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I’m a fiery redhead eager to fulfill your HOT phone sex fantasies. I have an insatiable sexual appetite and will stop at nothing to get what I want. I need to warn you. This redhead slut is not looking for ordinary sex. I want intense and wild fucking.

It makes my pussy cream to imagine being forced to Fuck my Daddy Brother or even my son. the beginning, my daddy would ask me to suck his dick, but when I refuse, he grabs me by my red hair and forces my mouth to his dick. He fucks my little mouth until I gag, pumping in and out. Forcing his cock all the way down my throat until he unloads his warm jizz deep down my throat.

I beg him not to fuck my tight little pussy, but he won’t listen. He forces me across his desk and spanks my pale cute round ass until it’s as red as fire. He takes me hard from behind, fucking me so rough he has to hold me upright. When my pussy is no longer what he craves, he forces his big hard cock in my tiny asshole. I cry and beg for him to stop, but he won’t listen.

Finally he pulls his cock from my ass and puts it right back into my mouth. I can taste myself on his hard cock. It makes my pussy drip even more. I am such a horny little slut that I beg him to cum all over my face. I suck and jerk his cock until he releases a massive load over my pretty little face. So call me now and be my Daddy.

Holidays = Family Fun Time!!

I am so looking forward to being with my family this Thanksgiving, hoping its a lot like last year when I walked into the bathroom seeing my little sister giving Daddy the best appreciation gift ever, she is really thankful and daddy was full of thank you’s when she was being such a nasty little slut. I just stood by the door with my hand under my skirt fucking my dripping little cunt with my fingers.. hoping to also show my appreciation this turkey day. I am so proud of my little sister she gives a great blow which I was so confident in while watching the expression on daddy’s face and the way he blew his load all over her little pink nipples! Nasty little bitch, guess she learned from the best! Do you want to know what happened next? I know you do.

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cam phone

I will admit I am a bit of a voyeur at heart. I have started out my window late at night in hopes someone has left their blinds open and I can catch them doing something nasty. I have caught a few guys masturbating which only makes me start to touch myself as well.
So when a guy asks if I will watch their cam while they are masturbating or doing something extra naughty it only makes me think I am being a voyeur and looking in on them. Ok I have their permission but we just pretend I don’t.

Like last night this guy was telling me all about the sexy panties he was wearing well course I said well why don’t you show me. So he sent me that little video request super fast. There he was in all his sheer pink thong prettiness. Rubbing his small dick in those pretty panties. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was modeling them for me and everything. Getting up and showing me just how good his panty boy ass looked in a pink thong.

I wish I could say it was super exciting to see his panty clitty come out for me to see but it was super small so I could only giggle at it. But I did have a great time talking to him and watching him on cam.

So for those of you out there that are looking for a phone girl to watch you be naughty and kinky I am definitely the girl.

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18 yr old

Dear Prudence,
I have just had devastating news: My 58-year-old second husband of two years has been having an affair with my 18-year-old daughter from my first marriage. I am in a state of utter shock. I had absolutely no idea that this was going on and feel heartbroken, betrayed, and furious at the two people I love most. They want to live together, but where does this leave me? I do not know what to do. Can you advise?


Dear Betrayed,
You are living a scenario right out of Woody Allen, only it’s a tragedy, not a farce. Allen himself is married to Soon-Yi Previn, the adopted daughter of Mia Farrow, who was Allen’s longtime companion and is the mother of three of his children. His son, Ronan Farrow, has cut off contact with Allen, explaining, “He’s my father married to my sister. That makes me his son and his brother-in-law. That is such a moral transgression.” It must feel unbearable to find yourself in a parallel situation, realizing both your husband and daughter are morally repugnant. Without knowing any of the details about the relationships or personalities involved, one can only speculate about this couple. Perhaps your husband is just a sleazy sexual con artist. But though it hardly counts as good news, it may be that your daughter has an undiagnosed mental illness, possibly bipolar disorder. That disease can make people act in bizarre and self-destructive ways. Or perhaps she was sexually abused as a girl, feels you didn’t protect her, and is now acting out.


Or maybe this is a younger girl that likes older guys, maybe she has some daddy issues. Or maybe this is a guy that wrote you and is getting off on you answering this. He most likely is one of my clients!! 🙂 Or maybe he has a younger son you could hook up with. MILF is the ‘IN’ thing these days! Life gives you lemons make lemonade! Or just rub one off!!!

~ Miranda


I have been a very bad little girl, haven’t I, daddy? And I know that I deserve a punishment, but please, daddy, please don’t pee on me….It’s so warm and I think I might like it….

You don’t want to listen, you are my daddy and I have to do what I am told, I know….You take me into the bathroom and make me take off my pink dress, oh no daddy, please don’t make me get into the tub, please, daddy!
You gently slap my face, and tell me….”Do as I say, now…..take off your panties, take off everything for daddy”….
You watch me, my dress falls to the floor, my panties slip off too….I can’t help it, but my pussy is starting to get wet….I watch as you unzip your jeans and my eyes grow wide as you force my hand around your thick, hard cock..moving me into the tub, making me stroke it for you….

“Now”, you say to me…”Don’t you want daddy to punish you for being a naughty girl?…Yes?”  I sink into the tub, anticipating your hot pee streaming over my silky skin….
“Now, stroke it as I pee, young lady”, you tell me, and I do….”Oh, daddy, yes daddy…please, I want to feel it”….
You let it flow, all over my nipples….my belly……face….shooting your sweet cum right into my mouth!
When you are finished, you turn on the shower, wash my body….and say, “Did you like that dear, was it good for you?”
“I did daddy, and thank you….I will be your naughty girl anytime you like!”
“Thank you daddy”…..You smile as you walk away, and you say, very quietly….”Next time, you will pee on daddy!”


Much like the notion of one’s sexuality falling on a scale (ranging from heterosexuality to homosexuality and the seemingly infinite shades between those two poles, or perhaps using submissiveness and Dominance as the two poles), I feel (and I’m sure that I’m not the first one to think of this) that there is another ruler with which we can measure ourselves: the scale between voyeurism and exhibitionism. I was reminded of this while watching Daddy stroke his cock this morning…

As I first stirred this morning, my hand, as if by instinct, went straight for Daddy’s cock. Daddy’s whole body pressed up against mine always gives me so much comfort…holding his cock in my hand just enhances this feeling. I obey Daddy, I obey his cock. I am a slave to Daddy, I am a slave to his cock. Daddy slaps me, his cock slaps me. So, when you think about it in these terms, it really isn’t all that odd that I would find reassurance from holding Daddy’s cock in my hand.

His dick stirred…and became increasingly hard. And right when I thought that Daddy would force my face down on his thick member, he pulled the sheets off us and said, “Baby girl is going to watch as her Daddy strokes his cock. Tell me all about some of those nasty things that you’d like your Daddy to do to you…” As I whispered in his ear, telling him about the sordid, embarrassing, humiliating experiences that I fantasize about (perhaps more on this later?), he stroked himself faster and faster. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. His hand firmly sliding up and down his shaft… Carefully making contact with every square inch of his length… Quickly bringing himself close to climax… God, this was making me hot…

“Get down there and open your mouth. Daddy is going to cum in his little girl’s mouth.”

And cum he did, filling his little whore’s mouth with a load of his cream. I swallowed every last drop that Daddy gave me, thinking about how much I love watching him masturbate.

Now, from what I’ve read it seems that most submissives lean towards exhibitionism as opposed to voyeurism (or at least, deep down, they enjoy the humiliation of being forced to expose themselves to watching eyes). Conversely, most Doms tend to be voyeurs, relishing in watching their subs masturbate, engage in scenes with other Doms, get spanked, whipped or tortured, etc. Psychoanalytical theory (Freud, Lacan, and the gang), although it has, admittedly, fallen out of favor somewhat, will have us believe that the voyeur wields the power (Dominant) whereas the one “on exhibit” (submissive) is a sort of victim, exposed (willingly or unwillingly) to the gaze of the voyeur(s) and seemingly without any agency whatsoever in the power exchange.

But how then can I reconcile my love of watching Daddy stroke himself with my submissive way of life? Am I any less submissive because I like to watch as well as be watched? I don’t think so! In this case, Daddy chose to masturbate and he made me watch him, made me watch the cock that controls me, made me swallow his spunk, made me admit my nasty desires to him in order to please him and to enhance his orgasm. Voyeur or not, I am completely owned by my Daddy/Master and feel no guilt about observing and gazing upon the man that controls me. And after much thought, I simply do not feel that the terms “voyeur” and “submissive” are mutually exclusive.

my daddy and me

I have always been the prettiest girl around. With long hair down to my waist, blue eyes, golden tanned skin. I was an all American girl.  As I got older my body changed from a little girl into a woman. Curves formed in all the right places.

I had fully developed into a woman by the time I was in high school.

I lived with my Mom and Dad.

While my Mom was working a late shift at the hospital, Daddy was home watching TV with a can of  beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

“Hey Dad, what are you watching?”,  I asked as I came down the stairs and kissed the top of my father’s head. I sat on the couch opposite him wearing black hot pants and a tiny white top.”

“Just some football game,” Dad replied, as he looked over at me. He couldn’t help but to look down at my big chest and crotch area.

“Game any good?” as I started rubbing my legs in slow motions.

My Daddy gulped nervously as he took a swig of his beer. He felt his dick starting to swell. He grabbed up one of the cushions and put it out in front of him.

I looked at him with a look of concern “Dad, are you OK?”

“I’m good thanks, honey,” he replied.

“Why do you have a cushion over your lap? Are you hurt?”

“Just want it.”

I shrugged my shoulders and stretched out my arms in the air pushing out my chest, my nipples sticking out through my top. I was wearing no bra.

Daddy’s dick swelled even more as he watched my heaving bosoms. He wanted to taste them, suck them. At the horny thoughts, his dick swelled to it’s maximum knocking the cushion off his lap to the floor.

I gasped in shock “Dad!” as I stared down at his huge dick standing upright straining against his red shorts. “I’m going to go up to bed now, see you tomorrow,” I got up and hurriedly went up the stairs to my bedroom and closed the door.

Daddy finished off his beer and squeezed it in his right hand and put it on the floor. He stood up and walked up the stairs heading towards the bedrooms. He reached the landing and quietly walked to my bedroom and opened the door and walked in. He then saw his beautiful daughter sleeping under the blue sheets with just a thin summer night gown on. His horny dick was still rock hard and gagging to be in his little girl’s sweet, wet pussy.

I turned over in my sleep as Daddy opened my legs and I moaned softly.

Daddy took off his shorts in no time and went over to the bed and watched sleeping. He gently pulled back the bed sheet and he looked down lustfully at my bare young  pussy. His right hand went down and gently brushed up against my tiny cunt hole.

I moaned softly.

He slid his index finger inside MY wet little cunt hole and his dick hardened even more at how wet, and hot his baby girl was against his finger. He placed two fingers inside and began to finger fuck me.

I moaned louder with pleasure.

He took out his fingers and slid his huge dick inside my sweet tight wet cunt hole.

I opened my eyes and they widened with horror as I saw my father fucking me. “No, Daddy, no!” I cried. Not wanting to admit that it felt so good. I couldn’t like my father fucking me, it was wrong. But, I still moaned pleasurably now as he fucked harder. “Don’t, stop, Daddy!”

Daddy  moved faster, grunting away. He leaned forward and began kissing me. His beer breath in my face.

He threw back my head and my legs lifted up and wrapped around his waist. I felt his large hands grabbing at my breasts. I moaned loudly then gripped the pillow as the sex came more intense. I felt my buttocks clench up as I was building up to a orgasm. I cried out as I orgasmed and my body trembled.

Daddy fucked me harder and harder until he came inside my tiny wet hole, his creamy white sperm ejaculating into my body.

All was silent and still.

“That was wonderful, Dad,”  as I sat up and kissed his cheek. “Can we do it again?”

He looked at me “maybe”. “You get some rest now,” he said as he pulled his shorts back up, smiled and kissed me on the lips. “I love you, baby.”

“I love you too, Daddy, I’ll always be your baby, Daddy”. He replied. “I’d do anything for you.”

His mouth curled into a mischievous smile. He closed the door and locked it and then went back to me and took his shorts back off. His dick came back to life again “anything?” he asked.

I grinned wickedly and pulled up my nightie and spread out my legs wide…



Teased him to much

14gggI had been teasing him all day. Bending over in front of him, showing him my cute lil ass, brushing up against him as I passed by, whispering in his ear how wet my lil pussy was. I guess I teased him just a little too much, because here I am bound to this bench.  My arms and wrists bound together. My legs and ankles spread achingly wide apart and tied to the legs of the bench, giving him full view and access to my sweet lil cunt. He leans over me and whispers in my ear “Babygurl wants to act like a lil slut, now she’ll get treated like one” He laughs, that evil laugh that always makes my heart jump. I feel a finger brush against my pussy. “Mmm my lil whore is really horny isn’t she.” As the lips of my lil pussy instantly part and open for Daddy. I feel his breath on my neck, and cold metal between my breasts. My body stiffens, my heart races. I feel soft leather. Oh god, his mini flogger. I try to wiggle but its useless. His voice “haha you know whats coming don’t you” I shake my head frantically as he drags the flogger over one breast, then the other. The cold steel hardening my nipples. Then its gone. Just as I start to breathe again I feel the leather and metal hit my nipple. Before I can even feel the pain, 3 more swats. I try to cry out but the gag only muffles it. My body shaking, the pain shooting all over. 3 swats on my other breast. My nipples on fire. Tears rolling down my face from under the blindfold. “Babygurl will listen the next time Daddy tells her that’s enough teasing wont she?” I nod slowly and feel daddy kissing away the tears. Then something warm and wet on my nipple. His mouth. First kissing, then a soft lick, before he sucks it into his mouth. His hand groping at my other breast. Twisting and pinching the nipple. My head swimming from the pain and pleasure. Then he switches, giving the other nipple the same sensual attention. He moves away and im smiling inside and out. But only for a moment. Another swat, this time on the tender lips of my lil cunt. 2, 3, 4 , 5 more before I can even catch my breath.

The pain was almost unbearable. My plead for him to stop muffled once again by the gag. My pussy was on fire. And wet at the same time. My tears soaking the blindfold. I feel his breath on my thighs. Soft kisses moving up and up. A kiss on my sore clit. Then his tongue, flicking over my ravaged cunt.

The feeling was wonderful. His tongue pushing inside me. 11ffffIn and out, tongue fucking me. I’m so close to cumming. He feels this and stops.  “Is my lil slut really horny now?” “yes” I whisper.  “Do you want me to fuck you?” “yes ” I whisper even lower, I stare at his cock, the only thing I can think of is having it deep inside my hot lil pussy and him pounding me over and over.

He gets harder watching me, looking at the marks he left. “Do you want my cock” I didn’t speak, just nodded and licked my lips. “Are you horny lil slut?” Another quick nod, not taking my eyes off his cock. “Look at me” he says sternly and I look up into his eyes. Then he sees the look he’s been waiting for. That animalistic spark that drives him crazy. His cock in his hand, I feel him trying to desperately shove it into my hot lil hole. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back. “That’s it bitch, fuck me back!” Heat searing through me like a hot knife as his big cock tore into me and stretched me beyond anything I’ve ever felt. He starts riding me harder and faster, his fingers pulling my hair me as I’m still tied down when I groan, “I’m going to cum, “Do it you fucking whore, cum on my cock.” I exploded, my juices flowing over his cock. My pussy squeezing it so hard. I feel his cock start to throb and he moans in my ear “Im gonna fill my babygurl” He thrusts harder and starts shooting his warm load inside me.  His arms wrapped around my waist pulling me so close, kissing my neck. He whispers in my ear “I have such a good babygurl.”

Let’s Play!

Daddy’s Little Woman

The bedroom door opened and in the soft glow of the hall light she watched him enter her room,
locking it behind him. He let his robe slide off his shoulders and to the floor, revealing his
nakedness to her. He looked like one of those naked marble statues of a Roman God, except that
unlike those perfect sculptured forms, his body  was warm and alive and his sex was fully erect
and pulsing with desire.For a brief moment she saw his sex fully outlined in profile. She softly
gasped in awe and eager expectation, its huge uncircumcised mushroom-like head just half
revealed behind his generous foreskin. He lifted the sheet and slid in beside her.

Only half an hour before they had been spooning on the couch watching television, with her
mother usually sitting alone in the recliner nodding off to sleep. For the past few months
she had been aware on many occasions of his aroused and rigid manhood that usually found
its way into thecleft of her ass, throbbing and jerking spasmodically with just the thin
material of her nightie and his satin robe preventing their skin from touching. 

It had become an almost nightly ritual for the past 3 months, but nothing was ever said
between them and she would always reluctantly move off the couch and kiss him goodnight
as she took herself to bed. But, tonight had been different. Somehow her nightie had
crept up high behind her, bunching at her waist, but still modestly covering her front.
This left just the thin satin of his robe as the barrier between his erect sex and her
gorgeously rounded buttocks. Then all of a sudden it happened, he moved slightly and
his thick aroused member escaped from his loosely tied robe to lodge firmly between her cheeks.

Their silent lustful hug, seemingly innocent as viewed by her mother, was interrupted by
her mom saying it was time for bed. Somehow he had managed to cover himself modestly
before she arose from the couch, her nightie falling back into place, as she kissed him
on the cheek and went to bed. 

She had been hoping that tonight that the temptation would break the taboo. Now he was
in her bed, his strong powerful arms wrapped around her. His strong but gentle hand made
its way down between her thighs, his fingers weaving a path through her soft luxuriant growth.
The first touch of his fingers on her wet slit caused her gasp aloud. "Oh yes Daddy, yes,
touch me, touch me," she whispered. 

For 10 minutes his fingers worked their magic along her slit and over her clit until finally
she could not stop the tidal wave of pleasure exploding in her cunt. Her thighs straightened
and her muscles locked, she thrust her pubis forward towards his invading fingers and groaned,
gushing a river of nectar from her sex as she was enveloped in the most amazing orgasm of her
life. He was gentle and understanding, not over stimulating her and letting her enjoy her
pulsing throbbing orgasm without any other expectation.
They lay in silence for several minutes and then her arousal and need for another orgasm arose. "Oh Daddy, that was so beautiful, so lovely
Daddy... please come inside me now Daddy." Although he wanted to penetrate her, he wanted it to be her desire as well, and he did
not want to force her or hurt her. "Oh baby, are you sure this what you want?" She took a firm hold of his huge throbbing cock, now
leaking pre-cum profusely."Yes, Daddy, this what I want, I want this beautiful cock in my cunt Daddy, shove it into me now Daddy." 

He positioned himself above her and between her outspread virgin thighs, but he was still very hesitant."Oh darling, I don’t want to hurt you,
my cock is big, even for mature women baby." She grabbed his cock firmly and masturbated it lovingly. "Daddy, don’t worry, I have been playing
with Mommy’s dildo for the past year now and I can now get all of its 7 inches inside me, besides Daddy, I’m a teenager now and no longer a little
girl, make me a woman Daddy, make me a woman," she whispered insistently with desire.

"Oh baby, baby, my beautiful little woman, my beautiful little woman," he groaned as he slid his thick shaft into his daughter.
For several minutes he slid his huge throbbing cock slowly in and out of his daughters sopping wet cunt, not wanting to unleash his full load
until he had experienced the maximum amount of time the amazing pleasure from this forbidden lust. The both of them were groaning and gasping as they
were washed by waves of pleasure. But eventually he knew he could not restrain himself and began to pound her fiercely with powerful thrusts
of his hard sperm lance. "That’s it Daddy, that’s it Daddy, fuck your little girl Daddy,fuck me hard", she groaned in a tempting whisper.
"Oh baby, baby, I’m going to have to pull out darling,because Daddy is about to blow." She grabbed his powerfully flexing ass firmly and opened
her thighs even further."Don’t pull out Daddy, don’t pull out, blow in me Daddy, blow in me." 

Momentarily he stopped thrusting and looked at her intently, in the strong moonlight they were able to now see each others faces clearly:
"Oh darling, I can’t, I may make you pregnant."She looked at her father with a look of hungry lust and a smile: "Do it Daddy, do it,
sperm me Daddy, pump me full of your creamy cum Daddy and make a baby in me. I want your baby Daddy, I want to make a baby for you Daddy." 

That was too much for him to resist. He let out a primal cry of lust, something from deep within him that touched on the primal instinct
for a male to spread his seed and began to root his huge cock into his 13 year old little girl, his little woman, in a frenzy of lust.
She met his thrusts with equally rampant thrusts of her own, feeling her second orgasm approaching fast. By now both of them were
caught up in a powerful whirlpool of lust and pleasure, each thrust bringing on a new wave of pleasure, pleasure that was
increasing, the ecstasy was now about to envelop them. They now didn’t care about their voices as their incestuous lust consumed them. 




His huge cock then poured forth with its first thick gush of hot creamy spunk, incestuous spunk, sperm infused spunk.
The force, heat and thickness of that first spurt was so great that she felt it splashing against the walls of her cunt.
Lovely warm fertile Daddy-spunk was gushing into her, millions of sperm all swimming into her womb to find her eggs and make them a baby.