Still Proud of Being a Man?

Still proud of being a man?

Well, don’t be!
I’m sorry to ruin it for you, but the other side has a lot more to offer.
Think of it as the ultimate battle between the sexes, where men are winning and there’s no way for women to turn this around.
The question is:

“Would you betray your team’s secrets and have women dominate this world?”

If your answer is no, then I suggest you have a look at this..
you know that you have to have 
certain icons out there, don’t you?
we can’t have you praising males
for anything except their hot body!
ok, sweety?
the only interesting thing in men
has to be their body and nothing more!
if a guy you see in tv has big mucles, let’s say,
you are allowed to say how sexy he is…
but nothing else!!!
you don’t care if he’s smart  or funny or whatever you may think of him!
you don’t want to be him, sweety…

004 (2)

you want to suck him!!!
so, there are NOT male icons for you, honey…
and you are ready to idolize the right ones!
for all the right reasons
it’s gonna be so cute, honey
you idolizing the right females
is gonna make you look so less of a man…
it’s gonna be perfect!
 you are going to be a little cutie
looking up to female singers, actors, models
and all kinds of women,
from classy mature ladies
to trashy little tarts,
trying to copy their style
their moves
their clothes
etc etc
 you are going to admire

for various reasons

 that’s my girl!



DIRTY LITTLE SECRET FETISHES WE ALL HAVE. Most of us have them in the bedroom. You may think you’re the dirty one, but check these types of fetishes and you’ll see how common fetishes really are.

There are many types of fetishes in the world, and every single day, there are new ones being created in our own heads, or in reality.

And thankfully, dirty little secrets like fetishes are more commonly accepted than ever before. Look at the list below and see if you have any of these or maybe you may have thought about.

Common types of fetishes:

Agoraphilia: Getting’ it on out in public is hot, hot, hot!

Alphmegamia: Bring on the older, seasoned men.

Altocalciphilia: High heels make this person orgasm.

Hirsutophilia: Aroused by armpit hair.

Pubephilia: Don’t ever shave for your partner if they’re in this league, because pubic hair is where it’s at.

Exhibitionism: This is someone who enjoys surprising others by exposing their naughty bits.

Latronudia: Doctor, doctor! This person loves exposing him or herself to a physician. The health insurance bills must be staggering…

Lactaphilia: Mammaries full of milk don’t make just babies happy…

Martymachlia: Aroused by having others watch during lovemaking. Get these folks hooked up with a voyeur, pronto.

Nasophilia: This person gets mentally erect about their partner.

We all have our own ‘dirty little secrets in bed’!

You may have heard or familiar with some of these Fetishes: BBC which is Big Black Cock, Barely Legal, Phonesex, Cuckold, Black Bull, She-male, Age Play, Rape, Milf, Foot Fetish, Humiliation and maybe spanking.

So the next time someone drools over your feet, or obsesses over your undergarments, remember they are as normal as any other human being.

last day of jacking it like a man

So today, you read this blog as a man. You feel manly. You look manly. When you get horny, you grab your cock and you stroke it over and over again until you squirt your load.


For some reason, you are on this page. Why? What brought you here? You obviously want to read how to turn yourself into a little sissy slut gurl don’t you? Changing how you experience pleasure is one of the many ways to transform yourself into a sissy.

Today you have a very simple assignment, but you better enjoy it because your days of masturbating like a man will be over.

After today, you will never grab your penis and stroke it in an attempt to receive pleasure. The only person who is allowed to do that is your wife, girlfriend, or mistress. They may or may not know that you are reading this blog or changing how you masturbate. My goal after 30 days is to have your penis soft and worthless. You will begin experiencing pleasure through other methods, but not stroking your penis.

I want you to set aside 10 minutes for this first lesson.

You will need a comfortable pair of panties. Choose some panties that hug your bottom and keep your sissy clit snug. If you are single, go out and buy a pair. If you are married, consider using a pair of your wife’s but don’t make it a habit.

Once you are wearing ONLY the panties, I want you to crawl on your bed in a very feminine nature. Lay on your back and feel the bedding on your body and how it caresses your skin along with the panties snugging your bottom. Roll around on the bed doing everything you can to feel feminine. Let your hands roam around your body and crotch, but DO NOT let your sissy clit leave your panties. It must remain inside them the entire time.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Admire how the panties fit you, how your sissy clit forms a bulge in the front. Swivel your hips in front of the mirror. Feel free to get yourself aroused and erect while still in your panties by rubbing the front of the panties.

When 9 minutes and 30 seconds has passed, you may pull the front of the panties out and begin feverishly stroking your erect penis. Stroke it faster then you have ever stroked it. I want you to cum in 30 seconds, I know you can do it.

Pump your sissy clit for all its worth because when that 10 minute mark is up you need to cum.

When you are ready to cum and you know your going to spurt, pull the front of your panties forward and put your sissy clit back into the panties and completely removing your hands from your clit.

You should start squirting your sissy juice into the front of your panties…maybe some of it dribbling through the panty material


You are to now lay back on the bed with your legs spread relishing in your orgasmic blissful state with your wet panties. Lay there for 5 minutes, making sure your sissy clit feels the cooling cum on your clit and panties.


Better yet, call me so we can do this together!

i was a cheerleader and my gf was a football player

When I was in high school the cheerleaders were always trying to get some guys to join the squad to help them with stunts. I was dating one of the JV cheerleaders at the time and she convinced me to join up. I got to know most of the girls, though there were a few on the varsity squad that thought that guys shouldn’t be cheerleaders since girls couldn’t be football players.

It was that small group of girls that I tried my best to impress. Finally near the end of October their attitude started to change. Sabrina, one of the “cheerleading purists” found me and my girlfriend after practice and invited us to a Halloween costume party she was going to. Neither of us had been planning to dress up so we didn’t have costumes and we told her so. She told us that with all her older brothers and sisters that she was sure to be able to find us something, so we planned to stop by her place to get dressed a couple hours before the party.

Friday the 31st at 4pm found us both at Sabrina’s house trying on costumes. Most of them were sports themed and I had settled on a football outfit. My girlfriend was having a lot more trouble, she had a lot more chest than Sabrina or any of her sisters. I was getting impatient over how long it was taking her and finally she got tired of my impatience and snapped “Fine I’ll wear your costume and you try fitting into one of these!” She started throwing pieces of costumes she had tried on at me and finally with a gleam in her eye stalked over to me and started stripping my costume off of me. I knew I had pushed her to far already so I didn’t fight her as she dressed me.

Once I was completely naked she fondled herself. She already knew that I wore my sisters’ hand me down panties and sometimes their jeans. As she took off her panties she told me “If I am going to be the football player, then you are going to be my cheerleader girlfriend.” Then she held her panties out to me and said “Now you can start by wearing a cheerleaders panties.” I could smell her scent on her panties and as I slid them up my legs my dick started getting hard. Once they were all the way up I noticed their dampness; the thought of dressing me up as her cheerleader girlfriend turned her on!

She found me a bra and stuffed the cups with extra panties she borrowed from Sabrina’a dresser then put a skin toned spandex top over to hold everything together. By this time I was very curious to see whether she could really pull this off. Could she really make me look like one of the girls? She sat me down on Sabrina’s bed facing the door and started applying makeup. My back was to the only mirror in the room so I couldn’t see what all she was doing or how I looked. Sabrina peeked in the door while my girlfriend was working on my makeup, smiled at me and told my girlfriend “If you want to pack tonight, I keep my favorite one in my bedside table. Meet you at the party.” She winked and shut the door. Meanwhile I was blushing furiously at her seeing me this way.

Once my makeup was on she pulled a pair of white tights out of Sabrina’s dresser and helped me into them. “You can’t wear nylons because we don’t have time to shave your legs, so you’ll just have to make do with these. Besides, white tights will work better for when we dress you as a schoolgirl next time.” My face must have shown the panic I was feeling as I thought “Next time?!” because she laughed a little and said, “Oh yes, there will be a next time. I am having way to much fun for this to be a once off.”

She helped me carefully pull my top on, then as she watched I slipped on my spankies and started pulling up my skirt. Suddenly I realized I actually liked this. I had grown up with three older sisters and my Mother. I had worn hand me down socks, panties, jeans, even some of their shirts. I was only 13 months younger than my closest sister and for most of my earlier years had idolized her. As I finally looked in the mirror I realized how much I looked like her. I had been growing my hair out since middle school and with it pulled straight back and the makeup, I really did look like my youngest sister.

While I was admiring my transformation, my girlfriend had opened the bottom drawer on Sabrina’s bedside table and pulled out what looked like a bundle of leather straps. When I turned around she had belted something around her waist and was squatting, pushing something connected to the belt into her ass. She groaned in pleasure as it slid in, then she spread her pussy lips and slowly slid an even longer plug into her pussy. As she pulled the final buckle tight, I noticed what was attached to the front of her new leather harness…

Call me if you want to hear what happened later that night!


(S)heplacement- Definition- Any sissy male that is willing to take the place, or replace any woman who is not properly taking care of their man inside or outside the bedroom… These gu(y)rls will make sure their make up is just right, their lingerie is matching, and that they are always in the tightest dresses and highest heels…These gurls will always be dressed to go…and will never say no… if you are gonna dress like a cocksucking bitch…then you better be prepared to act like one…

A few things about Sheplacements is that we….

We want to always dress sexy…Since most Sheplacements are only part time…You can pretty much guarantee that any chance they can doll up sexy for a man…They will do their best not to disappoint…For example this lovely gurl. Not only has she put quite the sexy outfit together…She puts it over the top by adding the durty school gurl / librarian glasses.

Like to put on a show for our men…and bring back the foreplay that has been missing in their lives.

We do not get mad when you check us out…Or make a comment about how our ass looks…

Or how our lips are inviting based on that great make up job we did.

But most of all we love to be admired, photographed, videoed and above all…Touched and fondled like the true vixen we are.

Call and talk to one of our She-placements!

Panty Boy Assignment

Hello Lovers! I’ve been thinking about this for some time and decided that I would finally post something about it.

So I, Kristy am assigning all you naughty Panty Sluts to go shopping. I don’t care what store you go to even if it’s a Dollar store. But it must be a store. This assignment is to buy a new pair of panties off the rack, nothing more nothing less. One pair of panties! No online ordering. No stealing someones panties in the laundromat or dirty hamper. It must be a pair you pick out and walked up to the register and tell the sales girl that is all you need.

I can’t wait to hear about your shopping experiences.


cam phone

I will admit I am a bit of a voyeur at heart. I have started out my window late at night in hopes someone has left their blinds open and I can catch them doing something nasty. I have caught a few guys masturbating which only makes me start to touch myself as well.
So when a guy asks if I will watch their cam while they are masturbating or doing something extra naughty it only makes me think I am being a voyeur and looking in on them. Ok I have their permission but we just pretend I don’t.

Like last night this guy was telling me all about the sexy panties he was wearing well course I said well why don’t you show me. So he sent me that little video request super fast. There he was in all his sheer pink thong prettiness. Rubbing his small dick in those pretty panties. I couldn’t help but laugh. He was modeling them for me and everything. Getting up and showing me just how good his panty boy ass looked in a pink thong.

I wish I could say it was super exciting to see his panty clitty come out for me to see but it was super small so I could only giggle at it. But I did have a great time talking to him and watching him on cam.

So for those of you out there that are looking for a phone girl to watch you be naughty and kinky I am definitely the girl.

Call Me!

top 9 fetishes

1- Women’s lingerie

You may be thinking, If lingerie is considered a fetish, then every man on Earth has one, but it doesn’t start and end with women’s lingerie; rather, it’s about men who love to wear women’s silky duds.I know, I know, some of you may find the mere idea of putting on your girlfriend’s thong repulsive, but there are plenty of men (some who are open and honest and others who keep it under wraps) who enjoy wearing silky lingerie that’s intended for women.

Of course, this does not bring their sexuality into question; some men simply love the feel of women’s undergarments and become quite aroused upon seeing themselves in some.

2- Footwear

 Feet are a huge fetish, but there are those who prefer what goes on feet instead. Any and everything from sling-backs and boots to mules and high heels etc.

One wrote, “Before I make love to her, I make my woman of the evening put on a pair of brand new, over-the-knee, high heeled latex boots and I lick them up and down and suck on the heel like I’m performing fellatio.” To each his own, I say.

3- Glasses

 Come on, you’ve all fantasized about the school teacher wearing her hair in a bun along with horn-rimmed glasses, who suddenly turns into some kind of sex kitten.

But eyewear has become quite a huge business in the fetish industry; so much so that there are pornographic films dedicated to such things. The titles are a little too graphic for my blood, but nevertheless, there is a market for women who don glasses and enjoy sex.

And of course, there are men who would love nothing more than to see a woman wearing only a pair of spectacles.

4- Smoking

Yes, it’s a terrible habit. Yes, there isn’t one advantage in the world when it comes to smoking. But there are many people who get a certain something out of watching someone inhale and exhale the smoke from a cigarette and the like.

Some guys think that the sight of a woman lighting up makes their bodies go numb and their member stand at attention. And believe it or not, there are a lot more men who find it erotic than you might imagine.

5- Sneezing, coughing
Of course, sneezing and coughing admirers each follow one or the other; rarely does someone find both acts enthralling. The sneeze lovers say they enjoy the different sounds people make when they let one get away.

Then there are those who enjoy hearing a woman cough. One guy went so far as to reveal that he enjoys the sound of a woman with a violent cough — hacking, actually. “I am turned on by a woman coughing, especially a barking cough. The worse it sounds, the better I like it,” says Jim.

6- Armpits

 An area where most of us will never end up venturing, the armpit is praised by fetishists worldwide. It might sound strange to some but one gentleman revealed that not only does he love a woman’s armpits immensely, he also mentioned that he prefers it if she hasn’t showered. “I enjoy nestling my face deep into her armpits and inhaling her natural odor,” wrote one man.

Armpit lovers worldwide get together in chat rooms and parties in relative anonymity. Who knows? Your best friend might secretly lust after this funky body part.

7- Pregnant women

 Although even I can’t help but find something incredibly intriguing about a woman who’s carrying a child inside her beautifully shaped belly, there are some men who use the thought or image in order to get aroused.

One gentleman even claimed that he has managed to turn his wife into a virtual “baby machine” due to his fetish. Of course, he has plenty of money and can afford such a thing, but one has to wonder: What are all the other guys doing.

8- All things gothic

 A white-faced woman with heavily made-up eyes and dressed as though she just walked off the set of The Crow sounds like heaven to many men. Not to mention that many of these gentlemen prefer to hang out in environments that represent all things gothic.

When it comes to medieval times, the list goes on and on regarding objects and styles that represent the era. Some men even wrote in to inform me that their homes have been transformed into virtual “gothic lairs” to feed their need for this fetish.

9- Pantyhose, stockings

 The feel, the touch, the way they look. Pantyhose and stockings rate high on the list of fetishes simply because, I assume, men are much more willing to admit to this one than the more questionable ones.

Of course, garters are big winners with just about any man who sees them, but there are those who absolutely need their women to wear garter belts and thigh-high nylons in order to get the show on the road.

And there you have it: Nine fetishes that men (as well as women) have an obsession with on a daily, if not hourly, basis. Fetishes can be wonderful, so long as they don’t get out of hand, and more and more men and women are ‘fessing up to their need for certain sexual stimuli… and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Call Now so we can talk about your fetishes!

free day pass for boys

Why do you think so many guys use the excuse of Halloween to cross dress? or why is something socially out of the norm suddenly so acceptable on Halloween?

In modern times it is probably just because Halloween is a day when it is okay to ignore the conventions of society and be whoever or whatever you want.

Historically, cross-dressing for celebrations, or ‘trading places’ (like servants and masters switching roles for a day), was fairly common.

With surveys and polls indicating that approximately 10% of the male population crossdresses to some extent on a regular basis, it isn’t any surprise that most of these (who are heterosexual) use Halloween as the excuse to come out of their closets once a year. It’s the one time of the year when anyone who has a desire to do so can “be themselves” without the usual societal reprisals.

What’s SAD about it is that these crossdressers are totally misunderstood by the vast majority and all too often are erroneously linked to the gay community. In reality 90% of all crossdressers are totally heterosexual with no desires or intentions of being anything else.

So let’s go gurls, get on your prettiest/sluttiest outfit you have. Don’t forget your heels and your wig, if your gonna play the part your gonna have to look the part.  Need help with shaving your legs or putting on your stockings or garters. Maybe even give you some make up tips.  Give us a call, we will gladly help you bring out that bimbo in you!