though he or she should stop if any discomfort occurs. For many people the turning point in anal sex is when they allow a partner to massage the anus with the understanding that intercourse will not be attempted. Then the recipient of anal caresses can concentrate solely on the pleasure that this erogenous zone is capable of generating. 4. Two muscle rings called sphincters surround the anal opening. Each functions independently. If you insert a finger about one half-inch into your anus and press your fingertip against the side, you can clearly feel the two sphincter muscles. There is less than a quarter-inch between them. The external sphincter is controlled by the central nervous system – just like the muscles of the hand, for example. You can readily tense and relax this sphincter whenever you want. The internal sphincter is quite different. This muscle is controlled by the involuntary or autonomic part of the nervous system, which governs such functions as heartbeat and stress response. The internal sphincter reflects and responds to fear and anxiety during anal sex. It will cause the anus to tense up automatically even if the passive partner is trying to relax. Thus, precautions about safety and comfort are essential here. Even if a person does feel comfortable during anal sex, he or she may still need to learn voluntary control over his or her internal sphincter in order to relax it at will. Doing so requires regularly inserting a finger, perhaps in the shower each day, and feeling the internal sphincter. The muscle changes spontaneously and in response to behavior. In this instance, simply paying attention is more important than trying to relax. Anyone can gradually learn to control the internal sphincter at will.
5. Anal stimulation provides many kinds of pleasure
The highest concentration of nerve endings is around the anal opening

itself. A finger can focus on them especially effectively. When an object or penis is inserted beyond the anal opening into the rectum, other pleasures are involved. The outer portion of the rectum, like the vagina, has several nerve endings. The inner portion responds mostly to pressure. Some people enjoy the feelings of pressure and fullness once they understand that these sensations do not presage an impending bowel movement. Rectal pressure is especially important to enthusiasts of “fisting,” a form of anal sex in which several fingers or even the entire hand and forearm are inserted into the rectum and sometimes into the lower colon. In men, the prostate – which is just beyond the rectal wall, a few inches in, towards the front of the body – can be a source of pleasure when massaged by a finger, an object, or a penis. Also, the lower end of the penis, or “bulb,” is near the anal opening opening. It is stimulated indirectly by most types of anal sex. Anal pleasure can be psychological as well as physical. The anal taboo adds to the thrill of the forbidden. The most common anti-anal message (it’s dirty!) sometimes returns as a source of raunchy, sleazy excitement. Rimming enthusiasts may enjoy the feeling that they are being disgustingly – and delightfully – perverse. Other people regard the anus as a secret, special place. Sharing it with a partner is an act of openness and giving.
6. Anal stimulation can lead to orgasm A minority of men and women can respond orgasmically to anal sex without direct genital stimulation. Women probably do so through pelvic muscle contractions – and a small minority even though the sheer excitement of being anally penetrated. When men experience an orgasm from anal stimulation, they tend to focus on the prostate. No doubt they are also responding to indirect stimulation of the penile bulb. Orgasms from anal stimulation are most likely to occur when the participants become thoroughly absorbed in their sensations and fantasies. An almost certain way to prevent such an orgasm is to be become determined to have one. Seeking an anal orgasm will create new pressures and disrupt the pleasure. It must be remembered that most people require direct genital stimulation in order to climax. On the other hand, a few people have orgasms only with anal stimulation.
7. Diet contributes to the enjoyment of anal sex
Regular bowel movements are the major function of the anus and

rectum. There must be sufficient fiber in a person’s diet to make his or her feces soft, bulky and well formed. This allows a bowel movement to be produced without force or effort. Forced evacuations irritate anal tissues, causing discomfort and adding to muscular tensions. Fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains or unprocessed bran are important sources of fiber.
8. Different rules of hygiene apply to the vagina and rectum
Since intercourse can be vaginal or rectal, many people assume the the

same rules apply for the penetration of the vagina and rectum. Although both are lined with soft tissue and are capable of expanding, they are radically dissimilar.
The rectum is not straight. After the short anal canal which connects the anal opening to the rectum, the rectum tilts toward the front of the body. A few inches in, it curves back – sometimes as much as 90 degrees. Then, after a few more inches, it swoops toward the front of the body once again. A person can learn about the shape of his or her rectum by gently inserting a soft object, trying different angles and body positions and concentrating on how it feels. Make sure the object has a flared base so that if you loose your grip, it won’t slip into the rectum and become irretrievable. The rectum does not produce lubrication like the vagina but only a small amount of mucus. Therefore, rectal penetration always requires a lubricant. Chemical additives should be avoided. Water-based lubricants are latex-compatible. The main function of the rectum is to act as a passageway for feces. But feces are not normally stored in the rectum except just prior to a bowel movement. Yet small amounts may remain in the rectum, especially if the feces are not well formed. Anal douching before lovemaking will help some people especially concerned with cleanliness to relax. For others the idea of dirtiness heightens the joy of the forbidden; for them, douching is anti-erotic. 9. Anal intercourse is not necessarily an act of dominance and submission. The top-bottom imagery associated with anal intercourse is widespread. No doubt the belief that anal sex has to hurt contributes to this notion. And in fact some people are intensely excited by top-bottom fantasies about anal sex. The thought that they are submitting to such a degrading act is a terrific thrill. However, actual, not fantasized, anal pain can lead to trouble. For others, the enjoyment of anal sex is inhibited by top-bottom imagery. The idea of surrendering control, and perhaps
submitting to humiliation, causes immediate, protective tensing of the anal muscles. These individuals are more likely to relax and enjoy themselves if they can learn to regard anal sex as pleasurable rather than as an expression of power.
10. Anal sex can be perfectly safe, even beneficial.
The taboo against anal eroticism is perpetuated by the almost universal belief among physicians that anal sex is inevitably dangerous. No physical injury from anal stimulation results if both partners refuse to tolerate pain, never use force and avoid the use of drugs. All the other risks center on sexually transmitted diseases. Each of the common STDs – gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes – can affect the anus. Intestinal parasites, bacteria or tiny bugs are usually passed along when fecal matter finds its way into someone’s mouth or vagina, most likely through rimming. AIDS has complicated the matter. The HIV virus can pass from the semen or blood of an infected person to the bloodstream of a partner through a tiny break in the rectal tissue during anal intercourse. To avoid this risk, anal intercourse and rimming should not be practiced casually. Those who do enjoy anal intercourse should always use a condom. Rimming should always be accomplished by a latex barrier. Of course, in a monogamous relationship with two healthy people, the risk of disease transmitted anally is reduced. Thousands of men and women with chronic anal medical problems have restored their anal health by challenging their negative attitudes. This approach is indispensable for full erotic enjoyment of the anus.