Your still a little if…..

What is a Little?

– smoke / drink
– have a mental illness / disorder 💕
– tend to have panic attacks all the time
– don’t happen to wear the color pink
– aren’t for wearing all the little gear
– don’t want sippy cups or paci’s
– underage ( just don’t bring the sexual aspect into it )
– don’t want to be in little space all the time
– don’t like any sexual activity

Don’t let people tell you you can’t be a little because of something about you!

A list of terms and simple definitions for the CGl world.

Not sure about CGL go here first.


DD– Daddy Dominant
MD– Mommy Domme
CG– Caregiver
LG– Little girl
LB– Little Boy
LO– Little One
CGL– Caregiver & Little
DDlg– Daddy Dom & little girl
DDlb– Daddy Dom & little boy
MDlg– Mommy Domme & little girl
MDlb– Mommy Domme & little boy
ABDL– Adult Baby Diaper Lover
AB– Adult Baby
DL– Diaper Lover
LDR– Long Distance Relationship
SSC– Safe Sane consensual
RACK– Risk Aware Consensual Kink
BDSM– Bondage/Discipline Dominant/Submissive Sadism/Masochism
D/s– Dominant/submissive
NSFW– Not Safe For Work
SFW– Safe for Work
SO– Significant Other


Little– a little is a person who mentally (or physically) feels younger than they physically are. The term little is often a broad spectrum. It can cover all types of individuals who feel they are younger than their physical age. A little is roughly around the ages of 0-12. We don’t set these ages in stone because not every little has an age and not every little feels they represent the above listed age.

Middle- a middle is a person who mentally (or physically) feels younger than they physically are. The term middle can fall under the little broad spectrum term. It is also known as Lolita & Nymphet. They tend to be mentally older than littles, more around the teen ages. So around 13-17. Once again ages are not set in stone because not every middle has a set age and not ever middle feels they represent the above listed age.

Dominant– An individual who is the “top” in a BDSM relationship or BDSM spectrum relationship. They tend to be the person who makes the rules, and doles out the punishment. They are also the protector of their submissive.

Submissive– A Submissive is an individual who is the “bottom” in a BDSM or BDSM spectrum relationship. They tend to be the person who receives the punishment and have to follow the enforced rules. They are the protected.

Switch– An individual who enjoys being both a Dominant and a submissive. They are known as a switch because they “switch” roles sometimes within their relationship or with a different partner.

Daddy Dom– a person who prefers a masculine identifying title, sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be the submissive as well. Usually the caretaker for a little.

Mommy Domme– a person who prefers a feminine identifying title, sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be submissive as well. Usually the caretaker for a little.

Caregiver– a non gender specific title that represents someone who sometimes takes on the role of a Dominant but can be a submissive. Usually a person who takes on a care taking/caregiving role to a little.

Master– A term that is used for a person who tends to only strictly play a Dominant role. They can be the Dominant of a little, submissive, or pet.

Big– Another non gender specific title that represents someone who sometimes take on the role of a Dominant but can be a submissive.

Little space– The head space a little finds themselves in during their transition, regression or when they become their little persona. Some littles are always littles and always in little space. For others it’s something to regress into.

Middle space– The head space a Middle finds themselves in during their transition, regression or when they become their Middle persona. Some Middles are always Middles and are always in middle space. For others it’s something they regress into.

Agender- Someone who has no gender. They are genderless.

Gender Fluid– A person who flows between gender. They tend to not have a set gender preference. One day they feel one way, another day they feel another way.

Gender Neutral– A term that does not specify gender. It does not favor male nor female.

Genderqueer- An umbrella term for all genders other than man and woman, or someone who simply identifies as another gender, a queer gender.

Sister– A term commonly used in Poly families, for a person who Identifies as female and is an addition to the CGL group. They can also be a little, middle or ABDL but not always.

Brother–  A term commonly used in Poly families, for a person who identifies as a male and is an addition to the CGL group. They can also be a little, middle or ABDL, but not always.

ABDL– As stated above ABDL means Adult Baby Diaper Lover, people who identify themselves as an ABDL will commonly wear diapers and prefer to be treated as more infantile/baby/toddler ages. If a person wants to be treated like a baby but does not want to wear diapers they will call themselves an AB if an individual enjoys wearing diapers but not being treated like a baby they will often refer to themselves as a DL

Androgynous- A style of clothing or appearance, androgyny is also a type of genderqueer, the state of being in between man and woman, or both man and woman.

Demiboy-Someone partly a boy, and partly something else, without defining that other part.

Demigirl– Someone partly a girl, and partly something else, without defining that other part.

Sexuality Terms & Defintions-

Poly– An individual who is capable of loving more than one person at once. They prefer the company of multiple people but not necessarily all at once. They also are not always sexually involved with their poly family members. It can be a non sexual relationship.

Heterosexual– A person who is sexually attracted to an individual of the opposite sex.

Gay/Lesbian– (better term other than homosexual???) An individual who is attracted to the same sex.

Bisexual– A person who is sexually attracted to individuals in the same sex as well as the opposite sex.

Asexual– A person who has no sexual feelings or desires towards another person.

Pansexual– An individual who has the ability to be sexually attracted to a person no matter their gender.

Aromantic– A person who lacks the desire or interest in romantic feelings towards another person.

Panromantic– An individual who has the ability to be romantically attracted to a person no matter their gender.

Demisexual–  An individual who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone.

Demiromantic– An individual who only experiences romantic attraction after developing an emotional connection beforehand.

Kinks and their definitions-

Pet Play- a form of role playing that involves a person taking on the role of a pet and another taking on the role of the Master. Common examples are kitten, puppy and pony.

Teacher/student- A form of role play that involves a person taking on the role of a student and the other the role of a teacher and acting out a sometimes sexual scenario.

Rope Play- A kink that is not always sexual in nature but involves a person being bound, suspended, or tied in some fashion with ropes.

Impact Play- A kink that involves spanking, flogging, cropping, paddling, or anything that involves “impact” on the body. (most commonly used in the CGL realm as spanking) This kink is not always a sexual kink.

Wax Play– A kink that involves playing with heated and melted wax in safe conditions. Where an individual willingly pours hot wax (specialty bought for this purpose) on their partner or themselves. Certain waxes need to be used to prevent harm. This kink is not always sexual in nature.

Age Play– a type of role play where an individual acts out an age younger than they physically are. They are playing out a role. Because of this they are not considered littles.

This list of terms and definitions has been CAREFULLY created by our blog and team. PLEASE do not use this as your own work. You are welcome to re-blog and share but do not steal our hard work! Please and thank you!
-The Playground-

incest is best

I’m a fiery redhead eager to fulfill your HOT phone sex fantasies. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and will stop at nothing to get what I want. I need to warn you. This redhead slut is not looking for ordinary sex. I want intense and wild fucking.

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I beg him not to fuck my tight little pussy, but he won’t listen. He forces me across his desk and spanks my pale cute round ass until it’s as red as fire. He takes me hard from behind, fucking me so rough he has to hold me upright. When my pussy is no longer what he craves, he forces his big hard cock in my tiny asshole. I cry and beg for him to stop, but he won’t listen.

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Holidays = Family Fun Time!!

I am so looking forward to being with my family this Thanksgiving, hoping its a lot like last year when I walked into the bathroom seeing my little sister giving Daddy the best appreciation gift ever, she is really thankful and daddy was full of thank you’s when she was being such a nasty little slut. I just stood by the door with my hand under my skirt fucking my dripping little cunt with my fingers.. hoping to also show my appreciation this turkey day. I am so proud of my little sister she gives a great blow which I was so confident in while watching the expression on daddy’s face and the way he blew his load all over her little pink nipples! Nasty little bitch, guess she learned from the best! Do you want to know what happened next? I know you do.

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sister in laws shoes

I am a shoe fetishist. Just high heel stiletto pumps. I am mad about them and when I see them I go mad.

I was working at my sister in laws house. She had to go the the store to pick up some stuff so I could finish the job. I knew she would be gone for at least 30 minutes. The second she left, I ran for her bedroom and into her closet.

There I searched for her sexy stilettos. I had seen them on her before, and now I had a chance to really get on with them. I found several pairs. I stood up and pulled my pants and underwear down. Already, I had a very stiff boner.

I took the black one and put the toe box over the head of my cock and the heel cup around my balls. I looked at my self in the mirror and really got very very hard. I took the red one and put my nose inside it to smell her musky odor. Then I began to work the stiletto up and down my cock, holding it by the slim heel. I rammed it with my hips, gyrated and finally came inside the shoe. What a nice load.

I rubbed the cum all over the inside and outside of the shoe, making sure that there was a lot of smearing. I did the same with the red one. I put them back inside the closet, hoping that she would wear them to work the next day, and perhaps notice something a little different about how they looked, and maybe smelled…

cam phone

I will admit I am a bit of a voyeur at heart. I have started out my window late at night in hopes someone has left their blinds open and I can catch them doing something nasty. I have caught a few guys masturbating which only makes me start to touch myself as well.
So when a guy asks if I will watch their cam while they are masturbating or doing something extra naughty it only makes me think I am being a voyeur and looking in on them. Ok I have their permission but we just pretend I don’t.

Like last night this guy was telling me all about the sexy panties he was wearing well course I said well why don’t you show me. So he sent me that little video request super fast. There he was in all his sheer pink thong prettiness. Rubbing his small dick in those pretty panties. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was modeling them for me and everything. Getting up and showing me just how good his panty boy ass looked in a pink thong.

I wish I could say it was super exciting to see his panty clitty come out for me to see but it was super small so I could only giggle at it. But I did have a great time talking to him and watching him on cam.

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18 yr old

Dear Prudence,
I have just had devastating news: My 58-year-old second husband of two years has been having an affair with my 18-year-old daughter from my first marriage. I am in a state of utter shock. I had absolutely no idea that this was going on and feel heartbroken, betrayed, and furious at the two people I love most. They want to live together, but where does this leave me? I do not know what to do. Can you advise?


Dear Betrayed,
You are living a scenario right out of Woody Allen, only it’s a tragedy, not a farce. Allen himself is married to Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, who was Allen’s longtime companion and is the mother of three of his children. His son, Ronan Farrow, has cut off contact with Allen, explaining, “He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression.” It must feel unbearable to find yourself in a parallel situation, realizing both your husband and daughter are morally repugnant. Without knowing any of the details about the relationships or personalities involved, one can only speculate about this couple. Perhaps your husband is just a sleazy sexual con artist. But though it hardly counts as good news, it may be that your daughter has an undiagnosed mental illness, possibly bipolar disorder. That disease can make people act in bizarre and self-destructive ways. Or perhaps she was sexually abused as a girl, feels you didn’t protect her, and is now acting out.


Or maybe this is a younger girl that likes older guys, maybe she has some daddy issues. Or maybe this is a guy that wrote you and is getting off on you answering this. He most likely is one of my clients!! 🙂 Or maybe he has a younger son you could hook up with. MILF is the ‘IN’ thing these days! Life gives you lemons make lemonade! Or just rub one off!!!

~ Miranda

Masturbation father/son

I learned to masturbate when I was eleven. I would do It while in the shower. I started by letting the warm water cascade down my young body. Then I would adjust the water so it would fall in a clustered stream and hit the sensitive glands just above the circumcision scar, right on the head if my young cock. It was bliss. I can remember the feeling the first time I came this way. The pleasure was beyond belief. My legs just gave out from under me. It was the greatest feeling I had so far ever experienced. I continued jerking off this way for some time. At around thirteen I started the rubbing technique, I would lie on the bed and grind my hard cock against it until I came hard into my briefs. Though this was a tad messy because the cum would seep through my underwrar, it felt sooo good. It was during this phase in which I needed more visual stimulation, so I went searching through my parent’s room. I went through drawer after drawer until I found what I was looking for. Jackpot, I had found my fathers stash of dirty mags. It was great, every day aftet school I would Jrerk off to some hot cock getting sucked or hot guy sticking his fat cock into a girl’s vag or even in her ass. I soon got a little bit bolder, instead of rubbing myself against the bed I now whipped my respectable six inch cock out and jerked it until I came all over my stomach. One day when I was home alone jerking my cock in my parents room, the door flies open and threre is my dad standing there. I panicked, I grabbed the blanket to try to cover myself and the dirty mags up. He simply said don’t worry about it, it’s perfectly naturual. Well needless to say I was very embarrassed. He stood there and said look, you’re mother won’t be home for a few hours. I’ll show you its ok. He started to undress, all I could do was stare in disbelief, speechless. Now I have seen him without his shirt on, I’ve even seen him in his boxer breifs, but never had I seen him totally nude. He pulled down his underwear and his full, what looked to be about nine inches popped up and smacked his hard IIsix pack abs. I was in heaven. He sat down beside me on the bed and removed the blanket that wad hiding my six inch cock. He said to go ahead and start jerking it. I grabbed my dick and he took my hand and said no, jerk mine and ill take yours. It was the first time I held another guys dick in my hand and it was fantastic. It was hard, yet like velvet. I cupped his balls they seemed so big and heavy. He had so much pubic hair too. We were jerking eachother’s cock and I was ready to explode, so I said dad I’m ready to come, he leaned over my cock and took it in his mouth. This totally surprised me but I was exploding with spurt after spurt of come going down my dad’s throat. I hadn’t experienced an orgasm like that since my first in the shower. I loved it . When I came back to reality, my dad asked me how it was? Naturally I said it was awesome. He said great, now get over her and help your dad out. I gladly obliged, and he guided my head down to his huge cock. I could smell his manliness, I’m not sure how to describe it, but I knew I liked it. I started to lick the head right under the glands and he moaned. I then put the entire head in my mouth, this made him moan again. He then grabbed my head and forced his large dick into my throat. I couldn’t handle his size and immediately started to gag so he let up a little and let me explore his cock. I run my touched up and down and all over, I even licked his balls. He once again took my head in his hands and started to hump my face. I could hear his breathing get heavier and his dick started to feel even harder, he was driving into my mouth faster. He moaned loudly and he screamed YA I’M CUMMING. Then I felt him creaming down my throat. I couldn’t handle all his come and it started leaking out of my mouth as I tried as hard as I could to keep swallowing. He withdrew his softening dick from my spent mouth. I looked up at him with a huge grin on my face. He looked back and said you did good son, you did daddy proud. He said we shouldn’t tell your mom about this and I simply said, dah. He said go get cleaned up, your mom will be home soon. And that was that. I have another story for another time.

tying her up

When I was a teenager I was asked to stay at my Aunt’s place while she went away on holidays to keep her unusually tall eighteen year old daughter company. As she was strikingly beautiful she was always being propositioned by the young men in the area so I promised my Aunt I would keep her away from as many boys as possible. Her mother even gave me permission to tie her up each night so she couldn’t sneak out the back door once I had gone to sleep.

For entertainment instead, on first night I took her to see the film ‘Carry on Nurse’.

After the film had finished, we had returned home to the house for a cup of tea before retiring to bed.

“Teddy would you be embarrassed if I asked you to – er – tie me up and gag me in a special way tonight?” she asked.

“Oh and hows that Judy? I replied.

“Well, I’d love to feel what it’s like lying tucked up in a bed in my underwear, all tied up tight and gagged like that nurse was in the film,” the six foot beautiful girl looked me straight in the eye over her cup of tea and I could see her 40DD pointed breasts were standing out quite a bit more than usual in their firm white satin bra cones plainly visible under her thin blouse.

“Yes that ‘Carry on Nurse’ was a great film wasn’t it? By the look of you I would say you liked that tie up scene a lot, eh, Judith?” I asked noticing how her pale cheeks were more flushed than usual, “I bet that actress had a lot of fun being tied up and gagged. I wonder how many hours she spent tied up and gagged while she and her boyfriend rehearsed that scene in bed at home?”

“I hope she liked it a lot. I was fascinated by it actually as a matter of fact,” she blushed slightly more, automatically crossing her wrists behind her back and wriggling them together as though they were tied together,”I must confess I’ve always liked the idea of being tied up in my underwear but I don’t think the gag that nurse wore wouldn’t have been very effective!”

“Oh how do you mean Judy?” I asked. Luckily I was wearing a strong elastic athletic support under my trousers as I could feel my erection hardening considerably.

“Well, in real life her boyfriend would have probably packed a wad of cloth inside her mouth full or a large rubber ball keeping her jaws wedged wide open with that bandage only useful only in keeping it in place, “she explained,”and she probably would have worn just a suspender belt or girdle instead of that slip.”

“I have an idea, I see you are already wearing black seamed nylon stockings and high heels so, if you took off your dress you would look just like the nurse did in her white underwear?” I suggested, “I bet you would look as pretty as she was like once you are all tied up in bed in your underwear with your wrists all tied up tightly behind your back with rope and a proper gag filling up your mouth?”

“Ooo that sounds nice! Do you think so? Rubber balls do make the best gags – as long as they are big enough to properly fill my mouth so I can’t talk. Oh, I haven’t got a white slip like the nurse wore but – I know, my bra is white and all my other underwear in pink but I could wear one of Mommy’s old white suspender belts as long as you don’t mind me not wearing any panties to bed? And I could substitute one of her old white rubber bathing caps instead of a nurses cap,” she showed me an old white rubber cap with a thick chin strap. “I love rubber next to my skin and I like to wear high heels when I’m tied up.”

A few minutes later as I was getting into bed, I heard the sound of spiked heels clicking on the floor. Judith my young six feet tall cousin was standing in a pair of her mothers old shiny black six inch spiked heels holding out a bundle of white sash cord. She wore just her large gleaming white pointy coned satin bra over her large full breasts and her waist was nipped in by an old short length shiny white rubber open bottomed Playtex girdle with four wide, long elastic suspender straps holding up her glossy black seamed nylon stockings halfway up her incredible upper legs. A white rubber bathing cap was tightly stretched over her head so that she looked bald in quite an attractive, odd sort of way. Her almost hairless cunt was nicely framed just under the lower rim of the rubber girdle and by the wide stocking suspenders trailing down the front of each leg.

To complement the picture, a two inch diameter shiny red rubber ball attached to a normal head gag harness dangled under her chin on a leather strap like a necklace.

“All her suspender belts are in the wash. This is the only white thing I could find to go around my waist. D-do you think this would make a good enough gag for my mouth? You wouldn’t need to put the surgical bandage over it ‘cos the leather straps will hold it in place,” Judith smoothed her rubber clad hips and snapped the one and a half inch wide white elastic garter tabs against her white thighs then nervously fingered the two inch diameter red rubber ball under her chin.

“Sure Judy, but it looks pretty big to me so you’d better sleep with me in my bedroom so I can keep an eye on you in case you choke on that gag?”

“I didn’t mean that you should keep me gagged all night!” she blushed walking towards me so I could, “just tied up hand and foot.”

“Well I’m not going to tie you up then!’ I replied jokingly,”unless you let me keep you gagged all night long!”

The tall girl thought for a moment then her cheeks blushed more and she said, “Oh all right then. Seeing Mommy is away I suppose I better sleep beside you in your bed if you are going to keep me gagged all night long,” I was surprised when she tentatively came forward and dumped the bundle of ropes on my bed, climbed up and stretched out face down with her wrists crossed behind her back, “but, seeing we are cousins, you must tie me up very tightly, please, particularly my legs and knees and all so you can’t do anything naughty to me! I’m sorry that I haven’t got a bandage gag like in the movie but this old rubber ball gag that belonged to Mommy is pretty effective as of a gag! She used to make me wear it to bed when I swore. We aren’t supposed to be kissing or anything so I think it would be a good idea to let me sleep gagged all night anyway.”

“I bet that nurse in the film practiced a lot being tied up at home before she acted in front of the cameras” I said as I looped the rope around her crossed wrists, “It makes me quite excited just thinking about her lying there night after night being repeatedly bound and gagged and kissed all over in her underwear by her boyfriend!”

“Oooo! Yes that makes me all excited too! I wonder if he always left her nylons and high heels on while he tied her up all night long? I hope you don’t think I’m a bit strange but it gives me a funny feeling between my legs just thinking about being gagged wearing stockings and high heels!” Judy giggled, testing her tied wrists as I held the red rubber gag ball in front of her lips, “perhaps I need a lot more practice being tied up for the night for when I get married? I know we are not supposed to but I really don’t mind if you kiss just my lips around the gag ball after you have gagged me and tied me up? We could be ‘kissing cousins’!”

“Sure, I love kissing cousins after I have tied them up!’ I smiled, “open your mouth wide for your gag and say ahhh please, Judy?”

“Oh yes, I love the way you say that! I hope you don’t mind but I really love being kept gagged when I’m tied up tightly in just my bra and this rubber girdle and nylons. I’d like it if you tied me up every night wearing this from now on – you can make the ropes just as tight as you like on my wrists and legs – aahhh – mmmfffglg!”

“I’m glad that you like the ropes nice and tight. I suppose, if I really tried, I could get used to tying you up every night from now on, Judith!” I smiled as slipped off all my clothes except for my white elastic support. I pressed up against her back feeling her wide taut bra back strap against my chest and ran my fingers down the front of her body to feel her large hard nipples under the stiff white pointy satin bra cones with one hand while with the other hand I poked under the lower rim of her rubber girdle to feel that her clit was already quite moist before tying and cinching her elbows to her sides.

She breathed hard as I tightly bound and cinched her upper thighs, above and below her smooth well rounded knees and trim ankles parallel together with some more of the rope than held her in my arms so her sharply pointed bra cones dug into my chest, my bulging athletic support rubbing between her upper legs.

Judith stood a few inches taller than me in her six inch spiked heels and as I strained my neck up to kiss her red gag parted lips I thought it wouldn’t only be her lips that I would be kissing that night and every night for the next two weeks until her mother returned!

family time

My sister was always a good pool player. I could never beat her but I always played just to see how bad she would beat me by. One day, when we were home from college, we decided to play some pool in our game room. Surprisingly I was winning. I could tell that she was letting me win. But I couldn’t understand why. Whenever she played me she had to beat me by a lot. “Hey, sis, what’s up, how come I’m winning?” I asked.

“You’re just playing well today,” she responded.

“Not really, I know you’re letting me win.”

“No, I’m not,” she said with almost an attitude. “So, where’s Mom and Dad?”

“Dad had to go in for work and moms grocery shopping, but wont be home for a while,” I told her.

“Oh, really…so it’s just the two of us, huh?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Just as she said that I tapped the ball and it only moved slightly setting her up for a shot. She came in front of me and bent over for her shot. I could see that she was wearing a red, silk thong. As she shot I could feel myself getting hard. She turned around and saw me starring.

“Were you starring at my thong?” she asked me.

“What, no…” I said. “It’s alright, I like it,” she said and then turned me around and pushed me against the pool table.

She came to my mouth and started to kiss me. I could feel her tongue slide into my mouth.

“Rach, I dunno…” I started to say.

“Oh, come on John, I want you so bad,” she responded.

I said nothing because I knew I wanted her to. She went back to kissing me and I didn’t hold back. I slid my hand up her shirt until I felt her breast. It was so warm and soft and I could feel that her nipples were hard. I pinched her nipple and started to twist and play with them. I knew she liked it because she sort of laughed when I did. After I had felt on them for a while she pulled away from and took off her shirt. I knew that there was only a bra coming between me and my own sisters tits.

She undid her bra and it fell to ground. As soon as it did I brought her tits right to my mouth and started to suck. I started to swirl my tongue around her hard nipple. I did this for a while and then tested myself. I slid my hand down her pants. She didn’t even try to stop me, so I kept on going. I put three of my fingers into her nice warm pussy. At first it started as a pant, but then went further to a moan. I knew she liked it so I kept going. I added another finger and the moaning got louder. I added yet another and it turned into a scream. I knew I had just given her an orgasm.

She took my hand out of her pants and started to unbutton mine. I pulled down my pants and my boxers and she took my cock in her mouth. It felt so nice and warm, I never wanted it to stop. Her head bobbing up and down was even more of a turn on. It felt nice but I knew it would take a while before I would cum. Then I heard kind of a cough coming from the door that led into the house. We both looked up and saw our mother standing there. Neither one of us moved. We were frozen we were so nervous.

“Rachel, honey, you’re doing it all wrong,” she said to our surprise.

She walked over and got onto her knees in front of my cock. “This is how it’s done,” she said and grabbed my cock and started to suck it.

When her lips hit my mouth it felt like Rachel’s but then her tongue hit my gland and It felt ten times better then Rachel’s. She went up and down on my rod a couple of times and then swallowed the whole thing. When she did this I bend over and opened my mouth it felt so good. Just as I was about to cum, my mother stopped.

“Mom, what are you doing,” I asked.

“Now, I’m going to teach you two how to fuck,” she said.

I had never heard the word fuck come out of my mothers mouth before but now she was using it in a serious term. She took off her shirt and bra revealing her size nice tits. I just wanted to go at them but I decided not to. Then she unzipped her skirt and took off her thong. Before that I hadn’t noticed how good looking my mother was. She order my sister to take off her pants and get on the pool table. My sister did as told and waited. My mother then bent over with her ass right in front of me and inserted my cock into her for me. Her pussy lips surrounded my cock and it was the best feeling in the world. I started to pump away. She then turned to my sister and started to eat her out. I could hear my sister and mother moan at the same time and it was wonderful. I could see my mother eating my sisters cunt while my sister rubbed it.

“Oh, yeah baby, cum for mommy,” she said to my sister.

As soon as she said that my sister screamed and I could tell that she was having an orgasm. This continued for a couple of seconds. Then out of no where I felt something clasp onto my balls. I looked down and my mother was squeezing my balls.

“Holy shit mom, that feels so good,” I said to her.

“Yeah baby, now grab mommy’s big tits,” she told me.

I grabbed her gigantic tits and then heard my sister scream as she had another orgasm. I felt my balls tighten and the semen start to come up my cock. Since my mother had her hand on my balls she felt them tighten and stopped. I felt the semen run back to my balls.

My mother got up and looked at me. I looked back at her beautiful naked body and wanted it so bad. When my sister got up I wanted her even more. I had two beautiful, naked women in front of me who wanted to fuck me.

My mother then told me to lay back and she then positioned herself over me and sat down on me. I could feel her wet pussy lips on my stomach. She leaned over and kissed me. I felt her nice tits on my chest. Then I felt the warmth of my mothers mouth on my cock and I knew she was blowing me. It didn’t last long because my sister apparently wanted to be fucked. She backed up over my cock and my mother positioned it into her pussy. She started to bounce up and down on my cock. She panted and then moaned.  I grabbed my mothers ass and started to lick her pussy. She leaned over and I felt her tits on my stomach. My sister moaned even louder so I assumed my mother was eating her out. Once again my balls tightened and the semen came rushing to my penis. And once again my mother saw this and told my sister to stop just in time.

They both got off and got to their knees. I had seen this in porn and I knew what to do. I got off after them and stood in front of them. My sister grabbed my cock and then my mom put her hand on top of it. It felt so good knowing that it was a woman’s hand. And when I looked down and saw to gorgeous naked women wanting my load it turned me on. Since my mother had been teasing me so much I knew it was going to be a huge load. And I was right. It was so big that it dripped off both my mother and sisters face and onto there tits. My mother licked all the cum off of her face and swallowed it. Then she licked it all off of my sister tits and even her face.

“Wow, I’ve never taken a load so big before, and I’ve taken a lot back in my day,” my mother said. “And to think it was from my own son.” “Your father is so dull, I think we might just have to do this again some time.” We never talked about what happened to anyone. And sometimes, when we were in the mood, my sister, mother and I would go out for a nice game of pool…

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