mommy’s naughty boy

You’ve been a naughty boy. I’ve seen you sneaking around spying on your mommy while I undress. You even watched me while I swam naked in the swimming pool. I was very surprised when I found my favorite lace panties stashed under your pillow and a cum stain in the crotch. Surprised, but curious as to how far you would take this obsession of yours.

You have always been my sweet little boy. Your siblings know that you are my favorite. I’ve always had a very special place in my heart for you because I know that you will do absolutely anything to please me. And you do please me. I look at you and see that you are growing into a handsome young man.

Today is the day we take our relationship to the next level. School is out today, and we are all alone to do whatever we want.. I made sure I wore that pair of red lace panties you like so much. Let me show you what it’s like to have your hard virile cock sucked by a real woman. I’m sure you won’t last long so we will make this quick before daddy gets home. Come into mama and daddy’s room and taste this juicy, wet cunt. When you’re done, I will teach you how to fuck your mommy like a grown man.

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mommy TT

I know its wrong, but I can’t help but watch my son as he walks through the kitchen with his morning hard on. I shouldn’t, but I love to dress in the sexiest and most provocative outfits I can find. I like to see him stare at my full, perky breasts and my nipples as they peek through a low cut lacy bodice. His tongue slowly traces his lips and he tries to adjust his cock under the table. I am such a tease, it makes me feel powerful to see him squirm. Of course, it would never go past a tease. That is just wrong.

Suddenly, I feel my son’s strong young arms wrapped around my slender waist. His warm mouth is on the back of my neck. It all happened so fast. Before I knew it, he had me on the top of the kitchen table. I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He said he couldn’t take my teasing anymore. He had to taste my sweet pussy.

He then forced me to spread my legs wide open. We were both surprised to find that my pussy was already dripping wet. The smile on his face to discover that I wanted it too made his cock grow harder. He pushed his long slender fingers inside my wet pussy and began to finger fuck me. Oh it felt so good! And his mouth! My goodness, this kid sure has some skills.

Then he made me pull down his pants. To my pleasant surprise, his cock was huge. The size and length far surpassed his wimpy father’s tiny cock. He pulled me close to him and told me to hold on tight. Next I could feel him drive his cock deep inside my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs around his waist and enjoyed the ride. My son pounded me until I felt my warm juices flow all the way from my pussy down to my inner thighs. That’s a good momma’s boy, fuck me harder!

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stockings & garters

True Story from one of you sexy men!

I was raised by my step mother.  When I was about 15 years old, she started complaining to me that she had leg cramps.  One Sunday afternoon when everyone was out of the house, she came over to where I was sitting on the couch watching television.  She asked me to move over and laid with her head on the pillow at one end.  She was wearing a dress and had taupe seamed stockings on and no shoes.  She placed her feet on my left thigh and pulled her dress up and held her hand between her legs, covering herself with her dress.  She asked me to rub her calves because her legs hurt.  Now, my step mother was about 35 at the time and quite attractive.  She was probably about 5’4″, weighed about 110 lbs and she had very nice slender legs.  Her dress was up far enough for me to see the tops of her stockings and the garter attachments holding them up.  The way she was holding the dress between her legs also showed the edges of her ivory slip.

I squeezed and massaged her calves as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.  She kept saying “Mmmmm” and telling me how good it felt.  The feel of her shiny, smooth stockings really turned me on.  I kept squeezing the back of her calves so I could feel the seam.  I remember hoping she wouldn’t look down and see how hard I had become.  I then moved my massage up to her knees and the back of her knees.  She slightly moved her knees further apart and moved her hands up behind the back of her head.  She never opened her eyes.

I don’t know how I got the courage but I began to slide my open palms up and down the inside of her thighs even touching the bare skin at the top of her stockings.  I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to slip my fingers inside the edge of her matching ivory panties but I just didn’t have the nerve.  I was breathing so hard I knew I was about to get in trouble.  At that point the phone rang and I jumped up to answer it.  When I came back she was in the back yard hanging up the wash on the clothesline to dry.

That never happened again and we never spoke about it.  I can tell you, however, I have fantasized and masturbated many many times over the last 40 years about that incident.  I can still sense the smooth silky feeling of her stockings and it still turns me on.


like fine wine

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my wife, the mad slut!

My wife and I went to a friends party and my wife ended up getting really drunk. she was wearing an extremely short dress, just hiding her

ass. the slut that she is, she loves showing off her assets to random people. she makes sure that she bends down and shows it

all to the gawkers or any stranger at the door. i have caught her doing that over a dozen times. she has pretty good boobs

and a beautiful cleavage..she hates wearing a bra! it was past midnight and almost everybody got drunk and went off to sleep.

i was sitting on the couch and my wife tells me she was very horny. she gets horny usually after drinking! she came and sat on my lap. i

started feeling her up and i realized that she has taken her panties off! there was this friend of my friend who was laying on

the other couch right in front of us. i saw him opening his eyes once and looking at my wife while i was touching her thighs. that

strangely turned me on. i told my wife that the man laying in front of us has a good view of your dripping pussy. she looked at

him and he was staring now..too drunk to even notice that he had been noticed! she took my finger and stuck it up her cunt i

couldn’t believe her doing that. then she said it in my ear “you can fuck me on this couch if u want…i wanna give that guy

a show.”  i took her dress off completely she was totally naked now. that guy was getting a boner.  she got down on her knees and unzippd

my jeans. she took my cock out and started to lick it like a mad slut. she made me lay down so that the guy (who was now touching himself)

could get a better view. i could see him putting his hand in his pants and stroking it. my wife was now sucking it bad, she looked at the

man looking at her. the guy got startled and he got up. i thought he could not take it and he went to the toilet to jack off. i told my wife

the same. she said she wanted to see what that guy was doing. she got up, put her lil black dress on and followed him.  i stayed put. 10 mins

passed and she did not come back. i got up zipped my pants and followed her to the toilet. to my surprise  she was on her knees and

sucking two guys off at once. i could not believe what i saw. i was turned on..extremely! she knew i  was standing behind. she turned her

head and looked at me. she gave me a naughty smile and got back to business. the cocks were dripping and she was licking like a pro. they

started slapping and rubing their cocks on my pretty wives face. i know how much she enjoys that. she turned towards me and lifted her

dress. she took one of the cocks and guided it in her pussy. after rubbing it for a bit she pushed it inside. all this while she was looking

straight at me. i was loving every minute of it. the other guy (who was sleeping on the couch before) came in front and shoved his cock in

her mouth. she was staring at me and licking and sucking it. the view was priceless!  both the guys stripped her naked and fucked her for

almost an hour. after they both came on her face she licked their cocks clean. she got up and went to the toilet to clean up. she came back

and said “lets go.. i am still on” i couldnt believe that she wanted more after such a hardcore threesome. we got into the car and drove off at

that very hour. we stopped for gas and then my wife needed to go to the toilet. she found an 18 year old boy at the shop and started talking

to him. i was looking at her from a distance. she went to the toilet and the boy waited for her. then i saw the boy was coming back along

with her. she said “listen love..the boy needs a lift..can we drop him somewhere..” and she winked at me. i knew that she would be sitting at

the back seat. the boy and my wife sat in the backseat. we drove off. she asked him on the way “do you have a girlfriend?” they boy said

“yes”. she asked him if he let her fuck other boys..the boy replied “no, does your boyfriend allow you”. i was looking through the rear view

mirror. she took his hand and kept it on her bare thighs. the boy must have had a boner at that very moment. the boy said” your baby

soft!”. he started caressing her. “can i suck your nipples?” the boy said. “i am your whore whatever you want!” my wife replied by

pulling her dress down. i almost creamed my pants. the boy sucked her nipples and licked her almost everywhere, my wife giggle and got

on her knees. she unzipped the boys pants and started licking it. i pulled over to watch. she sucked him off pretty well. the boy had a huge

cock! she sat on it and started fucking him. they smooched while she was going up and down on his lap. later the boy announced that he is

going to cum. my wife got on her knees again and he came in her mouth. she swallowed.. i have never seen her do that.! we dropped the

boy where he wanted. we went back home and discussed all of it. the discussion got us so horny that we fucked like maniacs!

me, my grandma and the manhole

1hi boys….my grandma came over unexpectedly for a visit last evening…now, i have to tell you that she taught me everything i know about pleasing a man…
she wanted to watch me in action, so i dressed very scantily in my tight red party dress….short enough so that my ass was peeking out just enough….
we went into the restaurant, she sat at one end of the bar, looking very hot for a grandma, and me sitting at the other end…
i sipped on a cocktail, my legs crossed, showing off some skin…
a couple of well dressed big boys came over to me…i asked them what they thought of the “older” woman over there…they were quite taken in by her sexy, sleek body….her short auburn hair….her pouty lips…
what do you say we ask her to do a foursome, i asked?
just buy us a couple of drinks, we will show you a good time!
well, we got liquored up….the boys drove us to a hotel down the street, kind of a classy place, but a bit sleazy as well
i initiated the first blow job….taking both cocks in my mouth…licking, and sucking…my grandma, sitting on the bed observing…suddenly took off her clothes, and joined us in the bed…whispering in my ear..”let me show you how to properly suck two cocks at once”…th_4
she was much more experienced than i…i watched, fascinated…as the boys swelled…their cocks, so hard and throbbing…she would suck….then stop….suck some more….then stop….not allowing them to shoot their heavy load quite so fast…they were so turned on….then she handed them over to me….little did i know that as i was stroking their fat members, while she was licked their pink manholes….
when i knew they were ready….i let them cum all over my face…in my mouth….on the tips of my hard pink nipples….they were spent…we quickly dressed and drove home in silence…
we showered together, and she told me to always remember, do things that may seem nasty to me, like licking ass…that gets the blood pumping….tease them….after a while, allow them to release their hot load of sweet cum…and wow, she was right!
i am still learning things…and i like it!

so…anyone want some hott chick to lick your manhole…let me know….perhaps i will beg for some of that sweet juice….mmmmmmmmmm….ready boys?

Listening To My Wife

Earlier, when I got home from work, she just came out of the shower, and had me dry her off, put on her deodorant and brush her hair. Then, as she laid back on the bed, nude, I touched up her toenail polish….and rubbed her feet.

As I was rubbing her feet, she looked down at me, smiled and opened her legs, giving me a full view of her cunny, which was smoothly shaved, clear of any hair, thanks to yours truly.

“I think you should give my pussy a little licking.” she said, smiling at me as I stood up, looking down at her outstretched legs, toes glistening with fresh red polish. “I want to be ready.”


By ‘ready’ she meant, horny, for her new bull, who was on his way. She called him this morning, and suggested he come over this evening, which of course he agreed to. No wonder, she is fucking this guy like crazy. He’s built, younger than us, and has a big thick cock swinging between his legs.

She started telling me about his big cock when I started licking her, my tongue sliding up and down her slit, probing inside tasting wetness, tasting her natural lubrication, which was not in short supply tonight. I was licking for dear life, my cock hard between my legs, when the doorbell sounded. She told me to answer it, but first, to take off my clothes. I stood up, looking at her spread on the bed, and did as she said, removing my clothes, my hard-on standing at attention.

“Good, now go let him in.” she said, not moving.

I padded down the hall and opened the door, he was there, he looked at me, then down at my little cock and smiled as he entered. “Where’s is she?” he asked.

I pointed down the hall and he walked by me without, his stature much taller than my own, his body seeming big in the door frame.

I started to follow but when I got to the bedroom, my wife was up, standing nude, kissing him on the lips. I stood in the doorway until they finished, then she turned to me and said, “That will be all, go downstairs until I call for you.”

Her bull just grinned at her, not even looking my way again. I did see his hand reach out and grab my wife between the legs, she giggled and jumped, turning back towards him, saying, something, but I didn’t make it out, as she closed the door on me….

So…here I am. Working on a blog about watching my wife….but I am not watching my wife…I am listening to her…and it sounds like she is about to cum….my cock is about to burst….

My wife is upstairs,I can hear her passion, it’s happening in our bedroom, in our bed. She is getting fucked, and our bed is taking a pounding as well as her.

to be continued….

Sheer dress

Sharon Stone attended the17th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation’s Oscar party  in a daring sheer panel and lace dress and no bra.