Your still a little if…..

What is a Little?

– smoke / drink
– have a mental illness / disorder 💕
– tend to have panic attacks all the time
– don’t happen to wear the color pink
– aren’t for wearing all the little gear
– don’t want sippy cups or paci’s
– underage ( just don’t bring the sexual aspect into it )
– don’t want to be in little space all the time
– don’t like any sexual activity

Don’t let people tell you you can’t be a little because of something about you!

A list of terms and simple definitions for the CGl world.

Not sure about CGL go here first.


DD– Daddy Dominant
MD– Mommy Domme
CG– Caregiver
LG– Little girl
LB– Little Boy
LO– Little One
CGL– Caregiver & Little
DDlg– Daddy Dom & little girl
DDlb– Daddy Dom & little boy
MDlg– Mommy Domme & little girl
MDlb– Mommy Domme & little boy
ABDL– Adult Baby Diaper Lover
AB– Adult Baby
DL– Diaper Lover
LDR– Long Distance Relationship
SSC– Safe Sane consensual
RACK– Risk Aware Consensual Kink
BDSM– Bondage/Discipline Dominant/Submissive Sadism/Masochism
D/s– Dominant/submissive
NSFW– Not Safe For Work
SFW– Safe for Work
SO– Significant Other


Little– a little is a person who mentally (or physically) feels younger than they physically are. The term little is often a broad spectrum. It can cover all types of individuals who feel they are younger than their physical age. A little is roughly around the ages of 0-12. We don’t set these ages in stone because not every little has an age and not every little feels they represent the above listed age.

Middle- a middle is a person who mentally (or physically) feels younger than they physically are. The term middle can fall under the little broad spectrum term. It is also known as Lolita & Nymphet. They tend to be mentally older than littles, more around the teen ages. So around 13-17. Once again ages are not set in stone because not every middle has a set age and not ever middle feels they represent the above listed age.

Dominant– An individual who is the “top” in a BDSM relationship or BDSM spectrum relationship. They tend to be the person who makes the rules, and doles out the punishment. They are also the protector of their submissive.

Submissive– A Submissive is an individual who is the “bottom” in a BDSM or BDSM spectrum relationship. They tend to be the person who receives the punishment and have to follow the enforced rules. They are the protected.

Switch– An individual who enjoys being both a Dominant and a submissive. They are known as a switch because they “switch” roles sometimes within their relationship or with a different partner.

Daddy Dom– a person who prefers a masculine identifying title, sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be the submissive as well. Usually the caretaker for a little.

Mommy Domme– a person who prefers a feminine identifying title, sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be submissive as well. Usually the caretaker for a little.

Caregiver– a non gender specific title that represents someone who sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be a submissive. Usually a person who takes on a care taking/caregiving role to a little.

Master– A term that is used for a person who tends to only strictly play a Dominant role. They can be the Dominant of a little, submissive, or pet.

Big– Another non gender specific title that represents someone who sometimes take on the role of a Dominant but can be a submissive.

Little space– The head space a little finds themselves in during their transition, regression or when they become their little persona. Some littles are always littles and always in little space. For others it’s something to regress into.

Middle space– The head space a Middle finds themselves in during their transition, regression or when they become their Middle persona. Some Middles are always Middles and are always in middle space. For others it’s something they regress into.

Agender- Someone who has no gender. They are genderless.

Gender Fluid– A person who flows between gender. They tend to not have a set gender preference. One day they feel one way, another day they feel another way.

Gender Neutral– A term that does not specify gender. It does not favor male nor female.

Genderqueer- An umbrella term for all genders other than man and woman, or someone who simply identifies as another gender, a queer gender.

Sister– A term commonly used in Poly families, for a person who Identifies as female and is an addition to the CGL group. They can also be a little, middle or ABDL but not always.

Brother–  A term commonly used in Poly families, for a person who identifies as a male and is an addition to the CGL group. They can also be a little, middle or ABDL, but not always.

ABDL– As stated above ABDL means Adult Baby Diaper Lover, people who identify themselves as an ABDL will commonly wear diapers and prefer to be treated as more infantile/baby/toddler ages. If a person wants to be treated like a baby but does not want to wear diapers they will call themselves an AB if an individual enjoys wearing diapers but not being treated like a baby they will often refer to themselves as a DL

Androgynous- A style of clothing or appearance, androgyny is also a type of genderqueer, the state of being in between man and woman, or both man and woman.

Demiboy-Someone partly a boy, and partly something else, without defining that other part.

Demigirl– Someone partly a girl, and partly something else, without defining that other part.

Sexuality Terms & Defintions-

Poly– An individual who is capable of loving more than one person at once. They prefer the company of multiple people but not necessarily all at once. They also are not always sexually involved with their poly family members. It can be a non sexual relationship.

Heterosexual– A person who is sexually attracted to an individual of the opposite sex.

Gay/Lesbian– (better term other than homosexual???) An individual who is attracted to the same sex.

Bisexual– A person who is sexually attracted to individuals in the same sex as well as the opposite sex.

Asexual– A person who has no sexual feelings or desires towards another person.

Pansexual– An individual who has the ability to be sexually attracted to a person no matter their gender.

Aromantic– A person who lacks the desire or interest in romantic feelings towards another person.

Panromantic– An individual who has the ability to be romantically attracted to a person no matter their gender.

Demisexual–  An individual who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

Demiromantic– An individual who only experiences romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection beforehand.

Kinks and their definitions-

Pet Play- a form of role playing that involves a person taking on the role of a pet and another taking on the role of the Master. Common examples are kitten, puppy and pony.

Teacher/student- A form of role play that involves a person taking on the role of a student and the other the role of a teacher and acting out a sometimes sexual scenario.

Rope Play- A kink that is not always sexual in nature but involves a person being bound, suspended, or tied in some fashion with ropes.

Impact Play- A kink that involves spanking, flogging, cropping, paddling, or anything that involves “impact” on the body. (most commonly used in the CGL realm as spanking) This kink is not always a sexual kink.

Wax Play– A kink that involves playing with heated and melted wax in safe conditions. Where an individual willingly pours hot wax (specialty bought for this purpose) on their partner or themselves. Certain waxes need to be used to prevent harm. This kink is not always sexual in nature.

Age Play– a type of role play where an individual acts out an age younger than they physically are. They are playing out a role. Because of this they are not considered littles.

This list of terms and definitions has been CAREFULLY created by our blog and team. PLEASE do not use this as your own work. You are welcome to re-blog and share but do not steal our hard work! Please and thank you!
-The Playground-

My Pregnant Mom

I was in my bedroom on the Internet searching for porn movies to download for my own pleasure when I heard the water running in the bathroom. I paused. I quietly got up and went to my door. I listened. Diane (my mom) was taking a shower. She has a great pregnant body: 5′ 7″ at 186 pounds and a 36C cup. She has brown hair with blonde streaks. I always have fantasies about her fucking me.

The water stopped. My dad works for a corporate company that makes abundant of money to support our small family. He gets up at around 7 a.m. and doesn’t come home until 9 p.m. Which is perfect for me to spend quality time with my mom on the weekends.


“What?” I replied.

“I’m going to Wal-Mart, okay?”

“Okay,” I said.

About thirty minutes later I heard our front door slam shut. I quickly got up and went to the window to see if her 1999 silver Lexus on the driveway was gone.


I then went to her bedroom and went to her pink laundry basket. (Pink is her favorite color) I bent down to find her basic pink underwear and her pink C size bra. I took them to my room and sniffed at her aroma of her panties, fresh and wet. I licked every drop of her sweet juice and took her bra and smelled her perfume and sweat.

My mom was five months pregnant so her breasts were producing milk. (I have a fetish on lactation) Luckily for me I found a small wet spot where her nipples were leaking. I licked it like a dog. It tasted like sweet milk. I wished there were more.

I masturbated in her pink panties and then smeared it around until it soaked in. I then returned her belongings to her laundry basket and went to her bedroom.

I looked around the drawers to find clean underwear and bras. I took one of the bras and soaked it inside with my cum. Then I neatly placed it back to the drawer. My next move was to cum in one of her panties that was on the top of the stack and made it soak in. This whole procedure after my mom left took about an hour or less.

It was 12:40 P.M. when my mom came home from Wal-Mart. She was wearing a one-piece white-rose design dress. I also saw her wearing her black bra because the shoulder straps were visible.

“Need help mom?” I said.

“Sure, if you don’t mind.”

She accidentally dropped her keys when I walked toward her. As she was leaning over I saw the most gorgeous outline of her milky breasts. My dick was getting an instant hard-on. When we were finished storing our groceries, my mom said,” I’m going to take a quick shower, ok?”

“Sure,” I replied.

I waited about fifteen minutes for her to finish her shower. When she went to her bedroom to dress, I quietly placed my head to the door to hear her comments about her bra and panties that I’ve soaked with my cum.

At one time she said,” That’s strange, these aren’t dry?”

Then she said,” Oh well”.

“Yes!” I said in my mind, “she’s carrying my sperm in her panties and her bra!”

My next move was putting a drug in her orange juice, which will make her drowsy and eventually fall in to a deep sleep.

I heard footsteps coming to the kitchen, so I looked up and saw my mom walking towards me in a weird way. Like she didn’t feel comfortable in her clothes.

“Is there something wrong, mom?”

“No,” she whispered.

“I poured you some orange juice, mom”, I said. Knowing that it was drugged and would take about ten minutes for it too take total control over her.

“Thanks, son.”

“No, problem.”

“I’ll be in my bedroom doing some math homework, ok?” I said.

“Sure honey,” she said as she finished her glass full of drugged orange juice.

I went to my bedroom and waited for about fifteen minutes, getting prepared for fantasy. I just hope it doesn’t hurt the baby.

Fifteen minutes passed.

I opened my door and went straight to the kitchen.

And there she was lying on the tile floor in a deep sleep. My mind was going wild on what to do next. So I bent down and softly touched her breasts through her white t-shirt and bra. It felt so good that I pulled up her t-shirt up above her white bra. I touched her soft breasts and slid my hands under her bra.

God, it was a dream come true. I undid her bra strap, which was in the front, and there, were her two C size breasts. My mouth came upon her right breast and sucked her sweet milk like I did when I was breast-fed. I did this for about two minutes on each breast.

After I was satisfied, I looked up and saw her still in her sleep. ” Wow, that drug was strong”, I said in a whisper. My next move was giving her oral. So I carefully pulled down her white pajamas and there were her white cotton panties. I removed them and saw the first pussy up close. She had a little bush, which I didn’t mind. I quickly went to work, first inserting my two fingers into her until she was wet, then I licked her pussy lips like a thirsty dog. Inserting my tongue as inward as I could. This lasted for about five minutes.

Her pussy hairs were all soggy wet. I looked up again to see if she was awake, but she was still asleep. Then my next fantasy was to insert my cock into her for five minutes. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and insert my 6-inch cock into her pussy. It was moist and warm inside. I didn’t want to cum in her because of the child and I didn’t know if it was safe. So I just let it hibernate inside of her bushy pussy for a couple more minutes until I was done.

I quickly put my clothes on and hers also. When I was about to snap her bra, I thought of an idea. Which was to wet her t-shirt with her milk where her nipples were, thus when she woke up I would ask her what the two wet spots where. So, I sucked her breasts again and got two mouthfuls and let it out of my mouth on her white t-shirt where her nipples were. Then I would make her nipples hard by licking them, which took about ten seconds. I then got up to see if everything was in place and it looked just like I saw her except her leaking nipples.

I waited about ten minutes, and then I woke her up by shaking her body for about a minute before she opened her blue eyes.

“Where am I?”, she said in a wearily way.

“You’re at home, mom,” I replied.

“What happen to me?”

“I don’t know… I was doing my homework when something didn’t feel right, so I checked to see if you were downstairs”, I said making it up.

She got up and looked around her surroundings and said,” Could you help me to a chair.”

“Sure,” I said.

I placed my right arm over her shoulder and went to our leather sofa. I helped her sit down and sat across from her. She was still wearily but recovering quickly.

“Could you give me some water,” she said?

“Yea, no problem.”

I went to the kitchen and got her a glass of water. She drank it in about two seconds.

“How are you feeling mom?”

“A lot better, I don’t know what I could of done without you Justin.”

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

“Mom, can I ask you something?”


“Why do you have two wet spots on your chest?”

She looked at me for a second, then looked down to her wet shirt.

“Oh, my gosh!”

Then she immediately covered her breasts with her hands and hurriedly upstairs.

I then said,” Is there something wrong, mom?”

She didn’t answer and was in the bathroom. So I quietly went upstairs to hear about her leaking breasts.

“Oh, my God my son saw my wet spots,” she said in a faint whisper.

“I can’t tell him…. I’ll just say it was sweat when I fainted.”

She then opened the door and saw me standing five feet away from her.

“Is there something wrong, mom?”

“These wet spots are from sweat son.”

“But why are there two round spots?”

“You know son; I really don’t know how they got in two spots.”

“Let’s forget about this and get something to eat, okay?”

“Okay, ” I replied.

As we finished our little meal it was 5:30 P.M.

My mom stood up and said, ” I’m going to take a long bath, okay?”


So, I went to my room to watch some porn movies on my 21″ Sony television for about an hour. I jacked off like three times. I was interrupted by my mom,” Justin, could you come here for a second?”

“Yea, hold on,” I said cleaning my mess.

“Where are you?”

“In the bedroom.”

I walked in her room and saw her wearing her black nightgown. She was sitting on her bed.

“What’s up?”

“Justin, about my wet spots…. (I was getting hard) do you know what it was?”

“Yea, you said it was sweat.”

“It’s not…its milk.”

“Milk?” I paused.

“Yes I’m producing milk.”

“What is it for?” I asked.

“For your little sister.”

“So you feed her your breast milk?”

“That’s right.”

“Did I ever do that?”

“Yes, you did… you kept sucking my breasts for hours.”

“How does it come out?”

“Well…. Here I’ll show you”

She unlocked her gown and opened her right side to expose her breast. She held her breast with her left hand and her right hand was on top. She slowly put pressure on it and suddenly a little drop of creamy milk came out. I leaned forward until I was five inches away from her leaking breast. The milk quickly increased in volume. I immediately took one aching nipple in the wet cavern of my mouth and began to suck. Deep, rhythmic pulls on her nipples until, with a sweet gush, a small stream of milk let inside of my mouth……

cock between my toes

i……love the feel of a nice big cock between my toes, grabbing on to the shaft with my bare feet….you better be clean shaven, no pubic hair getting stuck in my toes!the smoothness of your ball sack, mmmmmmmmm…….

feels so good, doesn’t it baby…you like it when your hard cock gets stroked, up and down, the feel of my soft heels, rubbing…gently….and then, as you are ready to shoot your sweet heavy cream, my little toe just touches the tip…only the head, tickling you…your pre-cum, dripping….

as you beg me to stroke it harder with the soles of my feet….yes, i hold on to your throbbing penis, faster, i feel your ball sack tensing, ready to release…you wanna..?

let it go baby…mmmmmmmm…..feels so hot…so fucking wet, mmmmmm….you saved that all for me?

good boy….now, lick my toes…..lick me clean….taste yourself…..

Hurry all me now, i can’t wait any longer…



Admire Me…Asshole

Call me conceited, a narcissist, whatever you want…I’m fucking hot, and I know it. Sometimes, the one thing that turns me on the most is catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, or laying in bed and running my fingers along my firm thighs and tight stomach, wishing you were here to satisfy and enjoy my sweet, wet pussy.

So when I laid my eyes upon this conservative looking man, I was excited to have an eager and appreciative partner to make me feel like the Goddess that I am.

It was good at first. His cock was nice and thick, and he didn’t hesitate to devour my delicious pussy and make me cum before he even entered me. But give me a break little boy, I can make myself cum harder than that with any one of my many toys. What I have YOU here for is to worship this perfect body that you have been lucky enough to touch, let alone fuck.

So when I climbed on top of him, I expected him to stare at my perfect tits as they bounced in rhythm with my pussy on his cock. I love being watched, it makes me drip with excitement. I wanted him to grab my waist and watch me throw my head back as he fucked me like the a real man.

Instead, he closed his eyes and turned his head to the side while he fucked me like a jackrabbit…bad idea, bad idea.

assholeI slapped his face so hard back in my direction, I thought he was gonna cry like the little bitch that he was. He looked at me with utter surprise as he realized he had done something terribly wrong.

“Don’t like what you see?!?!” I demanded.

“N-n-nooo, you’re fff-ffucking hot, I swear!” he stuttered. I climbed off of him and told him not to move. Grabbing my “bag of fun”, his eyes suddenly became aware of everything around him.

“What are you gonna do?” he whimpered. I smirked an evil smirk, and told him that he should’ve been paying attention the first time around. I handcuffed him to the bedposts like a crucified Jesus, then blindfolded him so he would have no choice but to guess what was cumming next.
After almost a half hour of sheer torture, I thought the poor bitch had had about enough. I had prodded, clamped, choked, slapped, sucked, and bit almost every bit of flesh on that poor soul while he waited in anticipation for every move I would make next. I tortured him between pleasure and pain, never letting on as to what was about to come next. I made him tell me about every exquisite piece of my body that I let him enjoy. Hearing him describe my perfection made my inner thighs become dripping wet with my cum. When I was ready, I sat on his face, forcing him to make me cum down his throat repeatedly until I felt satisfied. Finally, I rode his cock and let him explode all over my tight little tummy, removing his blindfold so he could appreciate the beautiful sight of his cum dripping over my bellybutton.

“Oh my God, so fucking hot!” he exclaimed. I eventually removed his handcuffs, watching him rub his wrists that had become sore from all the writhing. As soon as he felt relaxed, I slapped him HARD across the face, making his lip swell and bleed.

“Next time, you’ll look at the woman who gives your fucking bitch ass the time of day, understand?”

He shook his head yes, almost in disbelief. This was a lesson that this  man would remember for a lifetime…appreciate and admire your woman, or pay the price…asshole.

belly button dick

Are you a fucking joke or what? For starters, your girly voice does absolutely NOTHING for me. When I heard it this morning, my poor, sweet, little pussy begged me to stay in bed and hide under the covers where she would at least be kept warm. Your whiny voice makes my kitten and I shiver under the covers…

Not only was I laying pleasantly in my warm bed, dreaming of devouring a huge cock, I just happened to be in the mood for chocolate. So when you told me that you were a brother, I got so excited. Yay! Dreams can cum true 🙂 I felt the day starting off right.

I instantly typed “big black cock” into my image search so I could imagine having yours in my mouth. My mouth started salivating immediately when I saw the pictures. Then you told me how small it was…great. I get to talk to the rare and elusive species of the black man with a tiny cock. And not only is it almost invisible, you tell me that you’ll probably blow your little load before I can even stroke to three.

Fuck me, I should’ve stayed asleep instead of answering your call. What a waste of time.

Then, to top it all off, you ask me to look up disgusting pictures of old, over-tanned, leathery women on the internet and enjoy them with you. What. A. Joke. Thanks for ruining what could have been a very satisfying way to start the day. When you tell me that you’re sitting there “stroking your cock”, all I can picture is a little boy playing with his oddly shaped little belly button that sticks out. Are you sure you don’t have a little clitty down there? You should be so lucky to have one. Then you’d have an excuse as to why you’re such a sissy…

How dare you ask me to moan for your pathetic ass. Sissy Chrissy…..

Tired and annoyed ~

Blow Job Lessons

 I still can’t believe it happened much less to myself.

So Jade and a friend were talking one night and her friend confides in her that she’s thinking of dating a guy after taking a break from men and seeing mostly women. One thing she’s concerned about is how her oral skills have held up since she’s out of practice.

Jade, being the kind friend she is, offers my cock (or rather her cock) to practice on.

Blowjob lessons.

I still remember the haze of disbelief I was in after Jade informed me this friend of her’s would be practicing her oral skills on me. I immediately became hard..and nervous. Jade hadn’t let me orgasm in days and I didn’t know how I would be able to hold back.

It wasn’t long before I was naked and on my back while Jade slowly gave instructions on teasing, nibbling, biting using her tongue grabbing my nipples and everything else that goes along with her technique.

It’s still such a blur but I remember a few things:

-Jade ordering me not to come without permission
-Nipples being pinched and pulled
-Jade’s friend smiling when she saw how I reacted to different stimuli.
-Balls being pulled.
-Jade’s friend sucking so hard my eyes were rolling into the back of my head.
-Jade asking me to describe our latest sexual adventures to her friend while she toyed with me and how I could barely think much less talk. She asked me again and again and the most I could get out was a “mmbblllaahhhhhhhuuhhhhhh” sound before I could form the words “I can’t think right now”.

Days later we were told her lessons worked great on her next date.

blowjob lesson

This is one of many many many memories with Jade that will creep up on me in the most inconvenient of locations and force me to desperately try and hide an obvious erection.

True Story for a very good client!

Do you have one to share or maybe talk about this one?

No condom used!

My wife and I married about 8 years ago. I was her first and only man. Some time back we started exploring our fantasies a bit more and after a long discussion about how she wanted to try someone new just to see what it was like, I relented and said she could. I admit I was a bit nervous and unsure about it all but our relationship was very strong so I just agreed to a one off experiment.

The only conditions I put on her fucking someone else is that I would there when she did it and that she had to find someone who would keep quiet after it was done.

She decided on a guy she had known from her university days and set the whole thing up. On the allotted day just before he came over to our house I hid myself in the cupboard so I could watch. I know that sounds a bit silly but I needed a visual on what was happening at all times otherwise I would have gone insane not knowing what they were up to.

Watching from my hiding spot I have to say it was the most exhilarating feeling in my whole life. My wife is very pretty and watching this guy slowly taking her clothes off was really exiting. Once they were naked it all become a bit surreal seeing her suck his rather large cock and playing with his balls while he touched her body. I could not believe I was watching my wife perform like that with another man and I was now powerless to stop it.

As she opened her legs to take him in, I thought my penis would explode. I was so hard and heart was thumping so much I was sure they could hear it. As he penetrated her I could hardly get my breath. It was truly incredible watching his dick thrusting into her as she lay there moaning with pleasure. I was happy for her to have the experience but admit feeling really jealous that this guy was getting a free fuck and wasn’t even using a condom.

Time seemed to go so slowly for a while then she reached what seemed to be a really big orgasm. He quickly followed and as he did I felt both amazingly horny and sort of helpless at the same time. I kept thinking that up until then no-one else had been in her pussy. Now she was full of his cum and there was nothing that could change it.


She quickly got her new guy to leave so I could come out of hiding. After he’d left we lay on the bed and she spread her legs while I watched his cream leaking out. I have to say it was an unbelievably horny experience for me to see it. So much so I did something I didn’t think possible. I took of my clothes and climbed on top her and we had sex. I felt an overwhelming need to fuck her at that time and cum in her pussy as well, almost like claiming back the territory that was mine.

Since that time she has continued to see this guy and I have to say I’m thrilled. I often come home from work and she tells me that she’d been with him again and it always has the same impact on me. I now want her to take another lover and for her to let all three of us empty our cocks into her. But that might have to wait till we find someone really suitable.


Is this you?

Call let’s talk!