cam phone

I will admit I am a bit of a voyeur at heart. I have started out my window late at night in hopes someone has left their blinds open and I can catch them doing something nasty. I have caught a few guys masturbating which only makes me start to touch myself as well.
So when a guy asks if I will watch their cam while they are masturbating or doing something extra naughty it only makes me think I am being a voyeur and looking in on them. Ok I have their permission but we just pretend I don’t.

Like last night this guy was telling me all about the sexy panties he was wearing well course I said well why don’t you show me. So he sent me that little video request super fast. There he was in all his sheer pink thong prettiness. Rubbing his small dick in those pretty panties. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was modeling them for me and everything. Getting up and showing me just how good his panty boy ass looked in a pink thong.

I wish I could say it was super exciting to see his panty clitty come out for me to see but it was super small so I could only giggle at it. But I did have a great time talking to him and watching him on cam.

So for those of you out there that are looking for a phone girl to watch you be naughty and kinky I am definitely the girl.

Call Me!

The Pay PIGGY!!!!

The other day I had a phone call with this man that was just wonderful.

He loved to talk about money and how he wanted me to spend it all for him. He likes being told how and were to spend it and what to spend it on.

So it got me thinking, girls love money and guys love pussy. So all men pay every girl they are with or are around is one way or another either for the pussy or trying to get to the pussy.

I’m the type of girl who gets off on a guy that is willing to spend his last dime on me.  I have no problem selling my dirty panties or bra to a little piggy…lol! I even luv it more when the pathetic little pig pays me to humiliate that little stick between his legs.  Making him dress up like a sissy maid or sissy slut is all tops in my book! In fact, my pussy gets even wetter when I get to show my true colors and be the mean bitch that I truly am. Sorry but I love to make my sluts happy and if that means having them spending every last dollar they have to get there, then I’ll be dammed if I don’t have them spend it all on me!

If you think you might be the right Piggy for me then call.

first time out

Mistress M decided that it was finally time to send me out dressed as a woman. I wore my tight white sweater, thick red lipstick, bright red nail polish, 5″ black high heels, my long black wig, and the tightest pair of woman’s jeans I own. I felt like such a little slut!

She gave me instructions to drive to a mall about 20 miles from home. My heart was beating fast as I have never dressed as a bimbo while driving. What if I had a flat or got pulled over by the police?!

When I arrived, I called her as instructed. I was so frightened! She let out a little laugh and told me to take a photo of myself on my phone and send it to her. I took one of me posing against my car, my tits pushed out as far as possible. I really looked passable!

She said “Bimbo, do you trust your Goddess?” And I hesitantly said “Yes Goddess, of course.” She then said, “Okay, I want you to go into the shopping center and buy a pack of cigarettes and then come back out and call me.” I was so frightened to be a woman in public! I slowly walked into the store and quickly purchased the cigarettes and quickly went back to my car, wobbling in my high heels, boobs flopping all over. I must have looked so silly.


I called Goddess and she told me that she wanted to be pleased with me. I told her I so wanted that too and to tell me what to do. She then said “Bimbo, place your keys inside the car and…lock the car.” I gasped! “But Goddess!?” She then took a firm voice and said “Look bimbo! Do what I said and do it NOW!”

I was so terrified! What would happen to me so far from home and dressed as a woman? I felt as if my heart would explode! Then, without hesitation, I heard the sound of the door thud close…with my keys locked inside!

I heard Goddess laugh loud and hard at my predicament. “Now bimbo, light up a cigarette and go stand next to the lamp pole and look like the most sexy slut imaginable.” I did as I was told and felt humiliated and terrified.

Goddess then said “A friend of mine will be coming by to visit you bimbo. Never before have I felt so weak and submissive. I did not know what to do!

With my large firm tits pushing through my sweater, my red lipstick and sexy high heels, I looked and felt exactly like a real whore. Then, a large older man walked up to me and asked me to follow him to his car! I was frozen. My legs would not work! He then walked over and, without a word, took me by the wrist and led me to his car.

He opened the passenger door and I got in, not knowing what else I could do. He then got in and then, before I could speak, began rubbing my leg. Slowly his hand made it up to the edge of my lace panties and then he stopped. “It’s time dear” he said. I did not know what he meant. He then took his hand and placed it on mine.

“Time to please daddy and then you get your ride home.” I tried to talk but he stopped me and said “Silly whore, a woman’s mouth is not for talking!” He then took his hands to my head and positioned me down to his unzipped pants! He took out what looked to be the largest cock imaginable and told me to get to work! I tried to escape but his strength was too much. All I could do was accept the massive cock into my lipsticked mouth!


Before long I was sucking like a baby on its mother’s breast. I got into a rhythm that seemed to please him, as he just moaned this long, satisfied moan. Sucking became so easy for me, the taste of his pre cum along with my lipstick was like a drug, I had to taste more and more. What was happening to me?!

Then, he pulled me close and let out a load moan. I just continued servicing his cock, sucking long, deep motions. Then, his cock stiffened and I felt an explosion in my mouth! I did not want this! I was not a woman!

Too late. His cum filled my mouth. I could not believe how much I had. I pulled away to spit it out when he said “Bitch, you will swallow every drop if you want to ever get home!” I knew that he meant it and I had no other choice than to obey. I closed my eyes and swallowed the hot cum. I felt completely weakened and worthless.

He drove me home and my first experience as a real whore was completed. Shortly after, Goddess called me. “Bimbo, did you service my friend?” I said yes. “Well then, you now owe me $50.” “Goddess, but why?” She said “Silly girl! DO you think that whores are free? Now pay up!”

Financial Domination

pinknblack2What does Financial Domination mean to you? Is it the rush of a blackmail fetish that makes you tremble, or the opportunity to voluntary offer yourself and become one of My money slaves, a walking-talking human ATM machine, a pay piggy with a wallet wide open.. or maybe you are not able to resist the money slavery, not able to say “no to your Princess, not able to fight the weakness and are willing to give away the control of the most precious, the most essential part of your life – your money. Once you are in financial slavery to your Princess, your life changes, slowly, but surely. It may get uncomfortable at first, even a bit painful, maybe even very painful, but it feels too good to stop. On the contrary, you ask for more, you want to give more. You are My experiment, just to see how far in money slavery you will go to please Me, how much you are willing to give. There is absolutely nothing extraordinary for Me in having your wallet, your life at My disposal. It is only natural. You give, I take. It is just the means, not the end. It is the means for Me to control you, to deprave you, to drain you, to sedate your lifestyle to the stage that I set, to complicate your life, to manipulate it. Now, I suggest you close your eyes, imagine what it would be like to become something with a purpose, to find your place as My money slave, and then open your eyes, take a deep breath, relax, and send Me a letter, a tribute and the journey will begin.