DIRTY LITTLE SECRET FETISHES WE ALL HAVE. Most of us have them in the bedroom. You may think you’re the dirty one, but check these types of fetishes and you’ll see how common fetishes really are.

There are many types of fetishes in the world, and every single day, there are new ones being created in our own heads, or in reality.

And thankfully, dirty little secrets like fetishes are more commonly accepted than ever before. Look at the list below and see if you have any of these or maybe you may have thought about.

Common types of fetishes:

Agoraphilia: Getting’ it on out in public is hot, hot, hot!

Alphmegamia: Bring on the older, seasoned men.

Altocalciphilia: High heels make this person orgasm.

Hirsutophilia: Aroused by armpit hair.

Pubephilia: Don’t ever shave for your partner if they’re in this league, because pubic hair is where it’s at.

Exhibitionism: This is someone who enjoys surprising others by exposing their naughty bits.

Latronudia: Doctor, doctor! This person loves exposing him or herself to a physician. The health insurance bills must be staggering…

Lactaphilia: Mammaries full of milk don’t make just babies happy…

Martymachlia: Aroused by having others watch during lovemaking. Get these folks hooked up with a voyeur, pronto.

Nasophilia: This person gets mentally erect about their partner.

We all have our own ‘dirty little secrets in bed’!

You may have heard or familiar with some of these Fetishes: BBC which is Big Black Cock, Barely Legal, Phonesex, Cuckold, Black Bull, She-male, Age Play, Rape, Milf, Foot Fetish, Humiliation and maybe spanking.

So the next time someone drools over your feet, or obsesses over your undergarments, remember they are as normal as any other human being.

pube preference

Everybody has his or her own opinion, and our differing opinions are what make this world an interesting (and sometimes dangerous) place.

We obviously all have different standards and preferences for beauty and attractiveness. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and vice versa. And sexual attraction is something that can either be instant, or grow over time.

It’s undeniable that attraction takes place before we’ve seen everything there is to see about that person; by the time you get naked with someone, it’s pretty safe to say that the mutual sexual attraction between you has manifested itself.

But when you finally do get someone completely naked, you could be in for a surprise. And based on your preferences, it could either be a good one or a bad one.

Here is a survey of men (ages 20 – 40) about their pubic hair preferences and the results were quite interesting. I got a few die-hard fans of the totally bare look, and a couple of proponents of the full bush.

But the majority of respondents indicated a preference for a middle ground, and in fact a lot of guys preferred some hair to none. These guys were happiest—when taking off a lady’s panties—if they found a landing strip or a closely cropped trim.

Maybe these answers will help shed some light on why guys prefer what they do. Or maybe they’ll help young, insecure guys realize that it’s OK to be turned on by something that doesn’t necessarily look like what the mainstream tells them is sexy. Or maybe they’ll just confuse the ladies even more about what we think guys would be happiest to see when we get naked.

Either way, I hope these answers are entertaining, if not enlightening.

I asked: What is your pubic hair preference on a woman? Natural bush? Neatly trimmed? Closely cropped? Landing strip? Completely shaved? Waxed? Anything she has as long as she’ll have sex with you? Do you have any grooming deal breakers?

They said*:

1. I used to prefer completely shaved. But in the past few years I’ve been indifferent. I’ve really been interested in natural beauty and back-to-the-land, which isn’t to say “hippieish”. Likewise, I really don’t mind, and even enjoy, seeing a hairy bush. A friend and I were going at it and I went down on her. She apologized that she hadn’t shaved and had a little bit of hair, but I rejected her apology. I was just happy to be there. “It doesn’t bother me” is really phrasing it wrongly. “I don’t think [hair] should be wrong” or “hair is not bad” would be better. [As for] deal breakers, facial hair, or out of control eyebrows. I actually don’t mind hair in armpits or elsewhere, although a number of years ago I would have been revolted by that. (Age 26)

2. My ideal preference is a trim landing strip. Definitely not completely bald. There was a line in season one of Californication where Hank says something along the lines of “…leave something to remind me that I’m fucking an adult.”  I don’t do anything beyond a little trimming here and there; just to “tame the beast,” so I believe that it’s unfair for me to expect more than that out of the women that I hook up with. That said, if I slide my hand down her pants and I find a little more growth than I was expecting, usually at that point it’s not going to make a difference. (Age 24)

3. I don’t have particularly strong preferences any way. If I’m going to be down there doing my thing, though, I appreciate at least a reasonable trim so I don’t have to break the flow to pick hairs from my tongue, which helps no one. Totally shaved is sort of an exotic surprise whenever I encounter it, and certainly gives me the most leeway to really go to town on her, though it does make me feel vaguely pedophilic. For the most part though it’s all good–vaginas are great, and the variety is part of the fun. (Age 25)

4. It’s been a while since I’ve seen full-on natural. I will say that the last time I did I was shocked upon seeing it on a younger woman. That being said, today I would be much more open and intrigued by it, sort of like a bad 70′s porno. It also depends on the age of the woman. On a younger woman definitely trimmed/strip/shaved whereby on an older woman if she was completely shaven I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much. As for a deal breaker? Odor. Some women aren’t blessed or don’t groom as well as they could. Not fun. (Age 32)

5. Landing strip. No dealbreakers, but I can imagine a situation where natural could be a turn-off. It seems like the full shave is popular these days, but I’m not a big fan. I don’t, however, make a fuss about it. But I will express my preferences when given the opportunity, so thanks for asking. (Age 30)

6. Too many women wax now, it gets boring. Definitely not natural bush, that’s up there on the list of reasons not to date radical feminists. Depending on ethnicity, hair color, etc… Blondes or Asians with straight pubes, definitely landing strip. Otherwise the Charlie Chaplin**. Little bit of hair just says “yeah, that’s a pussy”. (Age 27)

7. I don’t have any deal-breakers. By the time I’m evaluating your pubic hair the question of whether or not I want to have sex with you has been decided. Correction, I do have a deal-breaker: Being un-enticing enough that your pubic hair tips the scales of my affections. Aim higher. Whatever makes a girl feel sexy is best. I’ve had the most experience with the minimal styles (landing strip and full wax/shave), so they’re familiar and comfortable. Quite visually stimulating too. From there on up the hair scale, you increasingly access the raw animal spirit of sex. I don’t recall ever being confronted with a full bush, and I don’t really know how I would react. I’d probably just be amazed at the audacity of it, in this day and age. My preference? Something between landing strip and neatly trimmed. When in doubt, err on the bare side. (Age 26)

8. As long as there’s some attempt at grooming, I’m good. Trimmed, landing strip, shaved, waxed – all work for me, so long as I don’t get a mouthful of hair if I head down there. I guess that would be my deal breaker. (Age 32)

9. ALL. There is a beauty to each, and women often know what compliments them.  (Age 40)

10. I started to hate the American typical way of shaving everything, it makes me feel like I’m having sex with a kid. I definitely would like to see some trails of a feminine triangle. I’ll take natural bush, or slightly trimmed. (Age 28)

11. I prefer natural bush. In this day and age it’s so rare to actually find a woman that just lets it grow that it’s become a huge turn-on for me. I was never a fan of the bald look. I don’t know how looking pre-pubescent ever became erotic. I think it also strips the whole area of any personality whatsoever. My runner up would be landing strip. I like the landing strip OK. Bald wouldn’t be a deal-breaker at first – I understand its popularity, but if I were to have any long-term potential with someone, that would probably have to change. (Age 38)

12. The only true deal-breaker is hygiene: the lack thereof. A person could feasibly trim or not trim their pubic hair in any number of ways yet adequately keep up the appearance, cleanliness, and dare I say, the less definable quality of “enjoyability.” If squeaky clean, the full range of pubic hair can be quite delightful. I suppose the extreme ends of the spectrum are a little weird. Waxed brings up associations of Barbie Dolls and prepubescent children, while a massive bush is just practically intimidating. (Age 30)

13. No deal breakers around pubic hair. Completely shaved makes me feel like a pedophile, not a fan. Preference for neatly trimmed or a landing strip. Natural is fine, but perhaps less likely to lead to me going down on the owner of said bush. For women that do shave, I often have issues with them needing to do it regularly or wax. I have a fair amount of girth and can often get a lot of chafing on the shaft of my penis from stubble. (Age 31)

14. Shaved. Bush is gross. But the truth is, I don’t care as long as I don’t get anything in my mouth. (Age 25)

15. Neatly trimmed, I’d say. Waxed or totally shaved always looks a bit off. I don’t know if I have any specific deal breakers, but completely unruly and ungroomed is usually not a good look. Suffice it to say, I can usually tolerate most styles. (Age 24)

16. [Pubic hair] is low on the totem pole of importance. I think a landing strip or waxed would be my favorites. Getting hair in your teeth can spoil things in a worst case scenario, or give you rugburn. Aside from that it feels nice to be up against soft skin. (Age 22)

17. I prefer it not be waxed, it seems a) porny and b) unfair unless she gets off on hot sticky glue torture. I guess ‘there but trimmed’ is my preference. It’s nice when it goes with the person, so a hippie-ish kinda gal might do well with a bush, and I’ve never dated a pilot before but she’d obviously have to go for a landing strip. A deal breaker? Hair dye of any kind. I think men who are very particular about the pubic hair they want to encounter need to relax and remember that getting laid is pretty fucking awesome. (Age 31)

18. Shaved or waxed. Anything but the aforementioned is a deal breaker. (Age 22)

19. I like variety. Sometimes a good wax, but lately a good bush for pounding. However for everyday fun, closely cropped with either a landing strip or a small triangle. Deal breakers? Consistent bad smell, or hair going down the leg. (Age 30)

20. No preference, as long as it is “maintained” in some way. I like it when girls switch it up down there. Variety is the spice of life. We’re just happy we’re getting laid. (Age 30)

So there you have it, twenty different guys with twenty different opinions about pubic hair.

Personally, I think number twenty is a good note to end on. Men should just be happy they’re getting laid. If a guy starts setting conditions based on how a woman chooses to style herself, I’m not sure he deserves the pussy under the bush he’s being so picky about.

That said, it’s always nice to consider your partner’s comfort, and given that I expect a minimum amount of grooming from the guys I sleep with, I think it’s only fair for me to return the favor.

But let me ask you, what are your pubic hair preference?