Still Proud of Being a Man?

Still proud of being a man?

Well, don’t be!
I’m sorry to ruin it for you, but the other side has a lot more to offer.
Think of it as the ultimate battle between the sexes, where men are winning and there’s no way for women to turn this around.
The question is:

“Would you betray your team’s secrets and have women dominate this world?”

If your answer is no, then I suggest you have a look at this..
you know that you have to have 
certain icons out there, don’t you?
we can’t have you praising males
for anything except their hot body!
ok, sweety?
the only interesting thing in men
has to be their body and nothing more!
if a guy you see in tv has big mucles, let’s say,
you are allowed to say how sexy he is…
but nothing else!!!
you don’t care if he’s smart  or funny or whatever you may think of him!
you don’t want to be him, sweety…

004 (2)

you want to suck him!!!
so, there are NOT male icons for you, honey…
and you are ready to idolize the right ones!
for all the right reasons
it’s gonna be so cute, honey
you idolizing the right females
is gonna make you look so less of a man…
it’s gonna be perfect!
 you are going to be a little cutie
looking up to female singers, actors, models
and all kinds of women,
from classy mature ladies
to trashy little tarts,
trying to copy their style
their moves
their clothes
etc etc
 you are going to admire

for various reasons

 that’s my girl!



Secretly watching wife with other men. My wife is an excitable woman, quick to anger, quick to get over it, quick to get hot, quick to get hotter. She often dresses without panties and is quick to flash tits or cunt.

We had a dinner for three guys who I was to ask to make an investment. I told my wife that it would help if she had them in a good mood. She said if she did that i would get jealous, but I assured her that I wouldn’t.
After dinner we moved into the study to talk business, so my wife excused herself and went upstairs, but reappeared shortly in different clothes wearing a dress that fit like a 2nd skin and was so transparent that it was obvious she wore no underwear.  Conversation halted and silence filled the room until one guy asked “no panties?” she said pulling up her dress “see for yourself”.
The guys stared at her and one guy said you look quite fuck-able she replied with I am!

She then laid down on the couch, spread her legs and asked “who’s first?.” Within about 45 minutes two of the guys had taken their turn fucking her and had fondled her tits and fingered her ass while she looked as innocent as an angel and as pleased as could be. Mike who had not joined in, now announced that he would now have his turn, but in her ass.  He pulled out his dick which was fairly large, he told my wife to turn over and with just a little trouble managed to get his cock all the way inside her ass.

Ended the night by finishing the business deal all while I sat there with my cum filled pants watching my wife enjoy herself never the way she had with me.  My secret is that she is a cheating wife and I am her cuckold husband.



STUDY SHOWS THAT BLOW JOBS KEEP DOCTORS AWAY.  At University of New York College did a study that implies that semen contains chemicals that lift your mood, increase affection, helps with sleep and also contain at least three anti-depressants. Read below and read for yourself what all the great things sperm does for your body.

  1.  Semen contains cortisol known to increase affection.
  2.   Estrone and oxytocin which also elevates mood.
  3.   It also contains thyrotropin (anti-depressant).
  4.   Melatonin (a sleep aid), and even serotonin (anti-depressant).
Come to find out women who did not use condoms during sex were even less depressed.
Spread the word, share this page that Study shows that blow jobs keeps doctors away!!!
So guys and girls next time you see a girl sleepy, down or angry ask her if she’s had her daily protein shot!
With this mind blowing study (no pun intended) shows we need to be giving our men a blow job or two or three every single day!
Lets go people spread this fantastic news. Blow jobs for everyone!
Teen Girl with Lactating Tits

Teen Girl with Lactating Tits

I’m a Teen Girl with Lactating Tits, a baby and no dick to satisfy my needs. I’ve shed my prego weight and my boobs are a lot bigger as a result of the milk. The other day I determined to ditch school and go to an adult store.

Teen Girl with Lactating TitsMy original purposes was to buy a vibrator and get off inside my dad’s car. So I go into the adult store and see this guy who had looked like he was in his late forties and he seemed to have a decent amount of muscles, however was a little overweight. He had brown hair with some grey. I saw the wedding ring on his finger.  He asked me what a young girl like myself was doing in this type of store, I didn’t answer I just grabbed the first vibrator I saw and headed towards the counter when he grabbed it out of my hand with a wink and purchased it for me. I knew it was wrong to sleep with a married man, however I was so desperate for sex that I didn’t care. As we walked out he told me he knew of the perfect place to go. We drove about half-a-mile to a little hotel. The moment we got into the room, he started kissing me and holding me close, pressing my boobs to his chest. He held me close, rubbing his tongue against mine,  then he drew away and looked down at his shirt. The pressure on my busts induced some milk to drip out onto his. Did you have a baby? Yes. Oh fuck yes,  I have never been with a Teen Girl with Lactating Tits he stated as he tore my shirt and wet bra off. I fucking love lactating tits! He started pressing my full boobs, forcing milk to leak from my nipples as he licked it up.

He took my nipples in his mouth, pulling and swallowing my milk as he pushed his lips around my tits. He unbuttoned my pants and removed them. He slid my panties down and looked at my hairless pussy. You sure you had a baby?  He asked as he glided a finger inside my damp pussy. Yes. Why? Well my wives cunt never got this tight after birth.

Teen Girl with Lactating Tits
Teen Girl with Lactating Tits

He went in between my legs and started kissing and licking my lips and clit as he fingered me. It felt so remarkable I couldn’t stop myself from groaning with enjoyment. He got on top of me and began kissing me again, sampling my juices on his tongue. He drew on my tits harder this time, creating some discomfort as the milk was force out. He went back to my pussy with a mouth full of milk and pushed his lips against my hole as he spit it out into me. I could really feel the spurt up inside me as the warm milk swiftly left and leaked down my butt cheeks onto the bed.

Climbing back onto the bed, he straddled me with his knees on both sides of my body as he introduced his cock to my face. I grabbed it and started pulling his head, which was currently dripping with precum. He fucked my mouth fast and hard then he took his cock out of my mouth. And with both hands, he squeezed my breasts together and made even more milk leak out, pressing it onto his dick as he came all over my tits and face.

What’s A Daddy Dominant?

What’s A Daddy Dominant?

What’s A Daddy Dominant? A Daddy-Dom is simply the Dominant partner in a D/s relationship. Like a Master or Dom, a Daddy is the top in their relationship and owns or cares for the submissive. Depending on your own personal preferences and relationship dynamic, a Daddy can be many things to his little but there are some generalities that exist in most Daddy/little relationships.

What's A Daddy Dominant? BDSM
What’s A Daddy Dominant? BDSM
His love for his baby girl goes without question. He loves her as much for who she is, as for what she will become with His guidance.
she is …… His prized possession. a Daddy’s eyes will light up when she comes into a room and take great pride in her success’s. After all, He helped to create her. She holds the most tender part of His heart and has greatest power to hurt Him.
This love would not be possible without respect. A Daddy Dom needs to feel pride in his lil girl. He needs to know she can hold her own in the outside world and still submit to Him. He holds the greatest respect for the gift she has given Him and takes great pains to increase it’s value. It is extremely important to Him to know she can be with any man and she chooses to be with Him.
He knows that this makes discipline a priority in their lives, His discipline is more important than in some other D/s relationships. In order for the lil girl to really trust, she must know He means what He says. If His lil girl is going to be the best she can possibly be He must stand firm. He uses his experience in life and His knowledge of her to provide proper direction and punishment when the need arises.
If He does not enforce discipline, this respect becomes a tenuous thing. If His submissive finds that she can manipulate Him out of punishing her, she begins to lose respect and the ability to empower becomes impeded. He understands that it becomes increasingly difficult to be possessed by someone you do not respect.
This takes great strength on His part. It takes strength to control her, and to shape her to His needs and desires. It takes strength to be her confidant, her shoulder, her anchor. It takes strength to let her out into the world when all He wants to do is hold her safe in His arms. And it takes strength to do what is necessary when she needs to be disciplined.
A Daddy Dom provides something else that is very important to His submissive…acceptance. She is safe in His arms because He knows her, everything about her, and He still loves her. When she goes to Him she knows that this Man knows all of her dirty little secrets and it doesn’t matter. To Him she is and always will be beautiful.
A Daddy Dom and a Sadistic Dom are by no means mutually exclusive. Many Daddy Doms embrace their sadism while understanding and feeding their submissive’s masochism. This balance is necessary to many lil girls because it allows all parts of her to be nourished, leading to an incredibly fulfilling relationship.
I think most Dominants have a bit of the Daddy in them, taking on the role of Male authority figure in the submissive’s life and using their power to enrich that life. Daddy/lil girl verbalizes that feeling, and adds a dimension of warmth, caring, and ritual that it’s participants crave.
Perhaps a Daddy Dom is something only a lil girl can understand.

Daddy as a Father

Unlike age players or role players, Daddies do not consider themselves a father to their little. They consider their role much like how a Dom would look at their role over their sub. Though their little may call them Daddy, they are not observed as a father and they don’t look at their little as if they were their child.

What do Daddy-Doms Do?

Daddies are in charge of their little. While they do not pretend to be their little’s father, they will take on a parental role as the Dominant. They are there to protect, guide, nurture and love their little. While in some D/s relationships, the Dominate may order their submissive frivolously for their own pleasure, a Daddy will order or set rules for their little based on nurturing goals and what is best for their little.

What's A Daddy Dominant? BDSM
What’s A Daddy Dominant? BDSM

Why do Daddies like littles?

This can be asked the same for any relationship. Daddies like little’s based on their own personal likes and dislikes and what they find attractive. A Daddy should enjoy the regression that their little naturally does and appreciate the child-like attributes of their little, but they will also find their adult side attractive.


The Title Daddy

There is a big difference between Daddy as a title for a Dominant in a D/s relationship and Daddy as a title for a father. While many have some reservations about this title, it is nothing more than that: a title. Daddies are not interested in pedophilia, incest or any other paraphernalia associated with children even though their title is often misunderstood and associated with that.  When a little calls her Daddy by title, the feeling associated is nothing like the feeling she would get when she calls her father the same title. It’s the same with any other multi-use word in our language. For instance, the world love can be used to describe many things. You don’t have the same feelings for when you say you love bubbles as you do when you say you love your spouse.

What's A Daddy Dominant? BDSM
What’s A Daddy Dominant? BDSM

Daddies and Sex

A lot of people just starting out in this lifestyle wonder if it’s still okay to have sex. As two consenting partners in a loving relationship, sex should be normal. Just like any other relationship, sex is natural and healthy for growth and bonding. Sex in a Daddy/little relationship is not done like that of role players where the sexual attraction may in some cases stem from deep seeded interest in incest or pedophilia. Sex between a Daddy and his little is just like sex between any people in a relationship; as two consenting adults.

Daddy-Dom v. Master

Daddies are very similar to Masters but there are some striking differences. First, Daddies cherish their submissive’s little side and encourage her to come out and play. Second, Daddies are strict about different things. Where a Master may be strict about procedure and protocol, Daddies are more concerned with their submissive’s goals and needs. Third, a Daddy can be more playful than most Masters. Masters tend to have to be more rigid with their submissive or slaves. Of course, we aren’t saying Masters are unable to show affection or be playful. But as a Daddy, playfulness is practically a part of the job description. It’s something you would have to do in order to keep up with your little.

Blow Job Lessons

 I still can’t believe it happened much less to myself.

So Jade and a friend were talking one night and her friend confides in her that she’s thinking of dating a guy after taking a break from men and seeing mostly women. One thing she’s concerned about is how her oral skills have held up since she’s out of practice.

Jade, being the kind friend she is, offers my cock (or rather her cock) to practice on.

Blowjob lessons.

I still remember the haze of disbelief I was in after Jade informed me this friend of her’s would be practicing her oral skills on me. I immediately became hard..and nervous. Jade hadn’t let me orgasm in days and I didn’t know how I would be able to hold back.

It wasn’t long before I was naked and on my back while Jade slowly gave instructions on teasing, nibbling, biting using her tongue grabbing my nipples and everything else that goes along with her technique.

It’s still such a blur but I remember a few things:

-Jade ordering me not to come without permission
-Nipples being pinched and pulled
-Jade’s friend smiling when she saw how I reacted to different stimuli.
-Balls being pulled.
-Jade’s friend sucking so hard my eyes were rolling into the back of my head.
-Jade asking me to describe our latest sexual adventures to her friend while she toyed with me and how I could barely think much less talk. She asked me again and again and the most I could get out was a “mmbblllaahhhhhhhuuhhhhhh” sound before I could form the words “I can’t think right now”.

Days later we were told her lessons worked great on her next date.

blowjob lesson

This is one of many many many memories with Jade that will creep up on me in the most inconvenient of locations and force me to desperately try and hide an obvious erection.

True Story for a very good client!

Do you have one to share or maybe talk about this one?

my 1st time

I had moved in with my mom’s boyfriend (who was younger than mom by a few years) and his roommate. I was never attracted to mom’s boyfriend, who later became my step dad, but his roommate, Kurt was hot. I was curvy since I was 12 and I often caught him staring longingly at me. I was pretty tall, even back then (5’8″) 34B/28/38 and had a big round ass. I was a little self conscious of my really puffy nipples and aureola (ping pong ball sized)but really only the other girls in school teased me about them. I had long straight almost platinum blond hair. Kurt was 6′ and a rock solid 200lbs. When we first moved in we didn’t see much of each other but I noticed that he’d talk to me more when mom wasn’t around. We really hit it off and I admit that I loved to dress in my sluttier clothes at those times. I’d wear shorts that were either really tight (so that I got a total camel toe – I also have huge pussy lips, I think) or loose so that if I sat on the couch, inappropriately, that you also catch pussy lip. Going without a bra was fun too because my nipples would clearly show and there so sensitive, that they’d inflame and get even more puffy. This would make him get so hard that it just couldn’t be hidden and after awhile I think we just didn’t care to hide it anyway. I had noticed months after moving in that my panties would go missing from the bathroom hamper. I was sure he was stealing them and confirmed this when I was home alone. I went into his room and found them on his bed. They were my green thong and when I picked them up they were literally dripping with his cum! I was so excited I could feel myself getting hot.

This man who was twelve years older was hot for me, he was jerking off in my panties. My heart was pounding as I went back into my room. I hastily pulled off all my clothes and started playing with myself while I held the cum saturated thong close to my nose. I was loving the smell of his cum and imagining what his cock looked like when he sprayed his juice onto it. What was he thinking about me when he came? I couldn’t believe I was doing it, but I stuck out my tongue and licked his goo. It was salty, but not as bad as some girls had said. When i thought about touching his sperm that had been in his cock just hours ago, it made me soaking wet. I wanted his cum all over me and deep in me in that moment. And in that moment I knew that we were gonna fuck. I felt electric and so happy.I was crazy with lust and rubbed his cum all over my tits and face. I never wanted to wash it off. I then put it in my mouth and sucked on it while I used both hands to pull on my clit and labia. I soaked the bed and came screaming his name. It was so soaked with my juice. What made me proud of it was one day I was wearing a gauze sun dress (with no underwear) and because the sun was behind me, you could see through it. My mom said, “Honey your giving us all a show”. I was initially embarrassed, but Kurt. later said that I looked, “like a goddess”, and that he loved my blond hair.Anyway, he seem a little nervous that evening, probably because he noticed my thong was missing from his bed! The next day he said something about loving the way that I smelled and I said, “Oh, I know!” I think he was starting to put two and two together. When I came home from volleyball practice, I had some black painted on booty shorts that were one of his favorites and soaked with my sweat, juice and funk from all day and practice. I took a shower, but purposely left them in the bathroom for him to discover. When I exited the bathroom he was right there by the door with a smile and said, “excuse me.” softly as he held my big hips and circle past me into the steam filled room. When he put his hands on my hips it was enough to make my juices flow! His was in the bathroom for a long time and I could imagine him pressing my stinky shorts to his nostrils while he jerked his big meat (he later told me all about it and other times he had done it!) I pressed my ear to the door and I swear that I could hear him softly grunting. One hand was between my legs, tugging at my clit and getting my whole bush and pussy extremely messy.He opened the door suddenly and I almost fell into the bathroom on top of him (nice thought!)He seemed a little out of sorts and I said that I had left something in there. He said what. I said my volleyball shorts. The look on his face was priceless. He was stunned I think and just sat down in the front room. I found them hidden just underneath some jeans. The whole bathroom stunk like semen and the shorts were filled with his seed. I mean filled. Like at least two , if not three, huge loads worth. What I did next just sort of came to me. I pulled on a long night shirt and also put my volleyball shorts back on! I grabbed the waist line and pulled them up high, giving myself the ultimate camel toe wedgy and pulling that cum soaked on the shorts right up between my ass cheeks and pussy lips. I shook at little bit and almost came myself when I felt his sauce squish all over my private parts. I walked back out into the living room and sat on the big chair facing Kurt. Mom was in the kitchen talking about some stupid shit and oblivious to our shared sexual awakening. She could see him, but not me and I put my feet up on the arms of the chair to shown him what I had done. His jaw dropped as he took in my lycra/cum shorts stuck on my vulva. Smiling, I continued to tug on them so they were now completely pulled up between my labia and his multitudes of little sperm were no doubt swimming up my vagina. I didn’t give a fuck, and actually, the thought of getting pregnant in this way didn’t bother me at all in that moment. Mom went to bed with her our other roommate and we were left alone (your fault mom!) and I came over and sat on his lap – gently. What happened next was just so natural – we didn’t give a fuck about getting caught – which easily couldn’t happened.He held me and we just started kissing – so wonderful! Tongues sucking and intermittently fiercely. His hands were all over me – my stuck on shorts he peeled off, and he passionately massaged my whole privates. Flicking and rubbing my clit, tugging at my hairy labia, and even eventually penetrating my poop hole with his big middle finger. That was really weird, but awesome. I pulled up my knees and spread my legs so he could finger fuck me however he wished. Then he pulled off my shirt and saw my bare titties for the first time. I was concerned he’d think they were weird, but he just gasped, “oh my” and started to suckle them like a starving piglet. He laid me on the floor and then preceded to kiss, suck, bite and tongue my whole big fat pussy from clit to asshole. I had to cum, it was going to happen. I hated trying to keep quiet, I wanted to SCREAM, but just held it back. When he was done his face was completely glazed vulva and ass were soaked over again and again. I just laid on the floor, fingertips caressing my nipples which were alive with electricity. He stood before me and pulled down his precum soaked underpants. Out popped his 81/2 inch dick. I was in pure love as I got to my knees. Never before in life was I more sure of what I needed to do as i took the cock in my hands and mouth. I copied what I had seen on a porno I had watched once. I extended my tongue and laid his fuckin huge cock head, followed by his shaft, on it. He grabbed my face, skull, and jaw with his big hands and slowly started to fuck my face. I was mentally someplace I had never been before. A helpless fuck toy but powerful at the same time. I kept thinking what my mom would say if she came down for a drink only to find her “innocent” fifteen year old daughter lovingly sucking a man’s cock. My tits rubbed teasingly against his legs and eventually his Testes the size of jumbo eggs bounced against my chin. I also thought of those bitches at school who said I my ass was too fat or my tits were weird – did they have this beautiful man meat in their mouths. “Look up at me beautiful, I want to see your gorgeous face when I’m fucking it.” I grabbed him around his ass and looked up.Here was this 27 year old with his magnificent cock in MY mouth. I was never so proud and happy. Sweat rolled off his face and body and dripped on me. Drool was cascading down my chin and body as I began to force his cock deep. I was gagging, no doubt, but I just had to have it all. “I must fuck you.”, he said,”You know that.” We quietly slipped down into his basement room. His cock was excited and fully erect, again dripping precum. We started again with just kissing. I told him I was a virgin so he started fingering me for a long while, then I finally relaxed a little but it still wouldn’t go in. He pushed so hard I cried. And then when I opened my mouth I let out a deep croak from deep inside of me. Somehow I loosened, and his tip was in me. He held my hips and pulled me back onto him gradually, cooing encouraging words. I was whimpering but he said, “hang in there your doing good”.

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