DIRTY LITTLE SECRET FETISHES WE ALL HAVE. Most of us have them in the bedroom. You may think you’re the dirty one, but check these types of fetishes and you’ll see how common fetishes really are.

There are many types of fetishes in the world, and every single day, there are new ones being created in our own heads, or in reality.

And thankfully, dirty little secrets like fetishes are more commonly accepted than ever before. Look at the list below and see if you have any of these or maybe you may have thought about.

Common types of fetishes:

Agoraphilia: Getting’ it on out in public is hot, hot, hot!

Alphmegamia: Bring on the older, seasoned men.

Altocalciphilia: High heels make this person orgasm.

Hirsutophilia: Aroused by armpit hair.

Pubephilia: Don’t ever shave for your partner if they’re in this league, because pubic hair is where it’s at.

Exhibitionism: This is someone who enjoys surprising others by exposing their naughty bits.

Latronudia: Doctor, doctor! This person loves exposing him or herself to a physician. The health insurance bills must be staggering…

Lactaphilia: Mammaries full of milk don’t make just babies happy…

Martymachlia: Aroused by having others watch during lovemaking. Get these folks hooked up with a voyeur, pronto.

Nasophilia: This person gets mentally erect about their partner.

We all have our own ‘dirty little secrets in bed’!

You may have heard or familiar with some of these Fetishes: BBC which is Big Black Cock, Barely Legal, Phonesex, Cuckold, Black Bull, She-male, Age Play, Rape, Milf, Foot Fetish, Humiliation and maybe spanking.

So the next time someone drools over your feet, or obsesses over your undergarments, remember they are as normal as any other human being.

incest is best

I’m a fiery redhead eager to fulfill your HOT phone sex fantasies. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and will stop at nothing to get what I want. I need to warn you. This redhead slut is not looking for ordinary sex. I want intense and wild fucking.

It makes my pussy cream to imagine being forced to Fuck my Daddy Brother or even my son. the beginning, my daddy would ask me to suck his dick, but when I refuse, he grabs me by my red hair and forces my mouth to his dick. He fucks my little mouth until I gag, pumping in and out. Forcing his cock all the way down my throat until he unloads his warm jizz deep down my throat.

I beg him not to fuck my tight little pussy, but he won’t listen. He forces me across his desk and spanks my pale cute round ass until it’s as red as fire. He takes me hard from behind, fucking me so rough he has to hold me upright. When my pussy is no longer what he craves, he forces his big hard cock in my tiny asshole. I cry and beg for him to stop, but he won’t listen.

Finally he pulls his cock from my ass and puts it right back into my mouth. I can taste myself on his hard cock. It makes my pussy drip even more. I am such a horny little slut that I beg him to cum all over my face. I suck and jerk his cock until he releases a massive load over my pretty little face. So call me now and be my Daddy.

cam phone

I will admit I am a bit of a voyeur at heart. I have started out my window late at night in hopes someone has left their blinds open and I can catch them doing something nasty. I have caught a few guys masturbating which only makes me start to touch myself as well.
So when a guy asks if I will watch their cam while they are masturbating or doing something extra naughty it only makes me think I am being a voyeur and looking in on them. Ok I have their permission but we just pretend I don’t.

Like last night this guy was telling me all about the sexy panties he was wearing well course I said well why don’t you show me. So he sent me that little video request super fast. There he was in all his sheer pink thong prettiness. Rubbing his small dick in those pretty panties. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was modeling them for me and everything. Getting up and showing me just how good his panty boy ass looked in a pink thong.

I wish I could say it was super exciting to see his panty clitty come out for me to see but it was super small so I could only giggle at it. But I did have a great time talking to him and watching him on cam.

So for those of you out there that are looking for a phone girl to watch you be naughty and kinky I am definitely the girl.

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lived happily ever after, or did they?

Here is how the story Sleeping Beauty was originally told:

A great king was forewarned by some wise (old?) men that his newborn daughter named Talia was in great danger. It seems that a poison splinter was in the palace’s flax, and it would destroy her. The king immediately ordered a ban on flax inside the palace walls.

But, as all great fairy tales go, Talia somehow encountered a flax-spinning wheel and got that nasty splinter in her finger. What happened?

Talia dropped dead.

As a result, King Dad placed his daughter’s body on a velvet cloth, locked the palace gates, and left the forest forever and ever.

Enter the great nobleman, who turned out not to be so noble. While hunting in the woods one day, he just happened to stumble on the abandoned palace and Talia’s dead body. One would think he kissed her at this point, but no such thing happened.

Instead, he raped her.

He planted the noble seed and nine months later Talia gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Their names were Sun and Moon (which is the boy and which is the girl?) and the fairies took care of them.

One day, the boy was sucking on mom’s finger and sucked out the poisonous flax splinter, causing Talia to awake from her death bed.

Many months go by and the horny young nobleman returns to the woods to have another encounter with the princess. To his surprise, he found her alive and well. He confesses that he is the father of her children and they enjoy a hot weekend fling in the hay (Would you have a love affair with your rapist?).

The nobleman then returns home to his wife. Somehow she learns about his illegitimate children. The wife orders the capture of the children. Her cook is then told to slash their young throats and to cook a hash with their flesh.

At dinner that night, the wife gleefully watches her husband eat his meal. When he has finished, she announces “You are eating what is your own!”.

We can be sure that the nobleman did not feel too well at that moment. But then, he did rape a dead woman, so he deserves a little suffering.

It turns out that the cook had a soft heart and never slaughtered the children. Instead, goat meat was substituted.

The enraged wife ordered the capture of Talia and that she be burned at the stake, but she was saved from death by her rapist and they lived happily ever after.

Why didn’t Walt Disney use this version of the story? It is so much more interesting than the modern version.

Call Now and Let’s play I’m Sleeping Beauty, what will you do to me??


I’ve seen him every week as he stands in the building’s doorway and watches me. I have to walk past him to get to my art class, which is in a little ally way, off the beaten track. There’s something menacing about him, but my clit jumps to attention whenever I see him there. I try not to let him know he rattles me, but I feel the palpable attraction between us. I smile unwittingly as I pass.Tonight it’s very dark and quiet in the city. It’s raining, so I guess people are staying inside – except for me and him. I walk quickly past the doorway where he stands. I nervously smile, but keep my head down and my eyes averted, so as not to meet his gaze.Suddenly, I am being pulled by my jacket sleeve, then grabbed by my breasts and dragged into an alcove next to the building. In one sweeping motion, I’m thrown onto my back, a scarf is stuffed into my mouth, both of my hands are quickly cuffed to a dumpster wheel above my head. He’s standing over me, straddling my head, slowly unzipping his pants, and I hear a low ominous growl, “I know you want my cock, bitch. I’m gonna fuck your mouth with this big cock – that IS what you want, isn’t it?” I look up at him as he pulls out a large penis and slowly strokes it from his groin to it’s mushroom head, while pondering me with my skirt hiked up around my waist, showing my bare legs and lacey thong. He nudges his boot tip into my crotch and chuckles quietly. When he reaches for something in his duffle bag, I try to kick him away, but the action freezes when I feel a knife blade poking its sharp point directly between my legs. “Be very still, you little whore, and you won’t get hurt, understand?” I nod in silence and shudder when the knife blade splits my panties open and he jerks them off my body.

I hear metal against metal, the sound of lock releases, then my ankles are being shackled to a metal bar which spreads my legs open wide and exposes my shaved pussy. I am utterly at his mercy, naked and ashamed as he notices how shiny wet and swollen my pussy lips are. I am terrified and wildly excited, I gasp when I feel the knife at my throat and his eraser hard nipples grazing my lips. “Suck and lick my nipples”, he orders. I hear a low groan, “Your tongue feels good on my nipples, bitch. Don’t even think about biting them”, as I feel the knife tip threatening my own nipples in warning.

He slides down between my legs and sucks on my hard clit, flicking it with his tongue and I feel like I’m going to explode right there. “Awwwww, you like this don’t you? You’re wet and hard, you little bitch!” I whisper, “I have always wanted to be taken”. After one last lick, his fist is being shoved into my cunt, which is so open and wet that it takes his hand easily and grabs his fist tight within me. Just as quickly, my cunt is empty again and he is laying on top of me and shoving his hard cock into me.  He pumps slowly at first, then harder and faster getting near climax. When he orders “Come for me, bitch”, we both explode in great pleasure simultaneously.

His still-hard cock is withdrawn from my dripping pussy and shoved into my mouth “I want you to taste yourself, you whore — lick your cum off my cock before I put it away.” With a deep sigh, he gets up, puts his cock back into his jeans, unshackles my ankles and wrists. He turns and walks down the ally, leaving me on the ground, used and crying, and aching for more.

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