stockings & garters

True Story from one of you sexy men!

I was raised by my step mother.  When I was about 15 years old, she started complaining to me that she had leg cramps.  One Sunday afternoon when everyone was out of the house, she came over to where I was sitting on the couch watching television.  She asked me to move over and laid with her head on the pillow at one end.  She was wearing a dress and had taupe seamed stockings on and no shoes.  She placed her feet on my left thigh and pulled her dress up and held her hand between her legs, covering herself with her dress.  She asked me to rub her calves because her legs hurt.  Now, my step mother was about 35 at the time and quite attractive.  She was probably about 5’4″, weighed about 110 lbs and she had very nice slender legs.  Her dress was up far enough for me to see the tops of her stockings and the garter attachments holding them up.  The way she was holding the dress between her legs also showed the edges of her ivory slip.

I squeezed and massaged her calves as she laid her head back and closed her eyes.  She kept saying “Mmmmm” and telling me how good it felt.  The feel of her shiny, smooth stockings really turned me on.  I kept squeezing the back of her calves so I could feel the seam.  I remember hoping she wouldn’t look down and see how hard I had become.  I then moved my massage up to her knees and the back of her knees.  She slightly moved her knees further apart and moved her hands up behind the back of her head.  She never opened her eyes.

I don’t know how I got the courage but I began to slide my open palms up and down the inside of her thighs even touching the bare skin at the top of her stockings.  I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to slip my fingers inside the edge of her matching ivory panties but I just didn’t have the nerve.  I was breathing so hard I knew I was about to get in trouble.  At that point the phone rang and I jumped up to answer it.  When I came back she was in the back yard hanging up the wash on the clothesline to dry.

That never happened again and we never spoke about it.  I can tell you, however, I have fantasized and masturbated many many times over the last 40 years about that incident.  I can still sense the smooth silky feeling of her stockings and it still turns me on.


like fine wine

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pink panties

Have you been a good boy, hummmmm….?
Mommy brought a present just for you….

I know your favorite color is pink, here, open your gift!

Try them on for me baby boy….
As you pull off your jeans, I see your small penis growing, ooooo….very nice!
Slip the panties on, don’t be shy honey, mommy likes pink on you….

You look very sexy, very naughty….

They fit you perfectly, your nice small ballsack hides nicely, you look so pretty for mommy….
Don’t touch….
Relax and enjoy the nice feeling, the lacy silk holding your cock in place…..

Give mommy a nice soft kiss, your sweet lips, let me lick them….very nice baby…

I want you to wear them under your slacks when you go into the office today, and when you have to go pee pee….you may pull it out and stroke it…just a little bit! Only if you make sure you sit down when you pee.

You be a good boy now, get dressed and make a lot of money so you can spoil mommy, take me shopping…and as long as you hold it and do not cum at work…..

mommy will buy you the matching bra next time, okay baby boy?

Kiss mommy…..nice… off you go!

Remember, mommy loves you….in pink!

family time

My sister was always a good pool player. I could never beat her but I always played just to see how bad she would beat me by. One day, when we were home from college, we decided to play some pool in our game room. Surprisingly I was winning. I could tell that she was letting me win. But I couldn’t understand why. Whenever she played me she had to beat me by a lot. “Hey, sis, what’s up, how come I’m winning?” I asked.

“You’re just playing well today,” she responded.

“Not really, I know you’re letting me win.”

“No, I’m not,” she said with almost an attitude. “So, where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Dad had to go in for work and moms grocery shopping, but wont be home for a while,” I told her.

“Oh, really…so it’s just the two of us, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Just as she said that I tapped the ball and it only moved slightly setting her up for a shot. She came in front of me and bent over for her shot. I could see that she was wearing a red, silk thong. As she shot I could feel myself getting hard. She turned around and saw me starring.

“Were you starring at my thong?” she asked me.

“What, no…” I said. “It’s alright, I like it,” she said and then turned me around and pushed me against the pool table.

She came to my mouth and started to kiss me. I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth.

“Rach, I dunno…” I started to say.

“Oh, come on John, I want you so bad,” she responded.

I said nothing because I knew I wanted her to. She went back to kissing me and I didn’t hold back. I slid my hand up her shirt until I felt her breast. It was so warm and soft and I could feel that her nipples were hard. I pinched her nipple and started to twist and play with them. I knew she liked it because she sort of laughed when I did. After I had felt on them for a while she pulled away from and took off her shirt. I knew that there was only a bra coming between me and my own sisters tits.

She undid her bra and it fell to ground. As soon as it did I brought her tits right to my mouth and started to suck. I started to swirl my tongue around her hard nipple. I did this for a while and then tested myself. I slid my hand down her pants. She didn’t even try to stop me, so I kept on going. I put three of my fingers into her nice warm pussy. At first it started as a pant, but then went further to a moan. I knew she liked it so I kept going. I added another finger and the moaning got louder. I added yet another and it turned into a scream. I knew I had just given her an orgasm.

She took my hand out of her pants and started to unbutton mine. I pulled down my pants and my boxers and she took my cock in her mouth. It felt so nice and warm, I never wanted it to stop. Her head bobbing up and down was even more of a turn on. It felt nice but I knew it would take a while before I would cum. Then I heard kind of a cough coming from the door that led into the house. We both looked up and saw our mother standing there. Neither one of us moved. We were frozen we were so nervous.

“Rachel, honey, you’re doing it all wrong,” she said to our surprise.

She walked over and got onto her knees in front of my cock. “This is how it’s done,” she said and grabbed my cock and started to suck it.

When her lips hit my mouth it felt like Rachel’s but then her tongue hit my gland and It felt ten times better then Rachel’s. She went up and down on my rod a couple of times and then swallowed the whole thing. When she did this I bend over and opened my mouth it felt so good. Just as I was about to cum, my mother stopped.

“Mom, what are you doing,” I asked.

“Now, I’m going to teach you two how to fuck,” she said.

I had never heard the word fuck come out of my mothers mouth before but now she was using it in a serious term. She took off her shirt and bra revealing her size nice tits. I just wanted to go at them but I decided not to. Then she unzipped her skirt and took off her thong. Before that I hadn’t noticed how good looking my mother was. She order my sister to take off her pants and get on the pool table. My sister did as told and waited. My mother then bent over with her ass right in front of me and inserted my cock into her for me. Her pussy lips surrounded my cock and it was the best feeling in the world. I started to pump away. She then turned to my sister and started to eat her out. I could hear my sister and mother moan at the same time and it was wonderful. I could see my mother eating my sisters cunt while my sister rubbed it.

“Oh, yeah baby, cum for mommy,” she said to my sister.

As soon as she said that my sister screamed and I could tell that she was having an orgasm. This continued for a couple of seconds. Then out of no where I felt something clasp onto my balls. I looked down and my mother was squeezing my balls.

“Holy shit mom, that feels so good,” I said to her.

“Yeah baby, now grab mommy’s big tits,” she told me.

I grabbed her gigantic tits and then heard my sister scream as she had another orgasm. I felt my balls tighten and the semen start to come up my cock. Since my mother had her hand on my balls she felt them tighten and stopped. I felt the semen run back to my balls.

My mother got up and looked at me. I looked back at her beautiful naked body and wanted it so bad. When my sister got up I wanted her even more. I had two beautiful, naked women in front of me who wanted to fuck me.

My mother then told me to lay back and she then positioned herself over me and sat down on me. I could feel her wet pussy lips on my stomach. She leaned over and kissed me. I felt her nice tits on my chest. Then I felt the warmth of my mothers mouth on my cock and I knew she was blowing me. It didn’t last long because my sister apparently wanted to be fucked. She backed up over my cock and my mother positioned it into her pussy. She started to bounce up and down on my cock. She panted and then moaned.  I grabbed my mothers ass and started to lick her pussy. She leaned over and I felt her tits on my stomach. My sister moaned even louder so I assumed my mother was eating her out. Once again my balls tightened and the semen came rushing to my penis. And once again my mother saw this and told my sister to stop just in time.

They both got off and got to their knees. I had seen this in porn and I knew what to do. I got off after them and stood in front of them. My sister grabbed my cock and then my mom put her hand on top of it. It felt so good knowing that it was a woman’s hand. And when I looked down and saw to gorgeous naked women wanting my load it turned me on. Since my mother had been teasing me so much I knew it was going to be a huge load. And I was right. It was so big that it dripped off both my mother and sisters face and onto there tits. My mother licked all the cum off of her face and swallowed it. Then she licked it all off of my sister tits and even her face.

“Wow, I’ve never taken a load so big before, and I’ve taken a lot back in my day,” my mother said. “And to think it was from my own son.” “Your father is so dull, I think we might just have to do this again some time.” We never talked about what happened to anyone. And sometimes, when we were in the mood, my sister, mother and I would go out for a nice game of pool…

Call for your own Mother/Sister Fun!

my son and I

I’m home early from work today. Thinking I’m alone in the house, I head straight for your room to drop off some new clothes. As I enter, I hear your hard breathing, then before I can stop, I see you, your hard dick in your hand, your naked body so toned and glistening. Oh my beautiful son, my sexy, hot, beautiful son. I become instantly wet and my whole body begins to react with sexual feelings. I don’t hesitate, I don’t pause, I move toward you, taking you into my arms, pulling you tight to my body. As I hold you close, I whisper to you, “it’s all right darling, it’s wonderful, it’s natural. I didn’t mean to disturb you but since I did, by accident, you mustn’t be embarrassed. It’s such a wonderful, beautiful thing. Since I’ve seen you naked now, would you feel better if you saw my body? Have you ever thought about me in that way?” You say just what I want and need so badly to hear. The truth pours from you as I slowly remove my blouse, my skirt, my slip. You get very quiet then and soak in everything as I bare my breasts to my son. Pulling your young lips to my chest, feeding you with the same tits you fed from as a babe. Oh my dear sweet boy, to my breast again. I’ve waited so long for this moment. And it’s only just begun…..

I shift your mouth to my other breast, every inch of my body yearning to be devoured by you. Then I pull your mouth to mine, a passionate kiss at first, developing into a lustful deep tongue kiss that seems to last forever. There is no stopping now, our fingers explore each other as we kiss such passionate kisses. I whisper to you to take your time, not to get too excited. Let mother help you son, you and show you things. I stand before you, touching myself, showing you my body, my breasts, my cunt. I slip out of my panties and raise my leg on the side of the bed, spreading my bush and showing you what you’ve been waiting so long to see. I begin to touch myself, my fingertips going round and round, up and down between my clit and my pussy lips. You see the layers of wetness, the excitement building. You reach for me then, your fingertips just reaching my wetness, merging with my fingers, tickling and bringing me to climax. The orgasm explodes from inside me, you’ve never seen anything like it.  I smile and tell you that’s just the beginning, that my clit comes over and over again. With that, I reach for your cock, never before touched by anyone but you. Oh what a sensation, easy at first, light, feather strokes, almost tickles. Then tighter and mom’s mouth is there, my breath, the tip of my tongue. Licking, my lips tightening, I pull the shaft into my mouth. Oh how wet and slippery. You can barely believe what is happening to you. Your naked mother before you, her mouth rapped around your cock, stroking it in and out of her mouth.

You wonder if you’ll be lucky enough to lick my pussy the way you’ve seen it done in porns. You think about actually putting your cock inside me, what that will feel like, how tight and wet it will be. You remember how good it felt to have my breast in your mouth, how you want to suck one while you milk the other with your hand. How you want to kiss me again, harder and longer this time, swallowing my tongue into your mouth, pushing yours deep into mine and feeling me suck it the way I am sucking your cock right now. Oh how unbelievably great it feels. My hands caressing your balls, squeezing your ass cheeks, stroking the base of your cock as I lick and tickle the head with my tongue. Suddenly I wrap my tits around it and pump them up and down. Oh how great that feels, my mom’s cleavage so soft against my dick as it pumps up and down between her big breasts. How unbelievably sexy it is watching my mom squeeze her tits around my cock then lick and suck at the head each time it comes up. Oh god how hot that is, how good it feels. You feel the orgasm begin to build inside you. A rush of panic comes over you then you remember what Mom said. Don’t worry, let it happen, we’ll just wait a little while, then start over again. Oh how wonderful life has just become. The feeling is
still building, and building until your cum begins to shoot out, shooting and oozing all over your moms breasts, her hands, her lips, her mouth. Oh you must be dreaming, nothing could be this good.

Call Mommy!

Mom’s Sloppy Snatch

My mom was 35 years old and I was 18 when this happened. Mom was a party girl dad left when he found mom fucking one of his friends. I was 18 when I first saw mom fucking one of her  boyfriends. I came home from a party and heard mom’s voice” Fuck me ‘Fuck me” your cock is so big!!  I went Down to mom’s room.  She must have been dunk because the door was open. She always shuts her door whew she is fucking someone. I looked into the room and saw mom’s pussy stuffed with the biggest black cock I ever saw.  Now up to then I hadn’t thought about fuckin mom but now. My cock felt like it was made of stone. Mom was on her knees on the bed doggie style and the guy was standing behind her with his big cock fucking in and out of her wet cunt.  I could see her pussy lips stretching around his massive his balls bouncing off her pussy lips. You like my big black cock ?You fucking white slut.  Yes mom screamed. Yes I’m coming!!!!!  Fuck! I saw mom push back on his cock until she had all of it balls deep in her wet throbbing cunt.  I just about got my cock out of my pants as it shot all over the wall and floor.  I looked back into the room and saw the guy looking at me.  He just winked and smiled and went back to fucking mom. Get down and suck me until I shoot my creamy load of baby juice down your throat. Mom slipped his cock out of her slimy pussy. It made a little popping sound when it came out.  I could see how big it was it was a good 10-11 inches long and 4 in round. She took the head of it between her lips and sucked it slowly into her hot mouth.  He took mom’s head in his hands and worked more and more of his massive monster cock down mom’s throat. Mom was gagging at first but she must have been sucking cock for some time because it wasn’t long before he was throat fucking mom and his balls where hitting her in the chin. No bitch ever took my whole cock!   You are one horny cock slut.  I think I’ll get you over to my place soon to fuck and suck my basketball playing buddies.  What do you think? You black cock loving white slut. Mom just hummed UHH!!  HUH around cock. I’m going to cummmm bitch I watched his cock start to throb as it shot his load into mom’s mouth. He was shooting his cum into her mouth then he pulled his cock out and shot the rest on her face and titties. Mom rubbed it all over and licked it of her fingers. I had another hard on so I went to my room to jerk off.  I must have fallen asleep because it was 2:10am and when I went to my room it was 12:30 pm .  I got up and went to the bathroom when I came out I went to check on mom the door was open and mom was laying on the bed.  Her legs where open and I could see her hot swollen pussy lips. I just had to see it closer.  So I called out to see if mom was really out.  Hey mom you up? No sound no movement. I knew mom was a lite sleeper unless she had to much to drink. Then nothing could wake her. So I got on the bed so my face was right in front of her sweet looking pussy I slipped my finger between the lips and rubbed up and down on her clit. I fingered her cunt until it started to get wet with her sloppy cum juice. I had to eat her.  I had to know what it felt like to suck the love juices from the pussy that I slipped out of 18 years ago. I put my mouth on her sweet hot cunt and licked I almost came in my underpants I couldn’t believe it I’m really eating my moms pussy. Mom moaned and started to move, I stopped I thought she was awake but she wasn’t. I got hotter as I licked and sucked moms cunt and I didn’t care if she woke. Mom moved her hips up into my face and said Ohhhh!!  Joe suck it!! Eat it!! That was good because Joe is one of her boyfriends name she thinks it’s him.  It wasn’t long before mom came AHHH!! MMMMM! she moaned as I licked the cum from her steamy cunt.  I looked at her wet cunt. The lips were swollen and red.  I started to finger them one finger, two fingers slipped in all of a sudden I had to see if i could get my fist into her cunt. I slipped two more fingers into her, four fingers in and her cunt was lose.  I slipped my thumb in and pushed my hand slid in.  It was hot and slimy. I made a fist and pushed up and down, mom moaned and I fucked it faster, she bucked her hips up and down on my hand until she creamed.  I pulled my hand out and used her cum to jerk my cock load of cum onto her tits and belly. I left her like that.  She must have dried cum all over her when she woke up. I can’t want to do it all over again!


My mother-in-law, Doreen, was a GILF (Granny I’d like to fuck) way before the term was invented. When I was in my early 40s and she was in her mid-60s, I had the hots for her, big-time. It wasn’t that she was particularly sexy by the standard definition of big tits, great figure, and so on  nor did she flaunt herself or flirt. Oh no, it was much more seductive than that!

First, she was very traditional in her views so traditional, in fact, that I used to regard her as unattainable  and, therefore, ultimately and irresistibly desirable. Second, she dressed very modestly and conventionally  which made the occasional glimpse of VPL or lacy slip hem, less frequent glimpse of stocking tops, or most preciously rare flash of panties, an instant source of arousal and constant source of stimulus for my sexual fantasies. Last but not least, she was verboten. I mean, we’re talking about incest here!

To my everlasting joy, despite all the hurdles, Doreen eventually ceased to be a GILF and became a GIFF (Granny I frequently fuck)!

The first time we made love was when I was 41 and she was 66. It started with seemingly innocent mother-in-law, son-in-law signs of affection  kissing hello and goodbye, and that sort of thing. It wasn’t long before she became conscious of my increasingly aroused state on these occasions and I became aware that she was responding with kisses that lingered a second longer than necessary. In fact, our very first overtly sexual encounter was a bit of a clumsy affair. Without going into why, we were in her spare bedroom and I had her tits out and her skirt up while we kissed passionately on the bed. She had my cock in her hand and stroked me to a gushing climax. I shot my goo all over the tight white gusset of her panty-girdle. We were both a bit embarrassed by what happened  worried about what would happen if our respective partners found out  but it was clear that neither of us had any regret.

It was our third encounter that was the crucial point of no return. We planned to have a couple of hours together without any possibility of being disturbed. We had no reason to hurry. We took our time to undress each other a bit like a game of strip-poker without the cards! As I indulged myself by licking and sucking the nipples of her tits, she manually manipulated my cock into the longest, thickest, hardest implement it could be.

There was time to appreciate her with every sense the feel of her body through her nylon slip and panties, the sound of her heart beating excitedly (or was that mine?), her perfume, the sight of her exposed body. And the taste of her  Oh My Gosh!  The taste of her as I explored, with my tongue, the essence of her femininity her cunt slit. My tongue probed that chasm of delight. When I hit her direct on target  when I managed to get her clit into a similar state to my cock  she began to ooze juices copiously. This was the closest I’ve ever been to drinking from the fountain of eternal youth!

We were now both beyond any illusion what would happen next. We knew we were going to fuck. Believe it or not, I was almost reluctant to remove my tongue from her cunt and replace it with my cock. I know that sounds weird, but I’m just telling it like it is (was). And then there we were locked together in the most intimate way. My cock was deep, deep inside her. Only by detaching my balls would I have been able to get further inside her!

Again, there was no rush. We kissed constantly while I moved in and out of her, and she responded with a synchronous rhythm of her hips. In out!  in out!It was a full ten glorious minutes (at the very least) before it felt like the tip of my cock was on fire and I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. I said, Mum, I can’t hold on much more. I’m going to cum soon. She replied, Yes, me too. Wait for me if you can.

A minute later and I panted, I’m going to cum, Mum! I can’t hold it back!  Yes! Yes! Fill me with your sperm! Do it now!
I felt her cunt muscles begin to spasm around my cock. She was cumming and the pressure in my balls reached critical. The first great spurt of my cum into her womb felt like it had blown the top of my dick away. It was so intense, it was almost painful! Her love-tunnel continued to convulse as I pumped my second, third and fourth string of spunk as far inside her as I could manage. I’ve often wondered just how much spunk I put inside her that day. I seemed to cum again and again. It wasn’t until a good five minutes later that my dick drooped to the state where it slipped out of her cunt with a quiet shlopp and we both rolled onto our backs, exhausted.

We’ve played that game many times since that first time. Even now that Doreen’s in her 80s, she continues easily to get me hard. Her cunt has become even more plump and her slit even more deep and inviting. Her juices, while less copious, are still like nectar. I am so grateful that I have enjoyed my mother-in-laws transition from GILF to GIFF.