baby boy’s doctor visit

He laid on the bed, on his back. “Mommy, do I HAVE TO wear my diaper to go to the new Doctor?” “Yes baby boy, you certainly do. She needs to see who you really are.” As she put his diaper on him, he asked. “exactly what kind of Dr, is this lady one, Mommy?” “Oh, she is a special Dr. She deals with matters of sexual dysfunction. Mommy loves you, and needs to find out, why you have had trouble getting big, and cumming for Mommy.” “OK Mommy.”

He fidgeted in the Doctor’s waiting room. She whispered to him. Now you be a good baby boy for the Dr, or Mommy will spank your bottom.” He blushed as the Nurse called his name. Mommy took his hand in hers, and led him back to the exam room. The Nurse told him, he needed to strip down to his t-shirt, and undershorts. Mommy saved him embarrassment by saying, “Um. he is a baby boy in many ways, Nurse. Now he doesn’t have to actually USE his diaper, however, he behaves much better wearing it.”

The Nurse checked his BP, and pulse. “OK, this is a sexual dysfunction case, the Dr. will be in shortly. In did, the Dr. came in. She excused her Nurse, and turned to Mommy. “Um, I spoke to both you, “Mommy,” and your regular Doctor at length, so I am very familiar with your problems. Do you recall what I told you about how I prefer to do sexual exams, Ma’am?” Yes, you want to be alone with the patient. I will leave, but if he misbehaves, you may call me to spank him.”

Mommy left the little room, and the Dr. lifted his t-shirt, taking it off. “Too do this exam properly, I need to be very intimate with you. Your Mommy knows this, and it is OK.” He merely nods his assent. She begins by rubbing his little nipples. “Oh good, those seem to react well to touch. Now I am going to kiss, and suck them.” She did so for a few minutes. “Alright, lie on your back for me, so I can take your diaper down. I need to do several things now. Check your temp, and see if your penis has reacted to your sensitive nipples being played with.”

He lies back, and the Dr. opens his diaper and slips it down his legs. As she looks closely at his penis, she asks him. “Do you like wearing a diaper most of the time? ” Yes I do, ‘cept when Mommy spanks me real hard, or gives me a “bottom pill.” “Do you mean a suppository?” “Yes Ma’am, that is what Mommy calls it.” “Well, your penis reacted a little bit from my suckling of your nipples, but not near enough, hmm?” All he could do was blush. She lifted his legs, and her finger lubed his rectum. then she put a thermometer inside of his bottom. “Does Mommy do you tempy this way?” “Yes’m, she does.”

She took the full, old fashioned 5 minutes. Then she removed the thermometer and read it. “Well you don’t have any tempy, that we need to worry about, however, there seems to a bit of do do. in your bottom hole, and I need to examine your prostrate gland. I think I want to give you a good, cleansing enema.” “NOOOOO, baby boy don’t LIKE a enema. Don’t like, don’t want. Don’t needs no enemas.”

“Well, baby boy has just three choices. Agree to the enema is one. Have me, or Mommy spank you good.” ” His penis definitely reacted when he heard, “have me.” “Would you really spank me?” “Yes I will, and over my ample lap.” His mind wanted that!! “Ok, I am not gonna takes no ENEMA!” Quickly she yanked him off the table, and over her lap on a chair. He soon regretted his choice, as she spanked him much harder than Mommy. She finished and stood him in front of her. “Hmm, I’d say your penis really enjoyed that. I think we will see if you can cum for me.

The Dr. lotioned her hand, and began to fully masturbate his “cock.” His moans, and groans became greater. “Tell me if, and when you are going to squirt, baby boy.” “Umm, NOW please?” She slipped his cock into her warm mouth, and he began to cum immediately. She allowed him to relax for a few minutes. “Are you going to let me give you an enema now?” “Yes Ma’am.”

The doctor put him back upon the table, lying on his back. She watched him closely for any reactions, as she prepared a bowl of mildly soapy enema water. She saw his penis begin to stiffen as she lubed the tip of her “baby enema bulb.”

“I always begin a baby’s clean out, with a baby bulb, seeing how many full bulbs the baby can take, and hold.” She lifted his legs to the “diaper position,” and began to give him the warm enema. His penis grew with each insertion of the bulb tip. He squirmed after 5 insertions, and flows. “Well, I guess you are not a real big boy. That’s ok, but I may have to give you a bigger boy enema, after this is released. Yes, I MAY HAVE TO PUT A TUBE WAY UP INSIDE OF YOUR BOTTOM!!

His penis jumped at these words. The DR. smiled. She helped him to the commode, sat him upon it. “Release your enema, i will be right back.” He finished his release, wiped himself, and walked back into the exam room. He saw the DR was talking with mommy.

He listened in, as they did see him come out of the bathroom, and seemed to pay no mind to his being present.

“Yes, Mrs Smith, I did have to spank your baby boy to get him to agree to an enema. I suspect he wanted me to spank him. It certainly did lead to a firm penis arousal, and I did “hand milk” him to a GOOD CUM. Giving him a baby boy bulb enema aroused him again, and I think he still may be hard.”

“You have said he has trouble staying hard for any long periods of time, so I want to try something. I’ve told him I am going to give him another enema. A big boy deep tube enema. I want you to put him in a fresh diaper, and take him back to the waiting room. Tell him every 5 minutes that he better be a good baby, or we will BOTH spank him, and give him soapy punishment enemas. Do rub his front to see if he remains hard.”

Stay tuned for the next chapter.