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We had a dinner for three guys who I was to ask to make an investment. I told my wife that it would help if she had them in a good mood. She said if she did that i would get jealous, but I assured her that I wouldn’t.
After dinner we moved into the study to talk business, so my wife excused herself and went upstairs, but reappeared shortly in different clothes wearing a dress that fit like a 2nd skin and was so transparent that it was obvious she wore no underwear.  Conversation halted and silence filled the room until one guy asked “no panties?” she said pulling up her dress “see for yourself”.
The guys stared at her and one guy said you look quite fuck-able she replied with I am!

She then laid down on the couch, spread her legs and asked “who’s first?.” Within about 45 minutes two of the guys had taken their turn fucking her and had fondled her tits and fingered her ass while she looked as innocent as an angel and as pleased as could be. Mike who had not joined in, now announced that he would now have his turn, but in her ass.  He pulled out his dick which was fairly large, he told my wife to turn over and with just a little trouble managed to get his cock all the way inside her ass.

Ended the night by finishing the business deal all while I sat there with my cum filled pants watching my wife enjoy herself never the way she had with me.  My secret is that she is a cheating wife and I am her cuckold husband.

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My wife and I married about 8 years ago. I was her first and only man. Some time back we started exploring our fantasies a bit more and after a long discussion about how she wanted to try someone new just to see what it was like, I relented and said she could. I admit I was a bit nervous and unsure about it all but our relationship was very strong so I just agreed to a one off experiment.

The only conditions I put on her fucking someone else is that I would there when she did it and that she had to find someone who would keep quiet after it was done.

She decided on a guy she had known from her university days and set the whole thing up. On the allotted day just before he came over to our house I hid myself in the cupboard so I could watch. I know that sounds a bit silly but I needed a visual on what was happening at all times otherwise I would have gone insane not knowing what they were up to.

Watching from my hiding spot I have to say it was the most exhilarating feeling in my whole life. My wife is very pretty and watching this guy slowly taking her clothes off was really exiting. Once they were naked it all become a bit surreal seeing her suck his rather large cock and playing with his balls while he touched her body. I could not believe I was watching my wife perform like that with another man and I was now powerless to stop it.

As she opened her legs to take him in, I thought my penis would explode. I was so hard and heart was thumping so much I was sure they could hear it. As he penetrated her I could hardly get my breath. It was truly incredible watching his dick thrusting into her as she lay there moaning with pleasure. I was happy for her to have the experience but admit feeling really jealous that this guy was getting a free fuck and wasn’t even using a condom.

Time seemed to go so slowly for a while then she reached what seemed to be a really big orgasm. He quickly followed and as he did I felt both amazingly horny and sort of helpless at the same time. I kept thinking that up until then no-one else had been in her pussy. Now she was full of his cum and there was nothing that could change it.


She quickly got her new guy to leave so I could come out of hiding. After he’d left we lay on the bed and she spread her legs while I watched his cream leaking out. I have to say it was an unbelievably horny experience for me to see it. So much so I did something I didn’t think possible. I took of my clothes and climbed on top her and we had sex. I felt an overwhelming need to fuck her at that time and cum in her pussy as well, almost like claiming back the territory that was mine.

Since that time she has continued to see this guy and I have to say I’m thrilled. I often come home from work and she tells me that she’d been with him again and it always has the same impact on me. I now want her to take another lover and for her to let all three of us empty our cocks into her. But that might have to wait till we find someone really suitable.


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cuckoldWe were spending a couple of days at the Marriott. She got noticeably drunk on fruity girl drinks down by the pool during the afternoon, and when we got back to the room to shower up for dinner, I went down on her. After a few minutes, when she was good and heated up, I asked her if she noticed the young men checking her out. They weren’t but everyone likes flattery, especially drunk, horny women. She did the ‘awe shucks, not little old me’ routine, but then asked me what I would think if she went to bed with one of them. This is what a lawyer would call a leading question, because I’ve been very clear with her for years that I get off on fantasizing about her having sex with other men. She isn’t a committed cuckoldress or anything like that, but she finds the idea exciting in an abstract sort of way.

I often screw these situations up by saying the wrong thing, but I was ready for her this time. I told her I would I love it, and she responded by saying she would if someone were right here, right now. I told her that She was 2 floors above dozens of young single guys who would jump at the chance; all she had to do is try. She demurred, saying it wasn’t that simple, so I played my best card and bet her that if she just sat alone at the bar with her wedding ring off in a reasonably attractive skirt, someone would pick her up in 10 minutes. If not, she could come back upstairs and tell me I’m wrong. I must have gotten her in just the right mood and used just the right playful tone, because she agreed.

I sweet talked her into a pair of 3 inch heels, a short skirt and a tight sleeveless T-shirt with no bra. She looked delicious. She grabbed her purse and headed down to the poolside bar, and then I did something wonderfully sneaky. I threw on my jeans and followed her down, staying out of sight. cuckold1Once she settled at the bar, I sat down next to a group of college age guys and struck up a conversation. I quickly pointed her out, saying I’d picked her up the night before, when she went back to my room and gave me a blowjob after I had  bought her just one drink. Then I left the bar and sat at a corner table to watch.

One of the young men headed over to her almost immediately. I watched them flirt, at first laughing to myself, and then with excitement and a little anxiety. They talked for maybe 20 minutes, and then both stood up and walked toward the elevators in a different wing from the one where we were staying. I wanted to follow, but didn’t see how I could, so I just went back to our room.

She wandered in about 45 minutes later, flushed, with her shirt and hair rumpled, and her lipstick smeared all over her cheeks. She had gone back to his room. made out with him on the couch, and then got on her knees and sucked his cock to completion. She was a little out of sorts, but totally turned on; we were stripped and fucking on the floor in minutes. I didn’t even give her a chance to wash the sex out of her mouth first, and she tasted overwhelmingly of cock when we kissed.

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raven003I’ve been spending too much time alone lately. When I have nothing to occupy my mind I tend to spend a lot of that free time fantasying The cliche plumber, pizza boy or handyman fantasies don’t cut it for me anymore.

I’m much dirtier than that. When I fantasize I think of all kinds of ways to be dirty and nasty. The dirtier the better. When I’m masturbating I try to hold off from cuming as long as possible. My nastiest fantasies are starting not to be as exciting as they used to be. So I want to take it to the next level. I’m excited about doing it for the first time. I don’t know what to expect, are you going to call me a disgusting perve or are going to do what I’m hoping for by masturbating to my stories?  Just the thought of sharing them with you has me wet with anticipation. I like to imagine this is my way of being with you. That we are masturbating together to a shared fantasy. Are you as dirty as I am? If you think you can be dirtier I’d like to hear about it.



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