We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


Debit Cards/Gift Cards

Must have a Visa/Master Card or American Express Logo on them. These cards available at most any store Walmart, Walgreen etc…

We Do Not Have Any Hidden Charges or Connection Fees.

Sorry, we do NOT accept Personal checks.

NO International Calls.


Live 1 on 1 call – $1.99/10 min. minimum for U.S. and Canada

Live 2 on 1 on call – $3.50/10 min. minimum for U.S. & Canada

“Real” Live 2 on 1 call – $4.00/10 min. minimum for U.S. and Canada


Discreet Payment Option ~ Talk Now, Pay Later!

We know that some of you, no matter how discreet we are, do not want a charge to show up on your credit card. We have found a way to satisfy that desire and insure payment for our valuable service. You can use your credit card as insurance for your call to get immediate satisfaction. This information will be verified before the fantasy begins. All that is required is that you submit a money order for the service that you receive to us within 5 business days of the service. If after the 10 day grace period, we haven’t received payment, the call will then be charged to your credit card along with a $25.00 late payment fee. The charge will appear as FBP. This service is offered only to our customers who are 25 years or older and living in the United States.


You can also pre-pay by money order. Just send it to us along with an email address where we can reach you to inform you that we have received your payment and are ready to take you on . Please take note, any payments not used within 60 days will expire.

Make all money orders payable to: FBP
Mail to:
P.O. Box 24
Hilliard, FL 32046

**There are no charge backs allowed for services rendered!**

We do not condone or participate in any illegal activities such as real life prostitution, child abuse in any form or child pornography.