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mommy’s naughty boy

You’ve been a naughty boy. I’ve seen you sneaking around spying on your mommy while I undress. You even watched me while I swam naked in the swimming pool. I was very surprised when I found my favorite lace panties stashed under your pillow and a cum stain in the crotch. Surprised, but curious as to how far you would take this obsession of yours.

You have always been my sweet little boy. Your siblings know that you are my favorite. I’ve always had a very special place in my heart for you because I know that you will do absolutely anything to please me. And you do please me. I look at you and see that you are growing into a handsome young man.

Today is the day we take our relationship to the next level. School is out today, and we are all alone to do whatever we want.. I made sure I wore that pair of red lace panties you like so much. Let me show you what it’s like to have your hard virile cock sucked by a real woman. I’m sure you won’t last long so we will make this quick before daddy gets home. Come into mama and daddy’s room and taste this juicy, wet cunt. When you’re done, I will teach you how to fuck your mommy like a grown man.

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mommy TT

I know its wrong, but I can’t help but watch my son as he walks through the kitchen with his morning hard on. I shouldn’t, but I love to dress in the sexiest and most provocative outfits I can find. I like to see him stare at my full, perky breasts and my nipples as they peek through a low cut lacy bodice. His tongue slowly traces his lips and he tries to adjust his cock under the table. I am such a tease, it makes me feel powerful to see him squirm. Of course, it would never go past a tease. That is just wrong.

Suddenly, I feel my son’s strong young arms wrapped around my slender waist. His warm mouth is on the back of my neck. It all happened so fast. Before I knew it, he had me on the top of the kitchen table. I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He said he couldn’t take my teasing anymore. He had to taste my sweet pussy.

He then forced me to spread my legs wide open. We were both surprised to find that my pussy was already dripping wet. The smile on his face to discover that I wanted it too made his cock grow harder. He pushed his long slender fingers inside my wet pussy and began to finger fuck me. Oh it felt so good! And his mouth! My goodness, this kid sure has some skills.

Then he made me pull down his pants. To my pleasant surprise, his cock was huge. The size and length far surpassed his wimpy father’s tiny cock. He pulled me close to him and told me to hold on tight. Next I could feel him drive his cock deep inside my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and enjoyed the ride. My son pounded me until I felt my warm juices flow all the way from my pussy down to my inner thighs. That’s a good momma’s boy, fuck me harder!

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I got a story for you. A REAL story, not something I though of but something that happened to me for real.

I was feeling really horny Friday morning after playing with one of your girlz the night before, so I went on the internet looking for ad’s from woman. I found this one ad from a woman who said she specialized in giving enemas and anal play. So I responded and we set up a time for me to go visit later that day.

When I got there, she opened the door wearing only a thong, a bra and knee high boots.

She told me she was gonna give me a couple of enemas, prior to using toys one me. My cock was twitching just from her talking about it. She used water but added peppermint scented liquid which would give a cool tingly feeling and actually smell good coming out. Let me tell you Miranda it was my 1st enema experience and it was fucking hot. It was uncomfortable half way thru the first bag and she comforted me and made sure I took the whole bag. She let me go use the bathroom and when I came back she had another bag ready to go, but used a bigger nozzle, again she made me take the whole bag, the last few mins were incredibly uncomfortable and my legs were twitching from the discomfort, but she insisted I take it all and I did. She let me go to the bathroom again and when I came out she had a 3rd bag ready I told her no and she promised that if I said I couldn’t take the whole thing she would stop it…..she used an even bigger nozzle (she did this so it would help open me up for the toys). After just a couple mins I told her that I didn’t think I could take it, she came over kissed me and told me that if I did I would be rewarded, she took out one of those back massage wands and started to massage my balls and dick while the enema kept filling me….I told her that I could not take it anymore and she did stop the water flow after about half of the bag was empty.

When I was done in the bathroom I came out and she had a couple of toys on display, a strap on, a vibrating dildo and a large didldo prob 10″ or so. She started with a 8.5″ that was about 3″ thick and within a few mins the entire thing was buried in my ass….she was like “holy crap, you’re not a beginner, looks like we’re going for a big boy toy” she goes into a draw and pulled out an enormous black dildo (I had told her over the phone that I had a black fantasy). It was 18″ long and I know this cuz she had the package and it said “18” super dong” it had to be 4-5″ thick…she started slow and it took about 10 mins just for her to get the head in when it finally popped in, it felt amazing and was almost like a relief. she was gentle but slowly kept sliding it in and whispered in my ear that I was gonna be a good boy and take it all for her and if I did I’d be rewarded…I can’t lie to you, it felt amazing, the more the slid in the more I wanted, she got to half in with no problem…when she got to about 12″ I felt like I was at the max and couldn’t take anymore….so she took a pillow and put it under my belly (I was on my stomach) she said this would make it a little more comfortable with the pillow. she used lots of lube, and slowly slid more in, I could feel deep in me, I was in shock over what was happening, after she slid more in she said I had about 15″ and only 3″ to go….I didn’t believe I had that much in, until she took out a tape measure and measured only what was out and showed me…and then took my hand and let me feel what was outside of me and it was only a few inches, she gave one last push and got more in…the only thing that was exposed now was the other end of the head, I had taken about 16-17″ ….she left it there and walked into another room….came back and said you took it and I will shortly reward you, I wanted to cum so bad but she said not yet….she told me that I would have the most amazing orgasm I’ve ever experienced shortly….with the dildo in my ass

still, she kissed me and gently played with my dick and balls….about 20 mins had passed and her door bell rang, she said that my reward had arrived, she left and came back with another chick….and said here is your reward the chick wastes no time getting naked, huge tits (could def tell they were fake, but they were HUGE).  Miranda, she took her underwear off and she had a cock…it was a shemale, (I had told the one who gave me an enema, my shemale fantasy) never thinking she would set it up. In all honesty I was nervous and wasn’t sure I could go thru with it, but she was hot, she said she was from Colombia, she def looked Latin…so there wasn’t much I could do…she began fucking me with that big dildo that was in my ass…but every time she slid it in and out she’d slowly pull it out until it was completely out.


The one that gave me the enema had me turn over on my back and started sucking my dick while the shemale started to jerk off….after a few mins the one that gave me the enema took slid her panties off and sat on my face while facing the shemale and told me to eat her pussy until she came, as I was tonguing her, I felt her grab my ankles and lift my legs up and told me to take a deep breath as I did, the shemale started to put her dick inside of me, she pushed until the head popped in…I couldn’t begin to tell you what was going thru my mind…but it felt pretty good, it was so different than any toy I’ve ever had, she just kept sliding it in until I felt her balls against mine, and started fucking me, she would slide her cock almost all the way out slowly and push it back in fast….the chic who was sitting on my face was so dripping wet that my face was covered in it….suddenly I felt vibration on the shaft of my dick, it was the massage wand again….

so I had a dripping wet pussy on my face, a real cock in my ass and this massage thing on my dick, within a couple mins my cock exploded with cum, the shemale fucked me for a few more mins until she came all over my dick and balls and the chic sitting on my face was a squirted, she completely drowned me with her juices….I was completely exhausted that I fell asleep and woke up 2 hours later…the shemale was gone and the other chic next to, said that she couldn’t wait to do it again….she let me use her shower, I got dressed and went home.

This is the honest truth my real life experience! That I had to share.

man has wife turned into sex slave

As I stared down at her sleeping I began to think back to the last few weeks to the arrangements I had made for tonight. I remembered back to how this started in an AOL chat room “wife in forced training.” I was no stranger to the AOL wife chat rooms, “wife for loan”, “use my wife”, “wife forced”, and all the variations of “Offline about wife.” I entered the wife in forced training and figured it was for hubbies with the “Story of O” type fantasies, leaving your wife at a place to be sexually training to be more open to her sexuality, enabling her to separate the love from her sexual adventures. I posted that it was one of my fantasies.

A couple of minutes later…. An instant message came through saying hello, asking what just fantasy, what I was really interesting in, and the usual intro stuff. I explained about my fantasies to be able to share my wife when I wanted, and generally to have her be a very sexual person. The other guy asked if it was the kind of fantasy I wanted to come true or not. There were of course fantasies that I had about my wife that I didn’t want to really happen such as her being raped by a stranger, or made pregnant by a lover that were none the less a turn on to think about. I explained that her having other lovers and being shared was definitely one I wanted to come true. The only other thing I would like to see is for my bride dress hotter. He wanted her to dress a little more revealing for work, but then much more outrageously sexy at home or for adventures.

I chatted a while longer and found this guy to be friendly, but very a serious type as well. It also turned out he lived in southern California as we did.

After about 30 minutes of chatting with “John”, he asked about the fantasy of my wife being trained by another man, and if that was one I really wanted to come true. I told him that would be incredible; however I didn’t think it was a realistic fantasy. He told me he knew of men who did that sort of thing for husbands. He went on to add that most husbands were not in a position to, and didn’t know how to bring about serious change in their wives attitude and behavior. At this time I figured that this guys was one of the flakes that you often found in these chat rooms.

At least he hadn’t asked, “Send a pic!” the first line of his instant message.

He asked me, “Exactly, how would I you want your wife to changed either in behavior or appearance?”

I told him that I was more than happy, and turned on by her appearance. I would love to be able to share her with men we met that turned her on, as well as watch her perform with strangers. John wrote back later that same day writing that he needed to talk to me on the phone next. He added that when a guy can’t talk on the phone about doing this, he knows they were never serious. I wrote him back with my cell phone # and times it would be safe to call. When he called me the next day, he explained that he understood that this was a huge step for any husband to take, and would never ask someone to do this without proof of what he could do and having all their questions answered.


He asked what sort of changes I would like to see in Lori. I said that I would enjoy if she would initiate sex more often, anal sex, and I’d like to watch her play with herself more often. I told him of my fantasies of her trying lesbianism, as well as my favorite dream of being able to share her body with other men. John told me that all these desires were very common for husbands, and that they are easy to train a wife to do over a couple of weeks.

He then asked if I was still interested to meet him for a drink, and bring pictures of Lori that showed her face. I had sent him a few of her sexy lingerie pics, and nudes when we first chatted, but had always blocked her face. We agreed to meet at the next day. I choose about a dozen of her pictures both sexy pics showing her beautiful face, as well as ones of us together so John would know she was really my wife.

He said any sex my wife would have while at the house, would be because she wanted it, and I should be prepared for that as well. John said in a weeks’ time, my wife would be having sex with several men a day and women as well if I wanted and that when I got her back, even If I wanted sex everyday it would be like a day off for her.

John went on and explained how this would work if I agreed:

I would need to plan a “trip” away with her so that no one would miss her for a week, and that I would then also have to stay out of sight.

I would need to pack her a small bag of clothes and personal items, and a picture of myself.

When the time was arranged for her to be picked up, to open the garage and escort the men to our bedroom to my sleeping beauty.

He explained that during the first week they would start off breaking her will down. They would then using classical conditioning to teach her sexual techniques and more importantly, create her will to please you. He opened a laptop and started a video with short clips of the training cycles. The first clip was titled “Phase 1”.

Phase 1: Showed a pretty 30s blonde with a body similar to my wife. The woman was kneeling almost in the fetal position on a gray cement floor with matching walls. She sobbed and cursed the camera and her husband. Other than a toilet and a steel chain around her neck nothing else was visible in the scene. John handed me an earpiece that extended from the laptop and I placed it in my ear. I could now hear John lecturing the woman about how she needed to look at sex differently and that he would train her for that and to better sexually satisfy her husband’s desires. She was obviously under bright lights and shivering.

Phase 2: The woman was no longer crying and had a cot to sleep on. John was playing recordings of her husband telling her he loved her but saw no other way for their marriage to work.

Phase 3: The woman had been given supplies and had done her hair and makeup and was dressed in an outfit straight from Victoria’s Secret, heels and all. She was actively discussing sexual activity and feeling with John. I also noticed a nightstand was now next to her cot and a bottle of water was on the table.

Phase 4: The same woman is now lying on a plush looking bed nude. She was massaging her breasts with one hand and her bald pussy with the other. She smiled seductively at the camera. When John entered the frame he handed at a rabbit type long vibrator and she thanked him. She used her fingers to open her pussy lips and asked the camera man and John if they could see well and if they though her husband would like this tape and she began working the large pink vibrator into her opening.

Phase 5: The camera is close to the woman’s face and she eagerly sucks John’s cock. She alternates her stare s between John’s eyes and the camera. She massages his large shaved balls and forces her head further onto John’s cock until she chokes, and then some!

With a smile and tears in her eyes she pulls her mouth off the invader long enough to look at the camera and say, “Honey I am a cock sucker now! I am sorry I neglected you cock in so many ways all these years. I can’t wait to see you soon my darling.”

Phase 6: I now saw the remnants of a meal on her nightstand and the camera pan over to the woman on her hands and knees getting slammed from the rear by John. He slapped her ass and told her a little louder and she went on and on about how good his cock felt inside her pussy. He then reached and grabbed her one of her hands and moved it between her legs. John told her that men like their balls massaged when they are fucking in doggie style. I could see her hand massaging his John’s balls.

Phase 7: The scene is now in a luxurious bedroom. The wife was now kneeling on a big bed feasting on a beautiful brunette’s neatly trimmed pussy. You would of thought the pussy contained some life saving nectar by the way she was pushing her nose and lips into it. As the camera panned right, John and another younger man came into view. John was on his back and the wife was impaled on him riding his cock somehow without taking her lips off the pussy. The younger man was gripping her hips and fucking her as had as he could. He was s lapping her ass and bringing the blood to the surface of her delicate skin.

Phase 8: Again the pretty wife was in the beautiful bedroom on her back on the bed. The camera gave a close up of her hair across the pillow as she smiled at the camera. She talked lovingly to the camera telling her husband how much she has missed him and how much she loves him. As the camera backs up I can now see the John is between her legs slowly sliding his cock in and out of her small pink pussy. The wife hand her hands and legs wrapped John pulling him into her rhythmically and moaning between sentences to her husband.

Phase 9: The black screen just read, “Requested private by husband.”

I was not prepared for such a transformation. John told me that this wife went through the 8 phases in about 12 days and was back home with her husband in less than 2 weeks. As you probably can imagine, I had a dozen or more questions for John. He answered all my questions openly.
When I asked about Phase 9 John said that phases 1-8 were very standard. He said some of the husbands wanted more specific training performed. He said some wanted their wives to be comfortable with and even enjoy watching the husbands having sex with other women, be dominant, become sexual with the family pet, or learn a variety of fetishes. John added that if I wanted something like this, I could always bring Lori back later if she agreed.


I asked if I could come visit my wife during her training period. He said that was never allowed. He said the husbands can never know where the mansion is until his wife completes the training. A few times husbands have had serious second thoughts after seeing the Phase 1 DVD. John warned me that the first phase can be rough to watch. He went on to explain that if I was serious, I would be required to sign a letter. The letter states that I my wife and I are voluntarily engaging in a kidnapping and rape fantasy. They would get my wife’s signature shortly after she was taken. This obviously gave them some level of security should things ever go bad.

I swallowed my drink and told John I want you to train my wife.

That was two weeks ago. I was lying in my bed thinking back to that meeting when my cell phone vibrated. It vibrated just once showing a restricted number and the screen went dark.. That was the code. My heart beat s o fast I wondered if I was going to have a heart attack. I lean over and gave my beautiful sleeping wife a gentle kiss on the cheek. I then got up and walked into the garage opening the door. Three men said nothing but followed me through the house to our bed room.

I stood at the side of the bed and one goes to the foot and the other nears her head. The oldest man near her face puts small mask over her mouth and she startles awake. The guy at her feet is gripping her ankles tightly. She struggles for about two seconds and then goes limp. This is much harder to watch then I anticipated. The older guy removes the mask and checks her pulse and breathing. He tells me she’s fine and her picks up her body like a ragdoll and throws her over his shoulder and they are out of the room quickly. They walk out the garage and pas her to another man in the back of the van. And they are driving away seconds later. The house seam s eerily quiet as I close the garage door and I worry if I did the right thing.

The next two days are torment sitting home worrying about my wife, not being able to go to work or answer the phone. The only human contact I get is when there is a knock on the door the second night. I near the front door knowing I shouldn’t answer it, when the older well dressed man says, “John sent me.” I open the door and he hands me a CD sleeve and says good night. I look at it and the label on it reads, “Phase 1.”

stockings & garters

True Story from one of you sexy men!

I was raised by my step mother.  When I was about 15 years old, she started complaining to me that she had leg cramps.  One Sunday afternoon when everyone was out of the house, she came over to where I was sitting on the couch watching television.  She asked me to move over and laid with her head on the pillow at one end.  She was wearing a dress and had taupe seamed stockings on and no shoes.  She placed her feet on my left thigh and pulled her dress up and held her hand between her legs, covering herself with her dress.  She asked me to rub her calves because her legs hurt.  Now, my step mother was about 35 at the time and quite attractive.  She was probably about 5’4″, weighed about 110 lbs and she had very nice slender legs.  Her dress was up far enough for me to see the tops of her stockings and the garter attachments holding them up.  The way she was holding the dress between her legs also showed the edges of her ivory slip.

I squeezed and massaged her calves as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.  She kept saying “Mmmmm” and telling me how good it felt.  The feel of her shiny, smooth stockings really turned me on.  I kept squeezing the back of her calves so I could feel the seam.  I remember hoping she wouldn’t look down and see how hard I had become.  I then moved my massage up to her knees and the back of her knees.  She slightly moved her knees further apart and moved her hands up behind the back of her head.  She never opened her eyes.

I don’t know how I got the courage but I began to slide my open palms up and down the inside of her thighs even touching the bare skin at the top of her stockings.  I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to slip my fingers inside the edge of her matching ivory panties but I just didn’t have the nerve.  I was breathing so hard I knew I was about to get in trouble.  At that point the phone rang and I jumped up to answer it.  When I came back she was in the back yard hanging up the wash on the clothesline to dry.

That never happened again and we never spoke about it.  I can tell you, however, I have fantasized and masturbated many many times over the last 40 years about that incident.  I can still sense the smooth silky feeling of her stockings and it still turns me on.


like fine wine

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I am sitting on my deck this morning with thoughts of fun in the sun. I would love to have you here with me so that you could see what I am doing. I love feeling the sun touch my body. I would make you rake your teeth across my hard little nipple, bite it until I commanded you to stop because I am aching with excitement. I can feel my juices dripping now, running down my slit and onto the wood beneath me. I will force you to lay down in between my spread legs and take my hot little clit into your mouth, biting it, making me cry out, hoping the neighbors don’t hear me. I will force you down onto the floor and take your hard cock into my mouth while my wet cunt rides your face. I can feel your dick slamming into the back of my tight, wet throat. What could I force you to do next? Where will I command you to put that big load? Will I care where you want to put it? Probably not, because you are here to do my bidding! Call me baby so I can take you where nobody else is willing to go…